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  1. I remember setting off for Odsal on a crisp sunny winter day and the closer to there we got the weather started turning. It then started snowing and my feet were getting more and more cold I have been to matches in bad weather but this place on a bad day it seems like the end of the earth . I cannot remember who were playing, I just kept willing the time to pass.
  2. For once the RFL have got is right re sale of tickets, just wait till 14th gov statement release and then take it from there.
  3. For a change we did not have to comment about the ref, but we did make heavy weather particularly after going 16 up and as has been said a bit of complacency crept in. A score after half time would have been nice. We were blowing at the end , and I think if they had scored towards the end when by rights they should have, Tyrer would not have missed a drop.
  4. No Chisholm or Bussey could be a bit of a blow, hope the rest of the lads raise their game
  5. You would make a great director JC
  6. It makes you wonder why we put our money into the club, except of course for the cost of watching our team. As you say we will always support our team through the turnstiles, but please dont let us end up like Bradford did.??? The club should be looking up , what with the Squadbuilder, more Company sponsorship and Season Tickets up a fair percentage. it does make you wonder WHY. We all know that the RFL is not fit for purpose but I thought Fev was run better than that. How wrong can we be.
  7. I hope he is not involved in he finances of the club in any way.
  8. Sounds typical of the RFL. By the way your knowledge PH is quite something, and is always well worth reading.
  9. It could not happen to a nicer man , joke. No sympathy for the man the way he left our club.
  10. Pretty draconian Oxy Boy , only allowing under 1000 for a match of this standing . The club must be tearing their hair out. Sounds like you manage a few bevvies, our last home match no refreshments at all. They seem to be helping the RFL kill the game. at our level.
  11. Well a win is a win. We had to ground it out today in the heat and did deserve the win , just. I hope Chissy is OK having to be taken off in the last 30 seconds
  12. As two posts before. They commentators should have Halifax shirts on. To me commentators should be neutral NOT totally biased
  13. We seem to be a little bit lucky with the 50/50s ,To me they did score a try it did not seem to have been knocked on, but hey who cares.Certainly not a classic it could go either way.in the 2nd half. Temperature must be taking its toll.
  14. If you read the Code of Conduct given out on the Rovers official website. "It states that this code is what has been agreed with our council and applies to all sports and venues in the Wakefield borough" Are Rovers overdoing it or were Cas wrong. I dont know.
  15. Might be as well getting shut if it is not going to cost us too much
  16. A bit scrappy second half after the enforced delay, It seemed to upset the ball movement , but that said it was a fairly professional performance 4.30 to 7.15 seems a long time for a RL match
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