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  1. As opposed to a quota system I feel a development slot may instead be beneficial, salary cap exemption for a domestic player from a Northern hemisphere country other than England. Obviously there would have to be certain stipulations worked out to ensure you don't have a situation where say Theo Fages or Reagan Grace just don't count on St Helens' cap, however it would certainly provide more of an incentive to take on players closer to the Quinn Ngawati level in the squad. If not in SL it's definitely something the NRL with their greater resources should look to implement imo with their development list system to foster domestic players from outside the big 3. Probably looking to align more with the NFL international player pathway in that case, but even in that situation you could get French or Welsh guys getting a look in for a few seasons downunder at no cost to the clubs cap.
  2. James Tedesco ruled out of the game tonight v the broncos due to a temperature. Ryan Hall is the only back in the remaining 19-man squad so will likely start on the wing with Morris or Manu to move to fullback.
  3. No authority provided in this article to back up the proposition, but alleges there's a rumour the Panthers are in talks with Liam Watts for next season and beyond. Concedes he's still under contract in the article but I suppose considering the Covid-19 impact on finances clubs may be more lenient in letting players walk if they're compensated correctly - First i've seen of it however so i'm not sure if I would put too much stock in it just yet. https://westernweekender.com.au/2020/06/masked-panther-panthers-eye-uk-prop/
  4. Staggs suspended next week would probably indicate Herbie will find himself in the starting side against the Roosters, will be a good test for him.
  5. Agreed, a rotation inclusive of Lussick, Sidlow, Singleton and Springer is strong enough (however potentially lacking a degree of skill) to hold their own and not lose too much quality when subs are rotated against most sides. I've been slightly dissapointed with Ackers to start the season, don't think he's attempted to be a running threat enough through the middle of the field to speed up the play-the-ball a bit. Additionally as a smaller body he has been picked out as a target for opposition forwards, would have been handy to have Cunningham available to shore up the middle a little further.
  6. Despite his rocks or diamonds nature i think Miloudi should have started ahead of Wallace in the centres - not a natural outside back, would be better used in a 14 role to be subbed on in the spine somewhere. Caution to the wind tactics should be altered when in poor conditions, especially tonight where there was a wind advantage to be taken in the first half to gain some good field position. Gigot despite his errors tonight is a quality player and that did show in some of his limited touches - keeping him for the season would serve them well as the rest of their spine is quite dire, if they can fit him in that is. Will be interesting to see the difference when they finally play with a full-strength middle (if they ever do) once Lussick and Singleton are both available again.
  7. Staggs and Hingano out is a big loss for Tonga, GB could run away with it if they turn up to play.
  8. Junior Kangaroos side named to face the french: 1. Ryan Papenhuyzen (Melbourne Storm) 2. Campbell Graham (South Sydney Rabbitohs) 3. Curtis Scott (Melbourne Storm) 4. Brad Parker (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles) 5. Reuben Garrick (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles) 6. Kalyn Ponga (Newcastle Knights) 7. Brodie Croft (Melbourne Storm) 8. Corey Horsburgh (Canberra Raiders) 9. Reed Mahoney (Parramatta Eels) 10. Thomas Flegler (Brisbane Broncos) 11. David Fifita (Brisbane Broncos) 12. Angus Crichton (Sydney Roosters) 13. Victor Radley (Sydney Roosters) 14. AJ Brimson (Gold Coast Titans) 15. Nat Butcher (Sydney Roosters) 16. Emre Guler (Canberra Raiders) 17. Tino Fa'asuameleaui (Melbourne Storm) 18. Paul Momirovski (Wests Tigers)
  9. Additionally to be selected for the Australian schoolboys you do not technically have to be eligible to represent Australia internationally, just have to attend school in Australia. Hence players such as Benji Marshall have repped the schoolboys in the past.
  10. This is not quite true with respect to the schoolboys being the best of the age group from Australia, this squad is not reflective of of the best within the U18s age group in Australia but rather the best selection of players that attend high school in Australia. This means that any kid who was a year young at school (ie finished school last year at 17) yet is still in the U18 age group is not eligible (Best example of this is the only player to play NRL from this age group - David Fifita from the broncos). Additionally no player on the top 30 of an NRL squad (As far as i'm aware) has made the trip across for example Sharks youngster Bronson Xerri was initally selected but then withdrawn for NRL pre-season commitments. This is not to say however this side isn't a good showing from Australia as all bar one of the squad has played junior representative football squad for sides affiliated with an NRL side i believe. However if you were to pick the best side from all available U18s eligible for Australia the 17 would be very different.
  11. Official NRL profile, however seeing that picture i can empathise with your position
  12. Mitchell is 6'4", Inglis 6'5" (as is Burgess). I think we're doing ok for size, the shortest first-team outside back for the Roosters this year was 6'3" and 101kg in Blake Ferguson
  13. To add some Australian insight here, the squad is missing a few of the top youngsters from this particular age group. Guys from this current u18s age that made the side last year - Tanah Boyd, Shawn Blore, Kyle Schneider, Lindsay Smith, Bronson Xerri and David Fifita. Out of that group Fifita is the only one to have played NRL as of yet while Xerri is the only one included in this squad, however i have heard that Xerri may not in fact end up on tour due to NRL pre-season commitments. Outside of that Jock Madden (A Half) was player of the tournament at the national championships this year, while i believe Bradman Best is regarded as one of the brighter talents from the U17s age group.
  14. Agreed. Manu received a lot of attention (and rightly so) for last weekends performance however Marsters didn't get much opportunity but when he did he made a fair bit of space for Maumalo. I thought Marsters was probably their best in Denver as well.
  15. Tupou and Fusitua are world-class wingers and easily picked, more of a case could be made for Fonua over Hurrell IMO.
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