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  1. Probably gives the scoreline a better reflection of the game. Huddersfield were miles better, but both well below what they're capable.
  2. Wigan don't look capable of scoring save for a long range break or something like that.
  3. Just caught up with that. Happy with the result but not to get carried away; that clearly wasn't the best Saints have and they gave it a good go. Credit to Lomax if he's carrying a big injury. Be nice to go to a "local" game too!
  4. Is he yet to manage a game without being injured?
  5. Surely they can if it's too long otherwise where do you stop? Might aswell just hold on and let them set up properly.
  6. I'm the kind of sad act that I noticed there was 15 seconds left. Should have been a penalty and 2 points (yes I'm that desperate for points).
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