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  1. Or just one who's up to the job. He spoiled what was turning into a classic.
  2. Unfortunately Powell has a track record for sulking. I don't think Cas have ever been beaten by a better team (according to DP) and its time he put his dummy back in his mouth. Cas, of course, have never had the benefit of a dubious call. Well done Salford, I really hope you can go all the way!!
  3. You are correct that the Hull joint academy is being closed. However, the players are reverting to their parent club so there should be two academies in the future, as far as I am aware.
  4. Well I hope Ian Watson has got a replacement for Hastings lined up. He was brilliant yesterday and Wigan will be a much better team for having him in their ranks.
  5. Well,having watched 80 minutes of dross at the KCom yesterday, I hope Radford has a video of this game and shows it to the players. We put 17 turnstiles on the pitch yesterday and got exactly what we deserved. A big rap to the Broncos and a warning to all the teams around them.
  6. HDM and journalists in the same thread. Must be a misprint.
  7. Didn't pass your geography exam then. Last time I looked Warrington was in Cheshire.
  8. Well if you're happy with your interpretation of the situation, why are you pounding our ears with your repetitive posts.
  9. Briscoe wouldn't get into our team these days. He's a shadow of the player he was with us and as for Ferres NO THANKS.
  10. Sacre bleu, what is the world coming to??
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