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  1. If it's half as good as Watersheddings memories for Oldham fans, it'll be a good read for all Hornets fans. It's great when someone who loves the club and has the knowledge writes these books.
  2. Obviously I'd want Sam to win. But I'd go for Gallen as he has boxing experience.
  3. Haven't a clue mate. Me, personally I didn't miss them. I don't feel they are as big a part of league like they are in union.
  4. He'll be honest and straight talking. He's from Oldham. He was a quality ref and he'll be like a breath of fresh air for RFL.
  5. I've got to admit that I'm a little concerned about next season with this yet another strain of this sodding virus. I just hope it's not another bumpy ride like last season.
  6. Your not that pro Rochdale then are you?
  7. I see the banter has started. Nowt like an Oldham, Rochdale rivalry. See you next year.
  8. Great ground for an amateur club. Even got a stand so you don't get wet. Good clubhouse too.
  9. Fantastic,what an achievement and for a fantastic cause. As a fellow Oldhamer I'm over the moon he's managed this magnificent feat of endurance and determination. I think the sir Kev thing needs to be made official.
  10. The new sky deal is worrying, I wonder what the next sky deal will be. I shudder to think what that could mean for the game.
  11. Come on kev, I'm an Oldhamer and really proud of your efforts to support this fantastic cause. Well done mate.
  12. 8000, we're lucky to get 800 now.. See you next year. We could all do with a bit of friendly banter.
  13. I was looking at it from an Oldham point of view as it's an Oldham forum. Yes we're all in the same boat ,the games knackered. Sky's shown us what we're worth to them.
  14. I think it could take some time. Unfortunately the crowds haven't been big enough to give the club the cash it needs. Hopefully playing in Oldham may improve things. The central funding situation won't help that's for sure.That's my take on it anyway.
  15. Well done Lizzie and congratulations for all you've done. I'm sure Danny would be very proud of you on your special day.
  16. Where would rugby league be without Joseph Platt. From an administrative point of view rugby league did start in Oldham. It's just the first meeting to tell union to sod off was in Huddersfield.
  17. Shame the crowds aren't like that now. Them were the days. We can only dream of them numbers now.
  18. Welcome to semi pro rugby league and welcome to the forum.
  19. I can understand people not liking the Vestacare. It might be a case of finance, the club may not be able to afford another ground. At least its in Oldham.
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