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  1. Rochdale, Swinton, Hunslet Keighley. It’ll be interesting to see how WWR go now they’ve got a win under their belt. Hopefully it’ll be a springboard for them.
  2. Keep doing what you’re doing mate, you’ll get there.
  3. A good performance from the Raiders, they certainly didn’t look like a team with their record. I was a bit disappointed in Cornwall. Having seen them play before I expected better. They need a couple of old heads to guide them but they’ll get there. Anybody hear what the crowd was?
  4. Level game for the first 20 minutes with both sides cancelling each other out. Crusaders got a break and built up some momentum to run in some good tries. They seemed to relax a bit and Oldham came back at them at the end to show that they’re no mugs. All in all a good day and a great craic with some of the Yeds fans.
  5. Crusaders Donny Cornwall Swinton Rochdale No blow out scores this week with some close matches. Cornwall v WWR particularly could go either way. I’m also going for Hornets to beat Keighley but that could be wishful thinking lol.
  6. Midlands have been our - crusaders - hardest game so far this season. They’re a tough organised side.
  7. Rochdale, Donny, Cougars, Crusaders. Hurricanes v Hunslet could go either way. I’ll go for a draw.
  8. It was on Twitter and the link was from Leeds Live
  9. Just seen an article on Twitter that he’s on his way back to Leeds. Talks ongoing and they hope to sort out the deal in time for the next match
  10. Hornets Donny Cougars Crusaders Oldham. Keighley v Swindon will be a hard fought contest but I think Cougars will just edge it but it will be close.
  11. About 25 years ago I had a subcontract kerber working for me whose name I think was Vic Doughty. Apparently he used to play for one of the Lancashire clubs. I was having a natter with him on site and he told me how he had to pack in playing in his early thirties as his body couldn’t take the punishment any more. He missed playing rugby so much that he switched to his local amateur union side where he continued to play until he turned forty.
  12. Lovely, true words and sound better spoken in west riding accent. Good on thi.
  13. Crusaders, Hurricanes Swinton Oldham Hornets The match in Cornwall will be the biggest interest. Can the home side give Midlands a scare and what will the crowd be like.
  14. A decent effort from Cornwall being as it was there first game in league one. Going forward they had some good moments but lacked a lot in defence especially on their right flank where I think we ran in eight tries fairly easily. Overall If I was a Cornwall supporter I would’ve been happy with that display. They have something to build on
  15. Brilliant response mate, well thought out. So you want English teams to only have English players and French teams to only have French players. Do the RFL and every team in the land know. Have you criticised them too.
  16. It has been badly managed Glyn which is unusual for Crusaders. If I’d have known we were kicking off at 5.30 on a Saturday every home game I would not have bought a season ticket.
  17. Thanks for that Paul mate. When I hear about what’s happening with the fixtures I’ll let you know although time is marching on.
  18. 5.30 on a Saturday is a bad time for myself and when I queried it I was told that it didn’t apply to every match although I’m still waiting to see the amended fixture list dates.
  19. What distance do you require so that you are happy with our team.
  20. There’s going to be some atmosphere for this. Eagles are obvious favourites but whatever the outcome they’ll know they’ve been in a game.
  21. I fully agree with you Mark on all counts, especially Andy M, but the decision for us not to play should have been taken by the council who own the ground and not one of their tenants. It’s childish beyond belief.
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