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  1. I do like Elliot Hall but he needs time attacking he’s great but defensively he is prone to brain farts It will come the more he plays the better he will get At Whitehaven he had a couple of miss judgements resulting in points scored by the opposition Dont get me wrong I think he has immense talent but needs to work on his defence
  2. To all who think this isn’t serious I have a nephew who’s a doctor and has been working on the frontline for 12 months He like many enjoys a drink in a bar as much as anyone.But do you know he hasn’t been able to do that !! Many days he’s certified 6/7 deaths/day from covid Mentally and physically shattered and not seen his parents his sister or even his aunt who’s going through chemotherapy.Go stand in front of him and try to tell him it’s ok !! I’m afraid it’s totally against the rules I’d throw the book at them .We as supporters want to get back into the stadiums to watch as soon as
  3. That’s the priorities I guess but hopefully Leaky Yates and White are signing and not being courted by others
  4. Ryanair Maybe not perfect but their still flying !! So it’s game on ?
  5. Will FlyBe going into administration affect this game I once flew out of Manchester to Toulouse and the team were on that flight so they must use FlyBe
  6. As long as your DR with Leeds I’m afraid Webster will NEVER pick all the team ! I do know Louis wasn’t happy sitting this one out Theres always going to be good players of your own being disappointed every week
  7. How can it be right that two Leeds players can be named on two different 21 man squads for two different teams That is ridiculous and so wrong as far as I can see The players are McLelland and Brisco ?
  8. I think if it hadn’t there would be players that would refuse to travel and you couldn’t blame them I’m sure some of the squad will be dreading their trip to France this year it will bring it all back and I doubt they will be over last years catastrophic events We really mustn’t underestimate how it affected those guys along with Matt Diskin
  9. It will be nice to see Tom back if he’s fit he’s an asset and if Adam Gledhill returns I’d be well chuffed . I thought Adam was one of our most reliable players last year They would make competition in the forwards interesting But one player I’d love to see back this year would be Jack Broadbent that lad has a great future in the game Has he been loaned anywhere yet ?
  10. Not a lot between the two sides I thought our halfbacks were the better pairing and showed promise for the future and in fact White impressed with his first run out in a Batley shirt .Apart from conversions I thought Sykes was very poor .Forwards just about cancelled each other out both far to many handling errors Leaky doing an 80 minute stint again good effort for the first game of the season .In all a better performance than I thought it may have been considering the personnel changes and a change of coach a promising start and I was so pleased to see Danny Bravo pull a shirt on so pleased
  11. That was the hardest afternoon that any of those players have felt pulling a Batley shirt on or any teams shirt come to that Two weeks have passed yes ONLY two weeks since that tragedy Do any of you know how those players felt Did any of you ask them !! No a certain minority didn’t ask them or put an arm around them they decided to shout obscenity’s at them Get a grip !! The performance was poor but our team was short of good players that didn’t help Those lads are human they have feelings!!! I know we always expect a result and no we didn’t get one today bu
  12. To be fair I think it could be a Fev win by a margin It’s going to be a difficult difficult day just for the lads to get back on the pitch after what’s happened Whatever the result they need commended for coming together and getting out there to play Come on Batley
  13. I’m not sure if you saw the last two matches toffee but I have to say Joufrett has impressed at fullback he has what Scotty doesn’t The way he comes into attack at speed and the lines he runs at least two tries at Rochdale and one against Dewsbury we’re down to just that I for one can’t criticise Diskin for that selection .Scotty is great under the high ball and defence but lacks the attacking edge of the Frenchman
  14. And the fact that Fev will probably not have the Leeds players next season .They could need quite a few extra on their books next year
  15. No All it does is keep or get super league players fit for their club They use the championship club full stop !!!
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