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  1. I always ask, like the bonus point system, if its such a good idea then why do us poor championship clubs have to be the ones to try it out? I do like the idea of golden point but also think there is nothing wrong with a draw when neither team deserves to lose. I would have made it next try wins though rather than any point.
  2. https://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/53517/statement--the-big-one What can we expect next? Confirmation that they will be using the correct rugby balls this season? Unless we take that to mean that it was previously running unlicensed.
  3. To be fair the club also said they were not in special measures and that the RFL own Odsal. Their track record of telling the truth si not that great to be fair.
  4. Debts like that at other clubs will usually be under written by a person who will more than likely write that debt off. New inititive by Bradford letting fans ask them questions. When asked who owns Odsal they answer the RFL..........
  5. Depends what you class as proof as Im not sure where to start but for example I suggested that Bradfords debt was heading towards 1m and that was later backed up by the publishing of the accounts. Does that count?
  6. Id say common sense is one of the things needed to see that this is not all above board.
  7. I have many years of business experience and Im going to disagree with this. If people want to move, or take out, money from a business they will find a way. The only thing that will bring any sort of scrutiny is when they don't do it well.
  8. So there is not much reason for the RFL to be on Bradford's creditors list then. Regards your other point, I dont think its fair to compare Halifax's, or any other teams for that matter, recent financial history to Bradford's.
  9. Im probably been a bit presumptious but I am presuming they probably were not paying the rent and rates and the RFL and Bradford council will be 2 of the creditors.
  10. You seem to be missing an obvious point. Its ok saying that Bradford have no money but presuming that wages are paid via money from central funding, outside of that it does not look like much else has been paid hence running up these massive debts that no doubt got even bigger this year. So that leaves the cash from the gates, from shop sales, and from bar takings etc. It would take some digging but you would have to ask has that money gone towards paying bills or has that money been taken out of the club?
  11. https://www.totalrl.com/why-martyn-sadler-got-it-wrong-on-the-bulls/ Decent read.
  12. Accounts are up. Why would Nigel Wood and Mark Sawyer want to take over a company with a debt of more than 1m?
  13. Yeah PSC is going to be tied in with any major changes in shareholdings which we are assuming is the case with Bradford.
  14. I may be wrong but I believe it comes under people with significant control. It would discount Sawyer but if it is true about Wood's family then it would have to be reported which would then have to show where the rest of the shares are anyway. As discussed a few pages back it looks like been selective in which creditors have been paid has resulted in another CCJ. Id imagine next step will be the WUP's coming through the door. You would presume Wood would have known the state of all this when taking over so again begs the question why?
  15. From when it were officially announced I believe the 14 days is up on Monday. A post from the Game Caller(pinch of salt obviously) suggest that Sawyer had said they were waiting on AC to do the changes along with the accounts.
  16. There was talk of the debt heading towards 1m, so unless some big money has been added it probably hasn't hardly put a dent in it. Its also creeping towards the 14 days to change the shareholdings on Companies House. Maybe that will be done the same time they file the accounts though.
  17. Maybe the guy in charge of the International part of the sport took his eye off the ball.
  18. I wonder who tried to gain access and I wonder if it was before it came to light that there was 100k just kicking around in an account. The funny thing is Gary Petit never wanted AC in charge did he? So if he is in charge of getting the correct documents from someone at Bradford before its unlocked then it may be some time.
  19. You may have seen this from the Bradford fans board and someone who says they are an interested party. They have mentioned the date is relevant before but what you reckon about the top 3 creditors?
  20. I just hope this campaign goes better than Bradfords destination SL campaign a month or so ago.
  21. Neil Hudgell the latest to put the boot in to Chalmers and his running of Bradford. Double whammy as well having just taken a load of their players to help Bradford get through the next few weeks.
  22. I take that to mean you know which creditors have been paid then. Fair enough if that is the case.
  23. Im sure the RFL will have someone working on a way to massively reduce the business rates or at least I would hope they will.
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