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  1. Some dedication that mate hopefully a decent performance will make it worth it.
  2. Excellent post, no excuses for the silence. The last club statement was made on the 22nd of July ending with further updates to follow !!! Where are these updates.
  3. Idiots is a bit harsh mate, more like concerned paying fans asking for a update from the club as to what went wrong this season and why we are struggling financially and what the near future holds, other clubs do it that are run off a volunteered board as our is. Maybe if the board were a bit open then fans would be more willing to help. Not all people have the time or the ability to help run a business. UTT
  4. Rumours are rife that we need 25k to finish the season so every little helps however the lack of transparency by the board is alarming, in the past we have had the likes of Bill Dobie and John Stobbart who would help out for what in reality is a small amount of money for the likes of those fellas, I would assume they have already been approached and maybe that's the reason there has been a massive lack of acknowledgement from the club about the Sc fund raiser.
  5. London have really hit there stride now and are playing better than Bradford. Hopefully we can match them for enthusiasm but think the score will be a big one in Londons favour. 46-6
  6. We are not victims of our own success though. We were promoted and quite rightly so but our signings have average best, we basically signed Newcastles cast offs, teams have strengthened through out the year we never, Chris has said numerous times there's money to sign players even quoting numerous over seas players that were coming but never showed, them Fijians must be knackered in that canoe by now. How many time has it been spoken on here about our lack of size way before the season started and what do we get a Wigan academy player for a couple of games and a whitehaven cast off prop in exchange of one of our better players imo. How many games have we failed to score a single point, we all joked about how bad west Wales were in league one but ATM I feel like we are the west Wales of the championship being fobbed off by half ar*£d statements off our board. We pay our money week in week out so we deserve some truths don't we. I also don't buy that the fixtures play a part in our financial woes,simple maths 14 teams in the league, 13 home games regardless of when they are is the same as any other team in the league. Cut your cloth accordingly.
  7. Barrow have sorted there off field issues out and are now getting big crowds to support there fantastic season so far, with there current board they are miles ahead of us and anyone who thinks different needs to take there head out of the sand, there business model is superb and working. Haven fans say they have been massively unlucky with injuries loosing the spine of there team but are still there fighting to stay in the championship, bringing players in to try to survive. Being honest with fans and financially secure for at least this season on supposedly less money than we got. What's our excuse ?? We got promoted late ffs that's a cop out and a joke, face facts our coach signed badly and hasnt delivered, every interview lied to fans,. we over spent on poor quality players and now we were facing bankruptcy prior to forcing players to take a massive paycuts and offloading players to anyone who will have them including our relegation rivals. We are an embarrassment with a board that is hiding behind weak statements. If the board though anything of the fans that keep the club going they would hold a meeting with the fans same as our neighbours did.
  8. Tha all depends on the new league structures and that comes in 2024 league one will have no funding at all, can see Haven being part of the usual merry-go-round but Barrow seem to be moving in the right direction by being self sufficient off the field and totally delivering on the field, reality is we are 3 years behind them and a new stadium isn't going to change that. I fear there will be no promotion in 2023 and we will be left unfunded in league 1
  9. It's about spending wisely and securing our future, the spending wisely bit has been missed and the securing our future is asking the players and staff to take pay cuts and possibly losing one of our best future prospects ive seen to our annoying neighbours. Embarrassing to say the least!!!!!
  10. Can anyone from the club confirm ?? As I kind of feel bad for calling my mate a gobsh!£te
  11. Really I find that hard to believe given you lot finished in the playoffs so surely there was a bonus for that, it used to be like that anyhow, if that is true how are we bottom of the league and skint?? Questions need to be answered by the board, how can we not have a meeting same as Haven have done?? Smacks of mushrooms this, kept in the dark and fed S*#t. Come on board stop with the half arsed statements and meet with the die hards that keep us going!!!!
  12. My mate has been lording it upto me how Haven are spending bigger next year to reach the play offs next season and that this year they received 40k less In central funding than us due to social media or something according to there meeting last night. How when then finished in the playoffs last year?? And to top it off just seen Dewsbury drew with Newcastle, at least there fighting to stay up.
