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  1. Too many flakey players back in the Titans team today, but Sharks continue to improve
  2. I like Radley but Munster is a bigger miss for the Storm than Victor the Inflictor is for the Roosters
  3. For a while I thought it was a game too far for Parramatta but they did well to win a very tough game. Although Williams has gone well Canberra just don't seem to have the spark of last year. Curtis Scott seems to offer nothing and I cannot see how he was seen to be an improvement on Joey Leilua, for all his idiosyncrasies
  4. Not sure whether it was a better effort in the second half from the Cowboys or whether Tigers put the cue on the rack/ran out of troops
  5. Since the 2011 Grand Final the Warriors have only reached the finals once and that was in 8th place. That tells a story
  6. Titans weren't helped by a loss of three players through injury but truth be told once they were behind they never looked like mounting a comeback. In the battle of the hopeless halves Taylor was truly anonymous. Holbrook has to end the club's belief in him almost as a franchise player. Their position in the league won't change with such a desperately average player as their leader
  7. Dragons beat an utterly lacklustre Sharks last week and I don't think it means that they have turned a corner. Titans appear to have a bit more resilience this year so I go for them
  8. A bit of a forgotten man nowadays but wasn't Harvey Howard the only British player in the NRL for a couple of seasons?
  9. If you need to bounce back after a loss, it's never good news to find out the Storm are up next
  10. Brisbane looked shot. Either their confidence has gone or the team want the coach gone. Could have been frightening if the Knights had really gone for the jugular in the second half
  11. I did. He kissed a reporter on the cheek and cannot play for breaching biosecurity rules. I assumed that would mean self isolating but strangely it doesn't. It was a story on the BBC rugby league webpages three days ago
  12. Holbrook does appear to have installed some resilience in the Titans but they do still appear to be a club comprising players who will never step up to the next level and names who have gone there to watch their careers die
  13. I usually find the Cowboys a bit of a dull watch but I cannot see the Sharks beating them in Townsville
  14. It seemed odd to play him at loose forward when that move was hardly a conspicuous success for the lions
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