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  1. I hoped that When Sammut didn’t appear for the 2nd half that we may have got back in it ...how wrong I was , worst performance this season by far . Adrian Morley may have been a great player but commentator he is not.
  2. Totally outplayed so just for keeping going till the end 1) Lillycrop 2) Browny 3) Manning
  3. Had to work hard to win this one 1) Gilmore 2) Holley ( despite his air kick) 3) Manning
  4. Enjoyed the game, plenty of positives...it’ll be interesting to see who’s in the first competitive starting line-up
  5. Yes I remember K.N. explaining it in the Ron Earnshaw lounge it, as I remember,brought about the one off Yorkshire cup competition...S.L. Clubs threatened not to play friendly games with & not to have dual reg unless the championship voted for the new sharing of funding.
  6. I understood that it was already agreed & passed that should the new deal be increased the increase would all go to super league clubs & if it was lower the difference would come out of the allocation to championship clubs.
  7. Tyler Dickinson signed for Sheffield, could have done with keeping him.
  8. Not missed many games...missing a bit of pace but class player
  9. Great signing , just what we need , well done to all involved!
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