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  1. Artificial pitch will heavily suit Widnes especially as Barrow have played on muddy pitches due to the weather, factor in home advantage suggests Widnes by 12, That said Come on BARROW
  2. If half of you RL loving bought WWR raffle or their lottery tix or buy a match day ticket online that you only buy to support them financially then they can grow & begin to compete.
  3. Surely it’s insured or they would have taken it down, wouldn’t they? Has it taken the boundary wall with it? Might be a blessing in disguise as the insurance will pay for the rebuild & new marquee
  4. Granted they had a bad track record re Park Vale, Pun intended But surely it’s a no brainer for the council as I hear all the time from various amateur footy clubs bemoaning the lack of all weather pitches. The demand is clearly there, & it would pay for itself while being an asset to the area.
  5. If that’s in response to me, Read my post again….Training Facilitates…..only.
  6. Surely the council could help both the Rugby & Soccer by building a great facility that they can also let out to all local amateur sports clubs in the area to train on but give both Pro clubs full access & cement in the days times required for a peppercorn rent per season & the pitches rent to the public who bring in decent revenue for the Council as it would be heavily used.
  7. Good the we also have a Ladies team & in the SL no less
  8. Attendance anyone? Joint top eh, Who would have predicted that
  9. Yes it does but having basically a tent or a bricks & motar building is surely an easy call, They only got it back the other week years after losing it so can’t see any redevelop for a while so the marquee will still be around for the foreseeable & the club is several times larger than the Maquee so potentially a bigger future earner for the club.
  10. I thought that but had to check, Why not spruce it up & maybes offer meals & various promotions & it’s a bad weather option also. Granted it would cost more than the demo costs but it adds value to the ground & if planned out & built right it’s another asset to the club & should increase revenue streams. crowd today guessed at 1700.? By the Commentators
  11. Nothing to fear there & we are buzzing atm so anything can happen on the day.
  12. FT, 14-6 Great start for promoted Barrow, Commentary team guessed the Attendance around 1700/1800 Which is great weather & not many away fans there. The better weather & the big away followers still to come will mean we could end up averaging 2500ish. Joint top
  13. What resembled a ruin, The ground or that nightclub or both?
  14. Hope you guys keep on growing & get those Geordies turning out to see some games.
  15. Almost another Try for Barrow with 3 chasers bearing down and the ball was just that bit quicker & rolled out.
  16. I get that & surely it can’t be a bad thing if across all media platforms viewing figures go up say 10%/15% & Social Media also flys up, win/win to my mind.
  17. Good lad Eddie, Even if going out put whatever game on & go out and enjoy your day as the number matter
  18. As the cries of Barrow Barrow BARROW ring out loudly Tee Ritson romps away to touchdown under the H & Shaw converted so its 12-0 now with 10 mins to go
  19. Still 6-0 & it’s all Barrow at the moment & we should win this mud wrestling contest….Hopefully
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