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  1. Ticket bought one way or the other....
  2. Just been running through the squad positionally; 3 fullbacks McGowan, Kear, JC wings JC, Morton, Kear, Milthorpe centres Buchanan, Hodson, Kear, Senior halves White, Woods, Kear props Hirst, Reilly, Brown, Kibula, Ward, Lillycrop hooker Leak, Burton, White 2nd row Manning, Walshaw possibly Richardson, Senior. Brown 13 White, Brown, Reilly Who've I missed? No matter, more cover all over.
  3. Ooh, was hoping! Get on with it!!
  4. Anybody recognise the lad with JC and Martin Reilly in the Spinners' Chippy photos?
  5. Great going this time. I'm assuming that, as said at the Nash night in January, current sponsors who had renewed kept their current man, we'll keep Dale? Wonder if Craig'll stick to current numbers or promote the lad to 2?
  6. If you remember the last Roy Powell match was 2019 at yours, 14-14 draw. Even if The Bad Cold hadn't happened it would have 2020 at The Mount, '21 at yours so it is our turn. Split gate, your fans need to turn out! You could be surprised, your lads will have lots to prove.
  7. Reasonable SirJeck but screenprinting's not my thing!!
  8. Any road up; that leaves BenK, Gledders and GregJ keabjng us hanging; any whispers on retirements etc?
  9. How does that affect an individual purchasing a shirt asking or paying to have it put on his personal fan shirt?
  10. Trying to get Ravysportto put it on my shirt order!!
  11. How Rog; you getting it stamped on at RavSpt?
  12. I just don't think we make enough use of the gold in our colours. An away strip could be based on the gold with cerise and white trims and could be very striking. AND I'd still like to see to see the Floreat Industria town crest somewhere, even on the shoulder or on shorts.
  13. Anybody overwhelmed? Too similar to 2 years ago.
  14. I agree KTF, probably just letting us know who's in charge....
  15. Giants already letting us know they might recall even with 3 and a half fullbacks....!
  16. Our pre-season routine has altered dramatically; in the past we've had meet the players night, squad numbers given out, kit availability before the end of November yet in 17 days we take the field. Are we going to get shirt numbers at least? Then we come to Nash night.
  17. Are you down Boxing Day DD, if you've got the final figures by then will square up.
  18. Am very interested to see this, hope it's striking.
  19. So we can take it that you're happy to carry on! Well done Rog.
  20. Keep it up Rog. I did volunteer my assistance earlier and now you gave an offer from BatleyBird. Any match you don't make either of us can provide you with teamsheet/scorers long as you can keep the list right.
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