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  1. Not sure where you're getting that figure? Zoopla and Rightmove have an average price for WN7 of £150k ish. I don't know anybody who has a house in leigh that was bought for more than £100k, although admittedly there are some nice houses in isolation that are worth a fortune.
  2. I think that the Wigan player was folded over made it look worse but I agree, I can't see a difference in terms of an offence from the tackler.
  3. I'm struggling to find anything about this campaign. Why would you have issues with someone who identifies as male but still menstruates having the same access to sanitary products?
  4. Yes, it's appalling - it's absolutely abhorent to blame the victim of a serious crime for being the victim. He was convicted in a criminal court - so beyond all reasonable doubt. Obviously it's their perogative to support their mate but I think it says a lot about their character.
  5. Words to the effect of blaming the victim for ruining Haynes life - the implication being that Hayne didn't do what he is accused and convicted of doing.
  6. It's a fair point and xenophobia is definitely a problem but I don't think it carries anywhere near the same weight calling someone a British so and so versus a black so and so for example. It's simply less of an identity than race. Many people of different races are British. Line me up with a black and an Asian person; were all British, so the person insulting me isn't using my appearance to discriminate. Nationality itself is fluid - I can become a citizen of another country if I meet the criteria. That's kind of why I see discrimination based on race to be worse than nationality
  7. Swing and a miss. Polynesian is not a nationality but a racial identity. Better luck next time.
  8. Whatever that means, you have nonetheless confirmed it - Crime. Criminal law is not judged on the same burden of proof, so you can relax. You won't be accused of a crime and be convicted based on a reaction. The world isn't going mad and it's all going to be okay.
  9. That's not how court works at all. Claimant presents their case and evidence. Defendant does the same. Both parties are cross examined and a judge makes a decision on the likelihood that something happened. In your imagined scenario, why are you before a judge in a civil hearing?
  10. This has been the case in English law for a very long time.
  11. Yes; on balance of probabilities as opposed to beyond all reasonable doubt in criminal law.
  12. Yep, nobody seemed to pick up on that at the time - it was high but i think the nose bleed was done by the head clash
  13. These days, if you say you're English you'll be arrested and thrown in jail. It's mad. Despite all this talk of a changing society and changing definitions of racism I've managed to live all my life without ever being accused of racism.
  14. I can't wrap my head up around this "contact in the air" thing anymore. They both were clearly going for the ball there.
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