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  1. You feel that Leeds are the better team there though. Had Leeds' last tackle options been better law of averages say that some of them would have come off.
  2. He hasn't played well in the few games he's played, granted at winger. There's also rumours he was in the car when Mullen was done for drink driving. Haven't Wigan won a GF with Sarginson at fullback?
  3. Lad at work pit a tenner on Kelly to score a hat trick at 125/1. Bet he's going apeshit about now
  4. That goes without saying, surely? But how many players can you have step out of line and punish them independently without looking above them and questioning the culture at the club?
  5. Clearly a rotten culture at the club. Surely Lenegan/Radlinski have to take some sort of responsibility and take action to resolve it?
  6. You choose to be stupid, he didn't choose to be black. Ironically, you're being as offended as the "offendoratti" which is the beautiful irony of people like yourself.
  7. But it's a cultural thing Dave, you wouldn't understand... I have jokes with an Slovakian colleague about the stereotypes of Eastern Europeans, the main difference is I've known her for years and it wasn't the first thing that fell out of my mouth on meeting her. Surely you guys can see there is a difference between "banter" with people you know and the first thing you saying to someone being a comment on their skin colour?
  8. Looked a forward pass in the ground, and we have a bad view for depth
  9. Looked slightly forward, on field ruling probably forced the VR's hand.
  10. I can only apologise. I get it a lot at work too!
  11. I should clarify, half 9 on Saturday morning. Enjoy the build up
  12. So when was it stopped? I left school in 2007 and I had the TB jab at some point in school.
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