  13. The players aren't delivering on the pitch so therefore he is not delivering as a coach, I could go to work and be there for 12 hours a day but ultimately if I wasn't doing a good job then I wouldn't last very long. So if the players are taking a rumoured 33% pay cut then so should the coach regardless of hours spent at the ground.
  14. Hope Chris is taking a pay cut too if true.
  15. Really hope this is about saving money for a better budget next year rather than survival. Is there a parachute payment for relegated teams or would we just get the same as the other league 1 teams rumoured to be 25k this season ? I can't imagine our players are on big contracts and I would say winning and loosing pay would be similar in league 1 so it could be it actually cost us more to be in the lower league with more winnable games. Very worrying times UTT.
  16. There's a lot of if's in your posts, and the "initially attract 3000+" sound good but all what you have stated is dependent on a successful squad and a massive amount of money. You could probably half the amount of loyal fans the both clubs have that would go to watch a rebranded side. Koucash had the right idea that the only way a Cumbria club could be successful is if it had no affiliation to Town or Haven and that's not a merger, that's a completely new club.
  17. Sounds great on paper mate just can't see Haven fans travelling through to Workington to follow team Cumbria same would go the other way if we were not to get the new stadium but funding was found to develop the Rec and team Cumbria played there. Really can't see it happening or if it does being successful in the long term. If it does happen then the only plausible solution to attract the most possible fans would be to cancel the stadium plans in the Town centre and build in a more neutral location but where?
  18. How many mergers have actually worked in the true sense without one club just swallowing up another. Obviously if we get a new stadium surely the new merged team would play there and I can't imagine many Haven fans being to enthusiastic about it and I can't see the funding being changed for a new stadium at lillyhall to keep both sets of fans happy which would be needed to actually give a merger any chance of working but probably if it did happen wouldn't sit to well with the Reds. Effectively it would be seen as a rebranded Workington Town at the cost of another club.
  19. I'm not sure merger would work without a massive influx of cash to put together a instantly successful team, we get by on a small group of fans that come week in week out because of loyalty to the club. Put out a weak merged team and that loyalty won't be there. Beaumont has stated only this week that he has put 750k into Leigh already this season on top of there substantial central funding and significantly bigger crowds. Really don't know what the answer is but I fear for professional Rugby league in West Cumbria.
  20. Impossible to keep happy with out an A Team and as we see week in week out fickle fans only follow a winning team hence the big drop in gate numbers. Need established players to compete in the championship and as much as I would like a local team, the talent in Cumbria isn't developed enough or have a local route to develop to championship standard. Young players don't seem to have the enthusiasm to wait in the wings for their opportunity no more. It would take quite a few years developing a local team in league one to get to championship standard, so we're left with competing for the same small pool of established players with Haven.
  21. I would of thought given Chris's links to Huddersfield we would of had some sort of deal in place with them for loans at least, other teams have them. It has to come down to lack of money as to why we couldn't sign players or our coach isn't as well thought of in the game as we assume.
  22. I assume there was was/is a plan in place. whether or not promotion was the idea in Chris's first year in charge remains a mystery but I would say all teams are aiming for promotion and promotion is what we got. What has happened after that has been quite embarrassing. Giving a largely unproven coach a full time contract seems ludicrous regardless of whether or not he slept on the floor of an office to save money is irrelevant, Chris chose to go with the team he put in place signing umpteen hookers when we were crying out for props, signing the Davis brothers then not playing them is bizarre. Hats off for switching the team around putting Jammer at 13 and matty at 6 to try something new but the fact that that had been mentioned on here in the days before the Fax game is very suspicious and I would hate to think our coach is being influence by us arm chair critics.
  23. How many signings didn't materialise as well, told we had money to spend but no players available when other teams around us were getting players no problem.
  24. I would go and try and see if Charlo and Oglanby would come back if Thorman does get sacked, would be a cheap option who to be fair had done well down the road, won them the league and got them to the playoffs last year.
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