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  1. Sorted and added to subscriptions and in the words of Eddie (Cochran not him with Stevo ) "Come on everybody ...."
  2. Up late or early depends on your point of view Bring your sweet lovin' And nobody calls you on the phone
  3. Life After Life seems okay though narration as explanation always feels wrong, a bit like Gentleman Jack talking to the camera interupting the point .... the suspension of disbelief.
  4. God, I remember Aunty's antics it was all the above and a caller losing his faculties and back to the studio for someone looking bored to say something condescending, dismissive or insulting. I reckon it's largely because of the Beeb that we tend be grateful for any mention anywhere at all!
  5. At least this time you didn't step into touch and then score a try ...... ...... Or did you?
  6. I can see where you're coming from with that argument Harry but it is far more likely that with each change made it was sold and accepted as the only way forward and then it was followed by a load of tinkering, messing about , shilly shallying and then finding a new way forward five minutes later. Every one of them came with a free bottle of snake oil medicine. The M62 coming into being just meant people set off too late and arrived often as not after the kick off. I've come to the conclusion that injuries in particular may result in relegation and suspensions are just the icing on this cake.
  7. Dave I think your points are really made well here, and it's like a lot of the arguments on here, if FTA or lack wasn't the problem the answer won't be found in more FTA.
  8. "You say Tomato and I say Tomato ..." In any event we woz robbed!
  9. This is much the way I see the situation. As I say we were lucky not to lose Bardford completely and although they "may" have strecthed themselves too far in search of repeated success, to put all the blame on that goes no where near the total explanation. It may be this is a thing beyond critism or even discussion at times and a part of "UK Sport's Culture" but that does not mean it should go unquestioned. In any case I like to say thanks to everyone who's taken part in this thread ...... proper discussion like it's been! T O as much as I thing they're gtreat can't have the rules changed cos it doesn't suit, And Sylvain mon pote you should asked for this before the season began or even earlier. And I still wouldn't put past the management to change the rules, once Leeds are safe of course!
  10. That can be the case but I think you're ignoring the present situation economically. I don't think it is the sole reason and certainly not always. The pointing finger of blame and the lack of trust can't help.
  11. But P&R are the root causes of the financial turmoil clubs consistently find themselves in. This is especially true in a sport that lacks the funding streams of other major organisations. Does well funded mean living withing their budget or having a benefactor? Does it mean trying to compete with better funded sides or lacking ambition? In the same way that the American Football maintains a general level of equality, quality, on the whole, RL can find solutions that don't threaten the very existence of clubs. P&R has shown no signs of being anything but a sacred cow, untouchable no matter what damage it might cause.
  12. Honest answer Harry No. But there's a bit more to it than that. As I've already said you could do lots of things to alleviate all the problems of the issues in ways that P&R never will. A closed shop ,in and of itself, is not and will never be the answer. It's not even the answer for those who would be in SL. The way it's looked on is the usual closing down, downsizing jiggery pokery of the RFL who couldn't ask for water if they were thirsty.
  13. I agree. It did to some extent Yes we certainly differ here, Harry. You see it as trundling along and I see as my team playing whoever. And as far as this idea is concerned there are many ways in which you could adress these points. However, most of the arguments are for P&R without any regard to what happens.
  14. Morning Tubby. The friendly comparison is fine but my point was Winning or losing is the point and the drama. It's a bit like reading, an avid reader will peruse bus tickets and Tesco reciepts ( other supermarkets are available ! ). Yoy either love the thing itself or you don't. If your excitement comes for the double jeopardy of losing and being relegated for the want of a win is important that's fine. But when I turn up at a match I'd prefer if my team can compete, put the wind up someone unexpectedly and would still be there next week. It's lucky we didn't lose Bradford altogether but to not understand that the fate of the Bulls and several other clubs for that matter was the direct consequence of short termism and fear failure and relegation makes no sense. It's the logic of doing the same thing over and over again and not caring about the results.
