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  1. Why can't we just play it without Aus/NZ? Are we admitting they're bigger than the sport?
  2. I do believe that is part of the reason. The Aussies see themselves as the Harlem Globetrotters of International RL, it's just a precision for them to win. When it was a foregone conclusion to win, they had no problems with turning up. Now they have genuine competition, they don't bother to turn up. They can bleat on about competitiveness all they like, but Queensland won ten in a row and nothing was said.
  3. Yep if the Aussies lose all the time, then they won't bother to watch it as they don't win! Unfortunately RL can't win. But we allowed this to happen by swallowing the hype of the NRL and Origin. Allowing them to push the narrative that Origin is the "pinnacle" over international competition, even though many of the best players can't feature in it.
  4. Yet it's far worse in Japan atm and no one has any issues going to the Olympics.
  5. Yep true and we don't know if stadiums will even be available.
  6. Yeah Origin and Internationals are the only thing they have over the AFL. Now they want to remove international competition, SoO will be all they have left.
  7. How much would it cost to move it a year? If they bottle it and postpone it, the NRL should foot the bill.
  8. Therein lies the problem. It's not that Australia can't be beaten, it's that England can't beat them. NZ/Tonga can definitely beat Australia, it's not the foregone conclusion that Australia will win that the media think.
  9. I said after Tonga beat Australia that it'd be a bad thing for International RL, as it would mean the Aussies would hide from playing more internationals if they're getting beat. And now look!
  10. It's not a foregone conclusion. The fear of losing to Tonga is there. If it was a foregone conclusion, you can bet the Aussies would turn up.
  11. If that's the case, just call them Aus/NZ. But if they're not bothering to enter, why would they send an invitational team? RL needs to grow some balls and stand up to them. Plus it would be great to have a new Champion.
  12. Yet Queensland won ten in a row and I don't remember any Aussies saying they should get rid of Origin?
  13. Exactly why they should be replaced with other countries. They had their chance and disrespected the competition. The players can always switch if they want to play.
  14. Wow Samoa would become a contender overnight if they all declared.
  15. Because the WC is for countries. Having the "Indigenous All Stars" win the World Cup would make RL look amateur and open to ridicule.
  16. RL 9s would be perfect for the Commonwealth Games, why did they not continue pursuing that? Next year will be another CG, so will there be another event? If they want the Olympics, they need to start putting down groundwork and join regional games. There are a few sports in the Olympics that don't have a huge global footprint, however they are in regional events. I'm no expert on Sevens, but why were Korea in it and not France? Especially as France would've been a lot more competitive, given Korea were hammered.
  17. That would be a disaster, and embarrassing if either were to win. Replace them with USA/Serbia. But one of them will bottle and we'll either postpone it (hopefully not) or Aus/NZ will change their mind.
  18. "Attracting 30 million new fans globally" yeah right. Just like 4 billion people watch the World Cup. There is some truth to what he says though. Why do you think sports like Skateboarding, Surfing and Rock Climbing have been added? To attract young people, especially in a market as big as the USA, where those sports are popular. The Olympics need to stay relevant to younger audiences.
  19. It was about the coverage. Let's be honest if RL is in the Olympics, the only ones watching it would be the usual suspects. The same thing happened with the Sevens in Rio. Billions in China weren't glued to their screens just because it's in the Olympics. The only thing that would change is RL would get access to funding and the lack of competition, means some of the bigger nations might see a medal chance. Anyway it's a mute point, as RL will never be in the Olympics. If they're serious about it, then proper development needs to be put in place. A bunch of Aussies representing Italy and Lebanon isn't going to cut it.
  20. That's true and you'd think RL would be "easier" to medal in as not much competition. The likes of the USA, Russia, South Africa, Canada could medal if they put some money and development into it.
  21. Wouldn't the likes of Tonga and Samoa get stronger as players will switch to them in the hope of playing at WC? Could even invite Serbia and have Trbojevic and Cotric representing them.
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