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  1. I think Luther Burrell has put paid to anyone taking a chance on a Union player any time soon. Far better a good young Champ player (like Ritson at Saints) or an Ozzy youngun that has lost his way - like Hastings
  2. Thats nice. Before the opening game i just said I thought England would beat Samoa easily - so I was correct. No hate for Samoa marra, not really on anyones radar but I agree what others have said, any England fan would support any team above Australia. Not really sure why your so worked up.
  3. Your losing it marra - if you have any accusations please report by the correct means. - bullying?, minority?? I had an opinion, it was that most English fans supported Samoa in the final - one ill stand by - sorry if you disagree but an opinion isnt bullying.
  4. No, not true. You have gone from everyone said to a few posts on here.... Most on here said it would be good for the game and the England fans all supported Samoa in the final. Your just making thing up now. Your team lost the first game then you went into hibernation for 3 weeks then you resurfaced after the semi final. We all supported Samoa in the final so I'm not really sure what your agenda is anymore. Time to move on? - who do you think is going to win Lg1 next season?
  5. To be fair the Aussies arnt know for their education or intelligence and that includes basic counting. They tend to lose track after they run out of fingers so they won't know if there were more than eight watching.
  6. My favourite club match of the year - even better when a SL club wins.
  7. To be fair SL clubs have smashed them in their other 2 WCC appearances - maybe they are scared. They are a better team than Saints but Saints are a very very good team so maybe they are just a little scared of losing to a SL club again.
  8. With the CC on the BBC and C4 showing SL there was (and will be this season) a live RL game on terrestrial TV just about every week + the SL show of course- we are not exactly starved.
  9. No Makinson? - probably our best player and would probably get into the Aussie side.
  10. How do you know? - or is it you hope it made no money as part of your agenda?
  11. Well the average attendance was bigger than 2017 and the final was far better attended - even though the home country wasn't playing. In that context 67,000 is a great attendance.
  12. Well they have been like that for the 20 odd grand finals and the 2013 Was final.
  13. Depends who's putting the pages together mate. If the lad who set the sports pages up on Microsoft was fre Wuckinton it would be all RL - and 10 pages on Town every day.
  14. Depends, where i grew up Rugby is RL - RU is Union. o Ok most places in the UK Rugby is RU but if your used to saying just Rugby for RL its hard to stop.
  15. Take it you have never been out the West of Sydney- some real hell holes and gang controlled - far worse than anything north of London and some dodgy estates. To be honest if you leave 20k of tec in a car on show you probably deserve to get it stolen unfortunately.
  16. There will be a cricket forum discussing these crowds and someone will show photos of the Oz v NZ RL semi final and say how full it was for a minority sport...
  17. Its like having my own personal stalker.... take it you just don't like Bentley.
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