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  1. He’ll be 27 by the time he plays a competitive game for Saints so yeah hardly a kid,Young Jack Walker still has a few years to go before he’s just plain Jack Walker by that reckoning.
  2. Your first paragraph is the same old rubbish you’ve trotted out repeatedly. No I’m really not. How do you know the grading process won’t do that.
  3. Oh I agree but Toulouse are a non heartland club so some get all hot & flustered when they are even mentioned.
  4. Surviving 2 yrs without a home game & still gaining promotion,then putting out a reasonably competitive Superleague side despite the huge burden of paying all the other teams travelling expenses maybe.
  5. A real shame,for 3 seasons 2013-15 he was arguably the most dominant frontrower in the game before his injury started to affect his game & even then he was still a useful NRL performer.
  6. But the overall standards wouldn’t drop alarmingly you simply wouldn’t get 1 or 2 teams filling their squads with expensive imports,blowing everyone away & killing the comp. Last time I looked there were several ex Wath Brow players turning out for Haven,Town & others including Leeds,isn’t that what should be happening & if we have a healthy competitive Championship maybe more of those talented amateur players will make the step up.
  7. Or maybe they simply want a comp free of parachute payments & the grossly unfair & uneven central funding arrangements of the last several years.
  8. Croke Park had its Hill 16 terrace replaced with new terracing as part of the stadium rebuild & accommodates 10k supporters.
  9. But with nearly 4 yrs to plan its something easily jumped & is hardly a hammer blow to the move even if some want rid of it like a shot & want those responsible to face the high jump.
  10. Does filling & draining the steeplechase water jump really take 4 weeks ?
  11. Never said it was but apparently the players have received their outstanding contract money now so hopefully preseason can start,although there is some backroom staff still awaiting theirs,resulting in the club losing its physiotherapist staff.
  12. He’s struggling to get the existing squad to start training,never mind getting new additions in.
  13. Is a 10 day athletics championship in 4yrs really much of an obstacle ?
  14. To be fair the OP was a poor attempt at trolling & anyways you Leigh lot have done enough arguing & picking fights on the forum today The mods are merely looking after your blood pressure’s.
  15. He’s been great in the Championsjp for both his clubs,averaging a try every game takes some doing & he’s a pretty useful goal kicker too. I suppose the jury is still out on him performing at a higher level,especially defensively going on his World Cup appearances which might be harsh given how Scotland defended as a team during the tournament.
  16. Come on H,just because old Starbug is in a bad mood & arguing with himself & everyone else in the thread below,doesn’t mean you have to follow suit on this one,just take a deep breath & remember it’s the weekend.
  17. You’ll be back,more comebacks than your old mate starbug
  18. Are you speaking for all the Championship clubs or just your own.
  19. But it would keep him on the pitch for a change.
  20. Probably not but he does spend a lot of time being sad & confused.
  21. Surely not,even a Championsjp contract looks doubtful.
  22. Sydney Roosters utility Adam Keighran being linked with a move to the Catalans.
  23. Nice to see them carrying on with their long history of god awful shirts.
  24. I agree,he has the ability to be a really good centre but at 31 I would have to question his desire/motivation to make the switch after such a long distinguished Union career.
  25. Makes it a lot harder to be picked out of those police lineups I suppose.
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