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  1. I can't get a picture of it but it's a throwback to one of the old Norweb kits.
  2. Surely Wigan's breach by paying agents fees is quite different to updating players contracts, paying them accordingly but not registering the new contracts until the end of the year? Edit: Aimed at those saying the Wigan breach of earlier this year is similar.
  3. England have fielded a team which in my opinion doesn't lend itself to 9s. It's quite a big team which is naturally going to be slow. England were poor and Lebanon had their tails up.
  4. God some Aussies can be insufferable. Passing a comment about Austin's eligibility as if they haven't been nicking from other nations for decades.
  5. So Lebanon field ineligible players and it's "no worries"? Not the England deserved to win but that seems bizarre.
  6. This is why I can't go as far as to say the Raiders were robbed because they had them on the ropes for most of the the second half and got 2 points from it.
  7. It would be too much to say the Raiders were robbed because there was plenty time left but that's one of the worst calls I've ever seen.
  8. Unbelievable. Ref waves for 6 to go so Raiders play based on that. Roosters then go the other end to score. Dispicable. Absolutely dispicable.
  9. Latrells having a mare. Huge let of for Canberra. They need to be converting the dominance they've had this half.
  10. Tackled him without the ball in a try scoring opportunity. Of course it's a professional foul.
  11. "What do you want a half back to do" Not tackle a player without the ball. Jesus wept these commentators couldn't be more pro Roosters.
  12. Professional foul, but "only just" say the one eyed commentators... Cronk goes in the bin for 10 minutes as the commentators bemoan it.
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