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  1. I notice that SL & RFL are setting up a realignment idea to look at the whole Rugby League set up. But WHY no reps from the Championship & League 1. What we need is an independent set of directors that has sod all to do with Super League to negotiate on behalf of all the clubs, deal with sky and any other TV company to get the best for the whole of the sport. Get some decent sponsorship and , advertise the big games and get some much needed press coverage. All clubs in each league should have the same amount of cash to spend, and keep these journeyman Aussies to an absolute minimum. They come over here moan about the weather, get homesick, and plead to break their contracts because they cannot settle. Bring on the kids Welsby , Newman to name just two. There is some gems in the lower league and the community game
  2. The only thing the RFL has done recently. in my opinion is devising the 1895 cup giving part time players and their supporters the chance of wembley. My team going to wembley this year was a fillip for the whole area. There were thousands of schoolkids and many others cheering the team off to wembley, before we set off ourselves. A great experience for the young lads. Winning the pot was a bonus. The game is the best on the planet I just wish the bosses would get a hold of it and give it a needed boost.
  3. Knowing the way SL & the RFL operate , decision making has never been their best side. You will probably have to wait a few months yet. So you would expect some League 1 clubs to go bust , which have been inexistence forever. Shame on you.
  4. You say Sir Kev that SL brings in the money. but some of them ie Salford, Hull, Huddersfield and Wigan are tenants at football grounds and have to pay thousands of pounds in rent and gain nothing from the food & drinks stalls. Why should SL get the bulk of the money also when as many as a third of their players are from the Australian NRL because they are surplus to requirements, get homesick , cannot stand the cold and are given inflated salaries given to these SL clubs by sky. Also the directors are only interested in their own teams and to hell with the championship and below. The community teams , league 1 and championship players are being starved of progress by these greedy win at all costs SL clubs. Lets take an example__ Leeds have taken Austin(an Aussie) and it looks like an international player Luke Gale is being squeezed out to what benefit to Leeds or SL does this bring. The game as Mr Pearson of Hull has hit the nail on the head the game needs powerful management at Board level , not two sections SL and Rugby league fighting for scraps from Sky who wants the teams to play at anytime or day they decide. Lets give my team FEv "sweet FA" and lets negotiate our own contract and stuff SL
  5. I agree with Michael Bates re MOM Chizzy defence was not of the best. I wonder if he got votes because of that try.
  6. Shakespeare wrote a play the "Comedy of Errors" and that summed it up . A scrappy match from beginning to end. Te highlight being Chizzy try from Davies flick pass. Need to cut out theses stupid errors and be more clinical however we were much better than the 22 points they scored.2 to go then the play-offs.
  7. Yes. as far as I know. You pay at the big kiosk just outside the ground and show your ticket to the stewards at the right entrance large gate no turnstiles operating at the moment
  8. Seems to be one of Webster queerest signing to date
  9. Surely if a player is registered with a team and goes on loan , that player cannot play against his parent club. It smacks of conflict of interest.
  10. WEbster has done a great job with his resources so far this season. So I say he will pick the team he feels will carry on the good work he has already done so far.
  11. You never know, the BBC showing all the matches at the World Cup next year, if their viewing figures stack up THEY may be interesting in becoming more involved in our game
  12. I have seen on rovers twitter that James H has today had an operation. I am sure we all wish him well for the future, after an untimely end to his stint with us,He has been a class act.
  13. Why should these sooper dooper clubs have half their fines suspended but not us. Smacks of discrimination.
  14. It is deathly silent IF we do get to the final , which we should do as things stand, by the RFL is where do we play this final. It has always been at the home of the leading team at the end of the regular season. BUT we are so far not allowed to travel to France by the RFL edict, ????? Over to you RFL
  15. Superb first half, job done. Went to sl;eep for the first 20 mins of the second half, but as Robin says it felt like a training run. Onwards to Oldham
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