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  1. And me as water carrier,well if Sweeting gets picked who else is going to do it
  2. Well I’m going for a much needed win today,let’s be honest and no disrespect to Workington if you can’t beat the teams around you at home then what hope have we got. Dewsbury 22 Workington 14 Fts Ryder Mom Knowles Att 656
  3. Thackeray leaving for pocket money,really You say if he was still here we wouldn’t be in this mess? You do know for halfbacks to be able to play they need to be behind a good dominant pack,ours is getting smashed nearly every week.
  4. Unfortunately all I can see here is another tonking,hope I’m wrong. It would be nice to hear how long our injured players are going to be out for. Anyway I won’t be present as I’m going away for a few days. Batley 38 Rams 10 fts Dixon mom Dixon att 958
  5. It is bad news. According to the local press Walton is nearing a return to action.
  6. That’s what I heard as well. Unfortunate for the lad because he looked good.
  7. From what I’m hearing not sure we’ll see Ferguson or Annakin in a Rams shirt again. Peltier and Turner could be long term. Hopefully Kidd will be back against Batley. Who’s Thornton?
  8. Making Sykes play? I think you’ll find that he was desperate to carry on playing this year. I agree with you on that one,I also think that their are problems off the field
  9. Ever thought about taking up coaching
  10. Bloody hell id have Roy Sampson back first
  11. BSJ is a long standing supporter of the club just like a few on here,can’t see him deserting the club now can you? Correct. A thriving organisation in Bissa helps massively as well. Some of our supporters think things just happen.
  12. I’ve just heard that big Harry Beverley has sadly passed away after a long illness aged 74. Harry will be fondly remembered for being part of the championship winning team that beat Leeds at Odsal stadium to lift the championship play offs trophy. Great team,great memories.Don’t make props like Harry know more. Condolences to Harry’s family and friends at this sad time. RIP Harry
  13. Having watched North Wales vs Sheffield, Barrow vs Workington and Batley vs Fev challenge cup games over the weekend on current form we wouldn't beat any of those terms, that includes North Wales. Like CF says above,good defence gives you a chance of winning a game, at the moment I don't have much hope in that department.
  14. At least half the south stand to start with
  15. Wow what a performance last night. Very well deserved 2 points
  16. I take it you believe in miracles
  17. Too me by surprise as well. I’ve heard their might be another coming in time for Whitehaven game.
  18. When the fixtures came out all I could see was 1 win in 4 which exactly what we’ve got,and against clubs that have spent considerably more money than us.Apart from the Bradford game,which we were shocking the other 3 games the efforts been there it’s just the quality we are lacking. So this week we are back in league action and Whitehaven away,we’ll see where we are after that game. Think we’ll see quite a few changes,players coming back from injuries and players coming in on loan to hopefully give us that bit of quality we are lacking.
  19. To be fair the club won’t know until later the extent of the injuries to players.Dale Ferguson was missing due to head knock. I think he’ll be back in squad this week along with,Walton,Annakin,Hall,Sweeting,Smith,hope so anyway.
  20. No Owens or Craven for Widnes,both injured.
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