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  1. After the cringeworthy, out of tune 'abide with me' at this year's CC Final, surely Lizzie should do it every year as long as she is happy to do it.
  2. It would have nice to have been given the chance. Our away GF semi final at Wigan in 2019 showed the potential support. Tragic that it couldn’t be built on.
  3. Salford didn’t come close to filling the AJ Bell when they performing well because in the year after the Grand Final and the year of the Challenge Cup Final, covid meant that crowds were not permitted!!
  4. So how do you explain Watson’s relative success at Salford?
  5. Haven’t read all the thread, but a lot of negative comments as usual. I wish them well. If covid hadn’t happened, then I expect that Toronto would by now be a well established super league club. Catalans have been written off so many times. My club, Salford Red Devil’s bring nothing to Super League, apparently, despite appearing in two major finals in the last three years. So, good luck to Cornwall/Ottawa. Hope to see you in Super League in the next 3 to 4 years.
  6. I always liked Peter Smethurst. Whenever he copped one, which was quite often in those days, he would emerge with the biggest grin on his face. I suspect he went on to get his revenge.
  7. Great idea. Call them Liverton or Everpool, play in red shirts and blue shorts and it’s sorted. If they need bigger stadium, they have two close by.
  8. And once again, no mention on BBC Breakfast sport section of the two internationals today which are both being covered live by.......The BBC!
  9. If players have to be treated off the pitch, will this stop the nonsense of non players (water carriers) directing the team from 10 yards back?
  10. Brilliant. Why he doesn’t get penalised for milking the six again or stepping off the mark is totally beyond me.
  11. They must come back next season. They add variety and as someone has already said, we surely can’t expect the players to suddenly start to play with scrums in the World Cup.
  12. Well I am on my way from Gran Canaria and I will be bringing 4 others with me to the game. So there will be at least 5 of us in the Catalans end.
  13. My missus is knitting (sorry, crocheting) me a Catalans scarf. I have a feeling that the East stand will be rocking if Cats win.
  14. I'm getting really fed up of Walmsley standing there shaking his head until he gets a set restart. He should be penalised for doing that.
  15. The Catalans ‘fans’ will be based in the East stand. I will be there. I’m hoping that at least there will be plenty of Catalans flags provided. I’m not planning to dress as a Frenchman though! Will probably have my Salford shirt on. I would hope that fans of other clubs will have their club’s shirt on.
  16. Because of his head injury, he probably thought his arm was hurting when it was actually his leg.
  17. Salford lost the first game at Wigan, but beat (thrashed) them when it mattered! I will be firmly behind HKR just as you and many others will be.
  18. Well played HKR. Love the way they play. Delighted that I will now have a team to support at OT. Cats or HKR. Either will do, but I think the HKR fans would make it extra special.
  19. I'm coming from Gran Canaria. Will be supporting Cats if they get there as my team won't be there.
  20. Am I right in saying that if Saints win tonight, then Wire finish third, no matter what happens here or elsewhere? Salford in with a chance of that’s the case.
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