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  1. Wigan 10 - 8 Hull at half time. Wigan scored early on through French and Hull levelled with a Swift intercept. Griffin and Farrell both sin binned for a bit argy bargy just before half time. Wigan's 2 penalty kicks to Hulls 1 is that's in it.
  2. He does a lot of work outside of rugby nowadays, doing talks to companies about building a strong culture and motivating people.
  3. That and mixing fabrics. Heathens.
  4. What part of his post was true?
  5. Yep, dreadful. Went to the midnight release and left feeling so deflated. I can accept anything happening but it has to make sense. I felt (and I strongly suspect I might be right here) that the "twists" were only written when it came time to write this movie or late on in the process of the second. They make no sense within the storylines they themselves have created. I don't want to post spoilers so I won't but none of it is earned at all. It was really poorly paced. It seems to just be ADHD the movie until the decided they needed to end it and then everyone downs tools to do it. Nothing they faced was solved by the characters actually using their brains or brawn even; things just resolved themselves by coincidence most of the time. So unsatisfying.
  6. Well it tells you everything you need to know. If you had genuine intentions of playing for Wigan, you'd say so, because then that would make all what he is complaining about go away, even though it's not justified in the first place. This could all go away with a few words from Hastings but he seemingly refuses to - because he doesn't want to play for Wigan.
  7. I can't get a picture of it but it's a throwback to one of the old Norweb kits.
  8. Surely Wigan's breach by paying agents fees is quite different to updating players contracts, paying them accordingly but not registering the new contracts until the end of the year? Edit: Aimed at those saying the Wigan breach of earlier this year is similar.
  9. England have fielded a team which in my opinion doesn't lend itself to 9s. It's quite a big team which is naturally going to be slow. England were poor and Lebanon had their tails up.
  10. God some Aussies can be insufferable. Passing a comment about Austin's eligibility as if they haven't been nicking from other nations for decades.
  11. So Lebanon field ineligible players and it's "no worries"? Not the England deserved to win but that seems bizarre.
  12. This is why I can't go as far as to say the Raiders were robbed because they had them on the ropes for most of the the second half and got 2 points from it.
  13. It would be too much to say the Raiders were robbed because there was plenty time left but that's one of the worst calls I've ever seen.
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