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  1. It was definitely £250 you got £25 win money in the A TEAM.
  2. It does matter which team you are in. Put Boustead agsinst thr kangaroos and his record would have been poorer. Put Dessie in the Kangaroos and his record would have shot up.
  3. Probably up there in speed, others at the time were equally as fast Fielding at Salford posted top times on superstars. Recalling my time at leigh in the colts and A team, talk was that the board were reluctant to sign Des with a £250 signing on fee and Geoff (piggy) fletcher offered to pay it himself.
  4. Spot on, the decision to drop him from the tour over the incident with the Widnes fan was wrong, he was found not guilty before the tour was started. And comparing him with Grothe and Boustead, how would they have performed for GB with a weaker side. He and Schofied at the time definitely matched the Kangaroos.
  5. For a person who only turned up to support his brother in the A TEAM at leigh and turned out to make up the numbers he became a legend who was known outside of the sport with his exploits in superstars. RIP legend.
  6. Each team paying 2 possibly 3 trips against 1 team paying towards 10 plus teams matches. Yes that's a balanced format.
  7. You can throw Adrian Morley into the mix, long career, top level in both hemispheres, opposition both respected and feared him. And could mix it with the best.
  8. How big is NZ?, they have a team at the top of a major sport and compete well in others.
  9. Yes no problem with that, more the merrier.
  10. Well deserved, but Sinfied deserved more recognition, top human.
  11. Chalk and cheese, you cannot compare football with any other sport in England. RU would be a better gauge. And international 5/6 nations are annual events. The clubs regularly have events, not always money makers but certainly profile and headline grabbing which helps attract new fans and sponsors.
  12. Surely it is part of the overall picture, if clubs are doing their upmost to increase crowds but ultimately the base they work from is a bottomless pit of a money drain it is a losing battle. On reading the op again it was if the upcoming WC and more live matches on terrestrial tv going to help increase a crowds, when increasing crowds starts at the clubs first. And the Bulls were the first big club to actively put on an event feel for games which helped increase crowds and profile, but ultimately the ground itself with other factors ensured it would mot be long term.
  13. Never going to make money long term with that stadium, losing money fast just trying to make it safe, and for one day a fortnight. So I admire the bulls early days with the match day entertainment and some of the crowd figures they got (regardless of how they achieved it). But the ground was a weight around their necks.
  14. So what did he play at school, and with a name like that in Widnes he played league, plenty of juniors played both but if they signed from the union they received a bigger signing on fee. If you lived here in the RL towns you saw that all the time. Most ru clubs in rl towns were filled with rl players who liked the social side. And Wikipedia doesn't cover all aspects of peoples careers.
  15. Dave since the close season I have just received my first contact, as a long term season ticket holder its poor
  16. We can't keep looking at big event crowds until the clubs actually try to entice the people on their own doorstep to come to games. After crowd's returned post lockdown I thought we would see a good reaction, but at Warrington all I saw were little or no effort from the club. They won't learn its not just the on field entertainment that matters but the whole experience, then the sport as a whole needs to grasp this.
  17. Similar results to the last GB tour, well beaten and poor crowd's.
  18. It is a fair point, but rl players who may have played league and union as junior players are not converts. For over 100 years we had a steady flow of players, some became legends. But now they are replaced by southern hemispheres players. We also had lots of Welsh converts but although the top level players don't come now there is probably more welsh people playing at lower levels.
  19. Jusy re watching the old kangaroo tours of1978 and 1982, the 82 side was really classy. Speed, power, high levels of fitness, top level skills and support play and a nasty edge were needed.
  20. Can’t, every pro club should have an academy and reserve side with no opt out.
  21. I know it's tongue in cheek comments but leigh has two established amateur clubs with long well established junior sections but they are right in the middle of Wigan, Saints and Warrington so even if lots of juniors are good enough to get to pro level they would struggle to sign any of these in numbers.
  22. Even though people criticised the standard of the competition you can't get away from the amount of exciting finishes and that comes across on tv.
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