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  1. What are you babbling on about? What this forum really wants to know is who is your grandson backing for next year now he says SL is dead??
  2. I think the Aussies have enough problems trying to beat Tonga.
  3. Seems to work in the Olympics- GB curling team etc Andy Murray was a British Major winner - Scottish now he's losing of course. Mo Farah is British but not English, Scottish, Northern Irish or Welsh etc etc
  4. You obviously never attended the Scotland v NZ draw at Workington.... the ground holds 10k and you couldn't move...... not saying the official gate and money to the tax man was wrong, just saying maybe a few people paid on the gate and they wernt counted....... What ever the reason it was a full house!!
  5. Didn't he rate Makemson as a great winger - double raid on Saints at the end of next season for Makemson and Big Alex?
  6. The trouble is Harrys grandson is in charge of NZ RL coverage......
  7. Well said, apparently in football, some Liverpool and Man United supporters arnt even from those cities......... but I don't belive that.
  8. Well our league have just asked me who will score more points for England out of this seasons man and woman of Steel.... Think ill go for the woman of Steel to score more on Saturday.
  9. Won't cost that much for a stands roof mate, especially compared to all the other costs of a stadium or new stand. The consultant and Architects costs would be 20x or 30x the cost of removing asbestos from a stadium like Castleford.
  10. Asbestos is absolutely fine in buildings as it only becomes unsafe if you disturb it (remove it, break it up etc)
  11. I think Roby is on a very good wage mate - the others play in SL (and arnt as good as Roby) so by definition usually dont earn as much as NRL players. Clarke will also be on a very good wage at Wire as he's turned down the NRL a few times. Hodgson has been good in the NRL but isn't as good as most of the English hookers in SL but Hodgson suits the NRL - like Bateman has proved- horses for courses.
  12. I think rail seating/standing would make a big difference to both crowds and atmosphere at Wigan.
  13. Why couldn't the championship team do the same?
  14. Maybe sign some top NRL players?? - start with a winger would be a good way to go
  15. Don't upset the lad, it will take him ages to reply by Fax...
  16. I doubt it as someone told me next year is Wires year.
  17. But SL has exemptions - marquee players etc. Tomkins on around £300,000 at Cats as he was on at Wigan and Williams on around £350,000 at Wire - there is still money at the top clubs.
  18. The NRL must really be struggling for players if they are pawning over Englands 5th choice.....
  19. So now we want to kick out clubs because their stadium is too big?
  20. So SL get a worldclass NRL player and the NRL get Oliver Gillard.....is the tide turning I bet the NRL lovers on here will have a few things to say about a World Class player coming to SL - we all know as soon as a player walks on a NRL pitch he becomes World Class and as soon as any player plays in SL he's an average player.... Well done Leeds by the way still a massive RL club that can attract top players.
  21. I was scared of sharks until Hull took their name on.
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