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  1. RU has had goal kicking forwards.Gordon Brown of Troon and Scotland in the 60s springs to mind.
  2. His dad is I think from Cumbria and an RL background and got James playing as a kid.
  3. I was looking back and in 1969 Salford beat Warrington in the semi after Warrington had beaten Saints by 2pts in the QF.
  4. I was there together with a bunch of first time London based friends n colleagues. So close to a break through in national conciousness.
  5. Its been useless for me since the restart. Week 1 Saints v Cats was the live stream but just got Cas v Saints from March. This week it was working fine on Saturday but on Sunday just got a blank screen saying streaming will start once broadcadt begins.
  6. I think 15k about right.I was on the open terracing at the river end and while well filled there was plenty of room. As others said a real shame it didn't work as an ideal ground with Fulham soccer fans genuinely enthusiastic. Co-incided with me starting work in London and brightened up many a dull winter Sunday afternoon. The game against the 1982 Kangaroos was another standout day.Horrible rainy Sunday afternoon but a big crowd including many of my southern RU oriented friends who these days are regulars at Harlequins.
  7. That used to be the fourth cup-the Lancashire and Yorkshire League leader.
  8. For me Challenge Cup by a wide margin then Championship/Div1,Premiership,County Cup, Floodlight Cup,Regal/JP. Soccer was pretty much the same with FA Cup ,the European Cup and both way ahead of Div1 Champion and League Cup trailing at the rear.
  9. Big call not to have Cliff Watson in the front row. Phil Lowe ,Steve Naughton and GaryvStephens missing from the lists.
  10. Especially as the Broncos were on the attack and came close to scoring in the last minute
  11. I'd consider making the forwards hold in a contained position for say 20 secs or so after the ball is tapped. No need to bind or push just down on one knee front row,second row,loose fwd. If you want something contested take the line of scrimmage from American football.
  12. A much better watch than soccer which imo relies much more on a big noisy crowd to add to the specatcle.
  13. That came out garbled! Brian Lockwood having watched the 78 Bradford Test .
  14. Having just watched the 78 Brafrom an even earlier dford Ashes Brian Lockwood has to be in there and of course from an even earlier period Brian Bevan on the wing.
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