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  1. Same players... but a different order based on how much they played. 1 Manu 2 Bowman 3 Cropper
  2. Me and another going... so that’s 3 of us ?
  3. Maybe so.... last season kit then? Battler without a Batley shirt on is a bit poor.
  4. I would expect Battler to be wearing the new kit that was launched this week.
  5. Odd that Battler wasn’t wearing a Batley shirt.
  6. We’ve signed Dewsbury’s best player whilst Smeaton has turned them down. ?
  7. Diskin, by his own admission, struggled in his first year. We underachieved, he lost some fans (who never came back) and I don’t think he ever pulled it back. It’s vital that the new coach has Championship experience. Another ‘bedding in year’ will see us in League 1.
  8. I’ve spoken to three players in the past couple of weeks who all spoke very highly of him, one who said he’s the best coach they’ve ever had. Are there actually rumours or are some people assuming there is disharmony?
  9. If I wanted the snippets I’d speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey.
  10. I do agree. We’re far from safe. A loss against Dewsbury and we’re in big trouble.
  11. We’ve only got one basket to put our eggs in.
  12. A good post. With facts and insight throughout. I wish more people posted like that.
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