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  1. Apparently he really struggled to put on their uniforms when playing Nazis and would wear an overcoat to cover them between takes. He became an activist against the far right
  2. Rachel Nagy, lead singer of The Detroit Cobras
  3. According to Forty20 the Premier Sports coverage will also be streamed on Amazon Prime. I haven't seen that anywhere else and wonder if anyone else had heard that. Is it part of the Amazon Prime package rather than an additional cost?
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the Orrell Army game. Really good quality game. Pleased Chargers won. Looking forward to the derby in a fortnight
  5. I hope Michael Knowles gets a good turnout for his testimonial. Been a real stalwart of the championship
  6. It was pretty vacuous. I am not sure why anyone would think ultraviolence is so amusing
  7. Hunt for the Wilderpeople - a New Zealand comedy drama about a delinquent boy and a crotchety old man avoiding the authorities in the bush on North Island. If you like the wry somewhat surrealist humour of Taika Waititi, you should enjoy this. Good performances by the leading actors (Sam Neill as the old man) and the usual bizarre cameo from Rhys Darby. And best of all, two mentions of rugby league (and one dismissive one of the All Blacks).
  8. Assuming it was a dog, it must have been a big one. The wall is quite short
  9. Eastern Horizons - Hitchhiking the Silk Road by Levison Wood. I have always enjoyed his TV series and had read Walking the Himalalyas before. This is equally good even though he states that it is not well written as it is based on his diaries of a trip taken when he was 22. In fact it fairly bounces along in an easy readable style covering his journey principally across Russia, Georgia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. I guess the Afghan sections are the most memorable as he made the trip not that long after the western intervention in that country. The tale covers both good and bad in places he visits (although in the epilogue he points out the changes, generally to the better, in places about which he is negative since 2004) and a degree of growing up that he had to do. Worth a read if you enjoy travel books
  10. Thanks to whoever thought the best way to bring in New Year was to leave a pile of excrement on my front wall
  11. My best shows for 2021 were: The Serpent - incredibly atmospheric and every performance perfect in a true life story of a serial killer on the 70s hippy trail. Absolutely spot on portrayal of Thailand (according to my wife who is of that parish {except for one scene where a Thai lady kissed her boyfriend in public - despite what might be thought in the West still taboo there now}). Mare of Easttown - Performance of the year from Kate Winslet as a rust belt detective carrying an awful lot of personal baggage. Wellington Paranormal - very silly Kiwi comedy from the same stable as "What We Do in Shadows" following a couple of dim witted dead pan police officers investigating mysterious sightings. Satan employed as a Santa in a mall anyone? Clarkson's Farm - funny and informative; there wasn't an episode when I didn't learn something new. The kafkaesque complexity of running a modern day British farm is incredible/absurd. Mention in dispatches - Dalgleish and Vienna Blood - good quality well set period detective shows; Empire State of Mind - documentaries on the impact of empire on modern Britain, and last night - Attenborough and the Mammoth Pit - learnt plenty of prehistory I never knew.
  12. I have it with Sky. I don't pay a separate subscription
  13. In case anyone is sick of three figure averages, I see the BDO has resurrected itself and their world championship begins tomorrow. Have to say I recognise more of the names in the ladies' competition than the men's.
  14. Always enjoyed watching him play. A character for good or ill. Even amongst barmy rugby league decisions I thought Canberra getting rid of him for being a bit hard to handle and taking on certifiable loon Curtis Scott to replace him was bizarre.
  15. Neil Hudgell has been named the Law Society Gazette's Legal Personality of the Year 2021. A long and interesting interview with him in this week's edition with a fair amount about Hull Kingston Rovers in it (not a common sight in the trade paper for solicitors). Not really knowing his background previously, he must have had incredible drive to build up his firm and continue to run it. As the Gazette notes running a professional sports club would be a full time job in itself without managing a national solicitors practice as well
  16. No one forced Keighley to put forward a proposal to expel Coventry, WWR and Skolars. Perhaps they should have shown a bit more solidarity to clubs in the same position as themselves Instead of deciding other clubs could be sacrificed?
  17. Glad they lost today. Another year of having to play clubs clearly beneath them ahoy
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