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  1. Great show again. Time just flies by. Simmo could talk for England (or jamaica) ? Well done all
  2. As you say. JJB is easy on the ear. And Phil has had such a distinguished career, he could no doubt fill an hour by himself. They really have been a highlight of most of my weeks during lockdown. Well done Gary and all who have contributed. Be nice to see some more past players and possibly someone from one of the community clubs? Keep up the good work
  3. Havent seen it advertised anywhere
  4. Not so young. Will be 29 or 30 is he? Plays loose or stand off?
  5. Only asking because everyone else got a run out. Your quite right, the club don't have to update us every time. But I wasn't asking the club directly. More if anyone knew why? If it wasn't for gossip, this forum would have half the content it has. It was a genuine question. That I still haven't heard a reason for him not playing?
  6. ???? Not trying to make trouble at all. They are all serious questions that I am yet to hear an answer to. I've heard no injury update on JP. Was reported Kurt threw a wobbler before Whitehaven, then wasn't involved against the giants. And heard no reports as to why Olstrum wasn't playing.
  7. The guys on trail were solid performers. Maybe to soon if we want to challenge for promotion. But I can remember how we nursed a young tee ritson into things years ago. And look at him now! My concern is where Kurt is? Has JP hung his boots up? And Olstrum yesterday?
  8. Great. Certainly doesn't look out of place at this level. And will only improve to.
  9. Christ. As if I missed him and Olstrum off.
  10. Off top of my head. Fieldhouse, Mellor, rooke, hambley, Litherland, Miller, singkleton, K Maudling, Doran, Forber, Wilkes, Dawson, Curwen, Penky, Barnes, G Maudling, Scholey Have I missed anyone? That's 17. Rather light.
  11. Is there a running list of signed up players? The quality of loans last year was very good.
  12. I said the other week I thought it had been quiet regarding signings? One or two in before the Ike game would be nice. Always hard to judge in the opening friendlies as we basically field 2 different teams and its hard to fins consistency. Does the new 8 subs, rather than 10 apply to us this year? Fui may be asked to up his minutes if so?
  13. Far less of a gamble than the one we took on forster and tansey.
  14. Don't get it about Brett. Yes, his last year wasn't his best. But the previous years he was consistently one of our top 3 players year on year. Id have loved to see him back at town. He makes any squad stronger. To much resentment when a player switches from town to haven or visa versa.
  15. Is it just me or has it all gone pretty quiet? Signings and pre season news?
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