  15. Well I don't think the inconsistent meant you, Harry. The problem is that believing in P&R or being anti is one thing but paying no attention to the consequences is quite another. I also understand your point about irrelevant fixtures. Though to be honest I'd trade knowing where my team stands for the next decade over even the drama of SRD v HKR golden point moments..... and we won that time! If the signicance is survival (or even promotion) that can't be a positive for the sport on the whole and far too many negative things for the game can stem from this. The emphasis of both these is short term fixes, thinking and culture which means clubs can't think long term and undertake sensible economic planning. Leigh and Fev, at the moment show classic signs of this as much as Sylvain Houles and Leeds. My feeling is that just playing a game in order to win it should be "significant" enough for any side in the competition and any fan of any side. If the drama is not enough between winning and losing what is sport for?
  16. Harry the point was, I believe, that people are inconsistent barstewards who can't tell when they're arguing for their anus or their elbow.
  17. Now I think most sports and football certainly are over rated. "Sporting culture" having watched football at Old Trafford, the Baseball Ground and St Andrews and Rugby League almost anywhere and everywhere is not really a single or shared understanding. TGG culture is quite distinct due to the make up of the fans and what they share about the qualities of the thing they love. If you fall into more than one group the sense of belonging because of the shared enjoyment means the only constant in the equation is .... well you!
  18. Now the thing about relegation is the effect it has on everything. If you're a proponent of P&R and its importance to Championship sides with ambition and its place in British sporting culture there's a tendency to ignore all the side effects of relegation. Relegation means all sorts of things about the way coaches coach and their tenure aas well as how teams play that are negative but it also means that sides can't have any long term goals and plans unless they're assured of being safe every season. People are always looking for answers from other sports but it's never that clubs are certain about how to plan for the next decade where they find the solution.
  19. First and foremost please don't call me Kev and then imply I'm not respecting your opinion. The press are the perfect example of writing a story (having an opinion) that has no connection with reality or the truth so they're hardly a reliable source of support. On a social media forum all opinions matter. But also on social media and in journalism too many things about opinions rest upon a lack of evidence and presumed guilt. Lastly it was not just evidence it was the lack of real argument. In this you are not alone nor am I picking you out. What you seem to have missed is what we agree on.
  20. Yeah but RL welcomes them, encourages them and treats them like kings.
  21. We can't agree on what expansion is, what it looks like or even how best to do it so what chance would there be of success? The generally half hearted and too often romanticised views at both ends of the spectrum are hardly credible models for development or progress. Even if the Aussie model could be transposed for the sake of argument where we we go in order to expand? Because of its economic state there is neither the will nor the wherewithall for this to happen. In truth the RFL have all the hallmarks of company whose sole purpose in downsizing !
  22. I'm glad you posted this because everytime I post my pessimistic stuff about expansion I'm only too aware of the effect it might have on people doing a great job in places like Cornwall. If I go down to the area this year I'll attend and buy some merchandise as well.
  23. Now, now Sleet's Rearend, if you haven't got any evidence or argument left, fess up! Is any individual on here not aware of the parlous state of RL's budget and economy? Does anyone posting not understand that every SL club needs an academy? Does a single person writing their opinions on't forum not follow that these two things are not easy to marry up and particularly difficult at present? Added to all this the criteria for being allowed an academy team have become an obstacle for clubs desperate to run one. If this was just one of the criteria used to decide who's in SL and who isn't, some clubs would be out for that reason alone when it's the RFL's fault they don't have one. The truth is the RFL couldn't possibly have done a better job of ensuring the "haves" continue to have, even if that was their real intention. Now back to Sylvain, T O should have been made exempt but they weren't and asking or deciding now would just alienate more fans from the sport from the club who'd take their place. I don't trust the RFL not to decide exactly this, even at the last moment.
  24. Every SL side should have an academy side. What is your evidence for some clubs only wanting the Cheque? All SL sides financial position is pants. Fresh blood is not any kind of guarantee for boosts for anything.
  25. First of all the Sky money needs to guarantee each clubs financial survival. Secondly they have good production line for several reasons some of which have nothing to do with Sky monies. You also cannot use academy as a criteria if some clubs are not allowed one. Getting the same cheque means lots of varied choices for different clubs and sometimes that means both survival year on year, for some it means trophies year on year because that's not all they have. The history of RL and SL is littered with clubs who put trying to be like the top clubs ahead of financial security. There are, of course a lot more things to this.
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