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  1. The bench really made a difference when introduced Leak took us forward and we looked much more organised with him on Ward As always ran it in hard and straight Made their middle work much harder Lillycrop Like Ward ran hard and straight
  2. I doubt it very much to be fair not a player I’d ever associate with that at all I guess time will tell
  3. Quality player yes but Super league standard I’m not sure Disappointed to hear he wouldn’t shake hands with a Batley player who’d rattled him with a cracking tackle or two he just said no and turned away Welcome to the championship Morgan !!
  4. I do like Elliot Hall but he needs time attacking he’s great but defensively he is prone to brain farts It will come the more he plays the better he will get At Whitehaven he had a couple of miss judgements resulting in points scored by the opposition Dont get me wrong I think he has immense talent but needs to work on his defence
  5. To all who think this isn’t serious I have a nephew who’s a doctor and has been working on the frontline for 12 months He like many enjoys a drink in a bar as much as anyone.But do you know he hasn’t been able to do that !! Many days he’s certified 6/7 deaths/day from covid Mentally and physically shattered and not seen his parents his sister or even his aunt who’s going through chemotherapy.Go stand in front of him and try to tell him it’s ok !! I’m afraid it’s totally against the rules I’d throw the book at them .We as supporters want to get back into the stadiums to watch as soon as possible and then this happens!!!!
  6. That’s the priorities I guess but hopefully Leaky Yates and White are signing and not being courted by others
  7. Ryanair Maybe not perfect but their still flying !! So it’s game on ?
  8. Will FlyBe going into administration affect this game I once flew out of Manchester to Toulouse and the team were on that flight so they must use FlyBe
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