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  1. You do realise that if the world cup had gone ahead in 2021 as planned then we now wouldn't have to put up with your complaining in 2022 about the format dont you in ... well maybe anyway.
  2. We were then we moved onto players from the same team - come on keep up.
  3. More than 2 mate - isn't there 4 Saints players in the squad (from the champs) - including Knowles- arguably Englands best player.
  4. I predict..... they will be better than Jimmy Barnes at the NRL GF....
  5. Think that's more todo with the fact he can play anyway mate - perfect for the bench as an impact player. He is some talent though.
  6. You just backed Rooster up with your comments - Makemson and Welsby play together at club level... for the champs no less...
  7. That's why Saints don't pay him very much as he's their because he was a cheap option to fit under the cap.
  8. Each to their own mate but I watch both, and Lg1 as im a RL fan and not blinkered by just one comp- on TV and in person and Welsby and Makemson would walk into just about every NRL side - even Bennett said - just a few weeks ago - that Makemson is the best in his position.
  9. So you don't think Tommy Makinson is better than your dream players then... you don't watch much RL outside the NRL do you.
  10. Amazing player - remember when he ran rings round the Aussies in 2006 in Sydney- hope he does well and great to see a British coach get a top job at a great club.
  11. But thats your opinion mate - we will see in a few weeks. Huddersfield are a very good team by the way and Penrith have been playing teams like the West Tigers...
  12. Maybe its to try and get Oz and NZ to the final by avoiding England? England got to the final last time in an open format - at the end of the day as long as the rules are set before it starts then it doesn't really matter - you still have to beat the best teams to win it.
  13. Yes, if your going to win it you will have to play tje best team at some point.
  14. What about every tennis grand slam- they have 2 sides to a draw.
  15. The shirts are sponsored by Cheese XL crisps.
  16. How are their backs superior? I don't think they are at all.
  17. Great name for a thread mate. Really sets it apart from the rest.
  18. Says I can but the process isn't clear. Will try again on my laptop tomorrow.
  19. I've given up trying to download my tickets- worst ticket system I've ever used. Amazing hard work. Try again tomorrow.
  20. I hope Saints have been on the phone to arrange the WCC match - yes we know they will probably get beaten but I would love to see Penrith against this very good Saints team - you never know...
  21. Saints are current SL champions, have won SL at a canter for the past few years, with a very very good RL team and Wellens is a GB & England International who was one of the best full backs of the past 30 years... so yes I would hope his appointment gets more publicity than that Wakefield fella - what was his name again?
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