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  1. Excellent game. I really like the look of Entat. He'd be a great signing for Hull FC. If only!!
  2. He didn't play for my team (mores the pity) but I got excited every time I watched the great Lewis Jones.
  3. No you haven't, otherwise it would have been posted on here. The headbutt didn't happen, therefore there is no video. Stop trying to be clever.
  4. What a cracking game and a great result for Salford. Certainly puts last night's fiasco in the shade.
  5. Been watching on my laptop from kick off. No problems at all (unless your a Huddersfield fan).
  6. A great result and well earned. Unfortunately some posters are more interested in complaining about the reporting than in the actual performance. Just chill and enjoy the moment.
  7. I await the reply to the above with interest.
  8. Well I hope for their sake that Trin have him signed to a long term contract because he'll certainly be a target for the alleged big boys
  9. Don't spoil the moment by making silly remarks. Just enjoy it while it lasts.
  10. Paranoia is a terrible affliction. You should seek help.
  11. Glad you enjoyed it. Two teams providing some real entertainment. So much better than the dross you have to endure every week.
  12. You probably need to explain this to those fans who don't understand the relevance of Rayners to sea going folk.
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