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  1. Condolences to his family, friends and all that knew him.
  2. Fantastic,the sport is great to watch. The skill and athleticism in the game is immense.
  3. Great stuff,they obviously love their to rugby league. The things they overcame just to get to the world cup. As well as being legally recognized in Greece. All the best to Greece rugby league .
  4. A few Batley fans on here have told me he's very highly regarded. I think we've missed him ever since he went.
  5. It is,it's like watching repeats on tv. You kinda know what the outcome will be.
  6. Great to see Mal Meninga. Watched him at watersheddings in 1986 I think it was, Australia v Oldham.
  7. High- wheelchair rugby league,it's a revelation. High-PDRL So humbling to watch, Lows- England men and women losing in the semi's.
  8. It certainly is, lovely to see. That's what make this game great - respect.
  9. Every world cup I wouldn't bet against the Aussies. Annoyingly. I was really routing for Samoa today .
  10. That's a wrap. The problem rugby league has is that Australia are so far ahead of everyone else. Samoa did well to keep the points difference down.
  11. Lovely to see Kevin Sinfield out there. As a fellow Oldhamer ,it goes without I am really proud of him. The guys a trust legend and a fantastic human being. We need more like him.
  12. It's the day after now and I'm still buzzing. My only regret is not going to watch it in person. Still,it was an amazing game on tv. Well done England,were all immensely proud of you all,it's an amazing achievement.
  13. PDRL and wheelchair rugby league. The RFL need to get behind these two sports and chuck some funds in their direction.
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