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  1. Correct Robin. Part of a great team last season
  2. Is Premier Sports in cohoots with Sky as to me this is discrimination against us Fev season ticket holders.
  3. Well if they are applying for the full amount so should we.
  4. Does anyone know if the season tickets are out yet ????
  5. Looks like our council is being proactive, and forward thinking.
  6. Yes Rugby League is the biggest sport in Australia. I have been to the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane to watch them play the Sydney Roosters where there upwards of 40000 speccies in the stadium. The match was superb the facilities world class and the way into and out of the ground went without a hitch. Try and get out of Headingley with a crowd of say 10000 and you could be an age, not so Brisbane. You can see why the cap is so large, and why usually the Aussies players coming here are at the end of their careers
  7. Anyone know if you can just pay for individual matches on Premier Sports.
  8. 1 of these Saturday games could of course be moved to Monday for Premier Sports coverage.
  9. He certainly knows the club inside out, working up from playing full back . Could be a shroud move ???
  10. On about season tickets . I wonder if the club is anticipating some extra fines next season and so the season ticket holders are in the firing line, as the price has rocketed With the £80 on top for premier it is a fait whack. I wonder if you will be able to pay match for match re Fev in Cumbria perhaps.on premier.
  11. Yes Springer did OK for Fev but can he step up . Who knows.
  12. I suppose it will be down to McDermott
  13. Great having Jack back on board. Another super forward to join the team
  14. Maybe not , but we have another saying goodbye ie our assistant coach.
  15. Im not on about Busst resihgning tonight.
  16. What about Bussey resigning.
  17. Once again a small section of our"so called" supporters has caused the club to have to find cash to pay a fine for disgraceful behaviour at some games towards the end of last season. The loyal supporting speccies are once again paying for this completely unacceptable behaviour by a few morons.as they give their hard earned cash to help the club in its aim for Super League..NOT to pay fines that are unfortunately thrust upon us.
  18. But typical Rugby League, if and when will they announce DR.????
  19. Best of luck Nu . I have been to Os , and the country is fantastic and the weather is great. I can understand him leaving the UK with the weather likely to turn cold soon. He will be missed but hopefully the players we have & have signed will step up to the plate.
  20. Why would Welham leave us to join Aston at Sheffield, surely his contract would not be as good as ours or is the change of coach a reason ???
  21. Have we any fringe players left ???
  22. I agreed with all the above, cracking good news
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