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  1. The advent of SL brought a big upsurge in support more or less across the top clubs.Bradford were the leaders but everyone saw significant gate increases . We need something that replicates that sense of optimism ,new beginnings and so forth that drew back lapsed supporters and brought in new supporters.
  2. I remember the buzz when he came back from Aus.Put a couple of ‘000 on the gate when he came to Knowsley Rd.
  3. Spurs over Wembley anytime for me. Best stadium I’ve been to and generated a great atmosphere. They close the main road in front of the stadium a couple of hours before kick off and that allows a good outside ground atmosphere to build despite the general rundown nature of the area. Really enjoyed the day as a neutral today.
  4. Shocking news.Played schools RU against him in the 79s when he was at Arnold School.
  5. Because it’s a very different proposition.Ray French as an example watched Saints from a young age,played touch in the street n park,probably played for his primary school and maybe some amateur RL as a teenager.So familiar with the game and of course the region. A Welsh convert needed to move geographically to an area he was unfamiliar with to play a game that he’d probably only ever seen on TV.
  6. I think you have to make a distinction between people who signed from RU but grew up in RL areas and those with no prior direct exposure to the game.
  7. I’d disagree with that.The RFU was founded in 1871 by clubs who broke away from or had not yet joined the FA over the issues of hacking and handling. The FA was itself founded in 1863 to bring order to the various football rules being followed at the time and it was essentially an amalgam of Cambridge and Sheffield rules that prevailed.
  8. Just watching LUFC v MUFC and heard the crowd singing “Marching on Together”. only recall hearing if from Rhino fans before.Did it originate at the rugby or the soccer?
  9. Tbf Bradford City have 18k watching them despite being in the bottom half of the old 4th division..how do they manage that?
  10. I was similarly pleasantly surprised to receive the refund but at the very least some communication would have been in order around why the service was suspended etc
  11. With a bond you need to pay the coupon regularly and then pay off the principal at the end of the period.So whatever you are using the funds for needs to be able to generate sufficient income to do that. Wasps as pointed out raised ,I think,35million quid but are struggling to make the coupon payments let alone pay off the principal. If you default the bond holders end up owning the asset.
  12. When GB were last consistently successful against the Aussies Possible v Probable trial matches were part of the process (see the Dick Huddart interview in today’s RL Express). Using the All Star game in something of a similar fashion not a bad idea in my book.
  13. RU has had goal kicking forwards.Gordon Brown of Troon and Scotland in the 60s springs to mind.
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