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  1. Why should TO be given a Catalan -style indemnity from relegation. Leigh didnt.
  2. Not exactly confidence boosting comments, but I hope it might spur them on to error free rugby for the whole match not just the last 20 mins.
  3. Scubby. Dont they play on a RU ground ??, Yes Slag off Sheffield but have you ever been to a tiny little town called Featherstone where a percentage of SL clubs grounds are not a patch on POR.
  4. What is your problem. We have a further 2 points . What more is to be said that is sensible and makes good reading
  5. Were you watching the same match Lingaro. Much better commentary than we get from sky, whats your gripe ??
  6. |Good read as usual Robin. Rovers only woke up when Haven tired.A more resourced team would have probably beaten Rovers on this team performance. The last 20 mins was good to watch but forget the first part. Dire overall
  7. as Robin says the error rate is appalling. what with drop balls obstruction and forward passes we dont deserve to be miles in front.Whitehaven are sticking to the task. Webster needs to shove a bomb up their backsides.
  8. How can you miss or not miss scrums when you can only see the matches from the TV.
  9. At least we can use Hardcastle when this idiot is banned
  10. Webster is certainly playing his cards close to his chest.Second guessing will not pick the team but it is still interesting to hear views.
  11. Talking on deducting points. It seems we are against it before the season gets going with London refusing to go to Toulouse and them getting 2 points. Onto the game .Not the best of performances but they are SL and the league is much more important .but we did win the second half .
  12. Obviously poached. I wonder how much his contract is worth, Cas probably cound't touch it.
  13. So phantom what is the point for me paying £7.99 to watch live rovers tv as i dont have a season ticket live
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