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  1. No problems jim I am well over coming to terms with any discription of Warrington’s problems. I have had years of practice.
  2. You must love your flakey discription, but i no problem with you calling Warrington flakey but it seems that you are just throwing a comment out for reactions. But we still managed to win some games against Yorkshire sides so if we are using your discription of Warrington as flakey it would be fair to compare Warrington's flakiness to wigans flakiness (if that is a word).
  3. Obviously it makes a difference, sides we would be expecting to win we probably don't prepare well enough, sides who are in and around the top you prepare for a tougher game. So if you want to call that flakey no problem, but apart from saints and Catalan we must be the top of the flakey league with wigan a distant second.
  4. Fair point but thats only to Yorkshire sides, wigan, Saints and Catalans (beat them twice this season in France) we seem less flakey, and its likely we will play one or more of these teams in the play offs.
  5. Clarke, hughes, philbin and mulhearn added to squad will strengthen pack against an inform cats.
  6. Not that good only A team and colts, colin Clarke was the coach, played with Derek in colts and a few A team games only mick mctigue and Derek were the ones to play regular first team rugby, i moved to Warrington area and played for Woolston and Crosfields.
  7. I played in that era with Pykey and the scrum was a shambles. And a top quality game now is far superior to one in that era. Things aren't always as good in the past its nostalgia it distorts reality.
  8. It might tire forwards but as a spectacle it was an absolute mess.
  9. Different game, each team had ball playing props leigh had eddie bowman before Pykey and Big Alf now props are expected to make yards and get momentum going.
  10. Well done wakey, from a Warrington point of view it seams price struggles to prepare for teams were they were favourites to win as all drop points have been against teams lower in the league and have yet to lose against Wigan, Saints and cats.
  11. No problem how you clarify them just certain posters seperated the two. Especially in the North West you can throw a blanket over wigan, leigh, saints, Warrington and Widnes.
  12. Aren't these club trained not homegrown.
  13. Whilst it is nice to see homegrown or club trained players coming through, a successful club has a balance of homegrown /club trained and top quality signings. Thats what Wigan, Saints and Leeds have done for years.
  14. Austin on the bench, widdop to start, Morgan burgess makes his debut
  15. Sounds like you've finished that glass. Just a note we've only dropped points against Yorkshire sides this season.
  16. Looks like king and Ratchford in the pack at 2nd row and LF. Wrench and Mamo centres and possibly Ashton at FB. Williams, Austin at halves with widdop on the bench.
  17. No arguments, Smith doing a great job and they play entertaining rugby, but I'm sure they don't play for free.
  18. So how much do HKR spend if they £1m adrift of the clubs mentioned. Have got a figure or is this just a soundbite with no actual facts behind it.
  19. Clark is banned for this game and with Hughes also banned Austin will probably play loose.
  20. Be interesting from a Warrington point of view do widdop Williams and Austin all play and in what combination, I would play Austin at LF with widdop and Williams in the halves.
  21. Not sure about player's and if they are vaccinated, if not they leave themselves open to be questioned. If players are all vaccinated you have a point but i feel some won't be.
  22. Read Powells comments on players who caught covid and how they struggle to recover after and also Josh jones who was out for a while after contacting covid. So its not something to simply wash over.
  23. Probably still trying to find a calculator that gets them in the top 4
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