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  1. To be classed as a true global sport you need 137 members- but good try and well done anyway. Any positive comments about RL or the WC?
  2. So your cut off point for heratage players is 10% - is that the rules and are they set in stone or can we agree on say 25%??
  3. Thats your opinion.... but its wrong.
  4. The real reason for all this is that at a recent meeting they only had 1 pot of jam for the sandwiches and when that ran out all all hell broke loose.....
  5. Yep you must be correct - a washed up player who captins the best team in SL, is arguably the best player in the best team in SL and is in the current England squad.... I wish I was as washed up as he apparently is.
  6. If its the heratage thing that bothers you? Do you feel the same about the Irish Union or football teams? Most irish football fans talk about the 1994 WC win over Italy as Irelands greatest ever victory but only 4 of the 13 who played that day were born in Ireland- or does that not matter as football is popular or is it only RL that's a shame for using heratage players?
  7. No Roby, hopefully not playing him to keep the number of games he plays this season down. Come the WC it should be Roby and Clarke all day long.
  8. Tell that to the coach of Jocks who travelled to Workington- not the nation but 50 more than what you said. Nice to have true RL fans on here.....
  9. You speak for the nation then..... funny I know plenty of Jocks who follow RL - stood with a few during the last UK World Cup and also met up with them again at the 4 nations draw with NZ year later when a coach load of them travelled to Workington - they seemed pretty happy and proud to support Scotland RL. Don't judge every Scotsman by your standards. Also your star man lachlan coote was born in Australia not Yorkshire. Hope Broughy answers your call. - fingers crossed for you.
  10. As I said ages ago.... strange post for a supposed RL fan...... Are you that desperate for an argument? You spend your time digging up old posts from months ago? - any RL comments about your own team? How's your petition going to get Danny Brough to play for you in the WC??
  11. Just shows the biggest club in RL cant compete with the biggest club in RU.... very sad for our game.
  12. What such as more croissants at RFL meetings??
  13. Have Switzerland got a team in the RLWC??
  14. I wonder if this has been picked up by the French media?
  15. You do realise the tournament starts in about 5 months dont you? - not sure why age is a factor.
  16. Just email the RFL and ask for your comments to be sent onto him.
  17. Tomkins played Half Back for England in the 2018 series win against New Zealand.
  18. Agree and as i said, he did ok and I used to enjoy watching his team, but long term he wasn't the answer. He had to commute a long way and didn't understand local RL at all or even League 1.
  19. Well he's the England manager so just have a guess who he works for......, Google their details and address the email to him - hey presto you have contacted the England manager with your question.
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