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  1. Nothing says "not a sheep" like deriving your moral compass from a book followed by 2.3 billion other people, who are often referred to colloquially as a flock.
  2. I can't wrap my head around why all of a sudden wearing a mask is an attack on one's freedom when you follow the laws of the land constantly without batting an eye? People will get in a car that is taxed/MOTd/insured, put their seatbelt on, drive at the speed limit to go and not wear a mask in a shop to make a statement about not being made to do something by the gov. Mental.
  3. I'm in a flat so can't get one as the meter isn't in the property apparently.
  4. I'd been estimated for almost 2 years (bought my flat in July 18) and i'd never bothered to read the meter and nobody had been out. My bills are low so i just never gave it a thought but then during lockdown it jumped up by quite a bit, despite me living in a 2 bed on my own. I went and checked and I was so far under their estimation that I got a £450 refund. I'll be giving them a reading every month now but had they not been so ridiculous with their estimates, they'd have carried on fleecing me. I guess we're both fools there.
  5. As far as I know unless an item can't be returned for hygiene reasons (like underwear, swimwear etc) then it's still covered. John Lewis for example have given specific guidance on their return policy. I don't know where the CRA comes into it, but often retailers will tell you at the point of sale that they won't be accepting returns on that specific item.
  6. You absolutely can rewrite history. History is no more than an interpretation of sources, and the accuracy of that interpretation is entirely based on the sources at the time. That interpretation is constantly evolving and never set in stone - a good historian knows that.
  7. I've always preferred what was done on Looney Tunes/Tom and Jerry home releases which has a little text warning saying they "may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today. While not representing the Warner Bros. view of today's society, these shorts are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed."
  8. If it was a statue of Lewis Carol it might be a bit more controversial...
  9. Gareth Ellis was different, he retired on his own terms and admitted he did it too soon. Greg Inglis retired after being simply too shot to continue playing, having not played for some time before his retirement. His age is irrelevant if he's too shot to play. The fact remains that rightly or wrongly RL in the UK sport is seen as significantly lower in quality than the NRL. It's seen as a place where only the best go when they can't cut it with the big boys. You know how it goes, especially if he start tearing it up - it's not "maybe he shouldnt have retired" its "how bad is Super League if a crooked Inglis can smash it".
  10. Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand he's a massive name in rugby and it's a good signing that puts RL on the map albeit for a short amount of time. On the other hand I don't know if retired players coming out of retirement having not played a game since the 2018 season is good for the image of UK RL to our Australian/Kiwi counterparts.
  11. I got new neighbours 3 weeks ago (they're also likely to push someone who was uming and ahing about moving into doing so once lockdown is done with!). I assume it was never an issue as long as the people behind the scenes were still working?
  12. I got my April google maps update which didn't hesitate to point out my that my travel highlights was Tesco.
  13. Can't imagine many trades/construction companies are getting their stuff from B&Q. That said I have no issue with B&Q being open because for most people that's where they go for their emergency DIY needs and unfortunately things can go, even during a lockdown.
  14. It plays out very much like an Ingmar Bergman film. Two people and their supposed inner demons. Very good film. The line can sometimes be blurred. In some films it's clear - Jude Dench won an Oscar for 8 minutes of screentime in Shakespeare In Love. I suspect they targeted supporting actor as an easier win than going up against Joaquin Phoenix as Joker in the lead role category that he nailed on from the start to win.
  15. That's what I've found. There's actually a lot of stock in, it just might not be what you prefer but if the government forces you to be inside, whos being picky? Plenty fish and sausages for example whilst beef/pork/chicken has been sold out for quite some time. Similarly, shelves are rammed of fresh pasta, which I've frozen, but can't get dried pasta for love nor money.
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