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  1. Breath of fresh air listening to LF in the Royal Suite and on Radio Leeds after the game..... Some great philosophies and it was a pleasure, despite the result, to see today's performance.... A world away from the Headingley debacle. Well done all ..... Pride in the shirt
  2. ............and those rams-fans who bothered to attend the game needed pain killing injections AFTER
  3. Whatever the result on Sunday, there's a warm welcome to anyone wanting to join us for a beer or two in the Royal Suite after the game.......... Strangely enough it's been best attended by 'Away' fans from Cumbria so far this year ..... Be nice to see the same from fellow White-rosers
  4. Past players of Dewsbury must be turning in their graves when players like Blackmore get the honour of wearing that jersey ..... When players are openly blaming each other, early in a game, you know you're in trouble ..... And, wow, are we in trouble .........
  5. People are still entitled to their beliefs, religiously influenced or otherwise ......... Let's not lose sight of that in this overly-woke, box-ticking, social media-driven society that we have to contend with nowadays ...... Live and let live -- simple as that ......... I may not openly condone or condemn many things, but you can't take away my right to have my own opinions and beliefs. If their religious beliefs are so strong, then those beliefs should be respected..... (They don't involve physical harm to anyone as far as I can tell)....
  6. .... and ON topic .... I think this is excellent news....an experienced coach and former top class player working with a determined first-time head coach who spoke very well after the game yesterday ..... This pairing could be the best thing to happen to Rams in over 20 years and listening to Finn's comments it's clear that players who aren't up to the task won't be getting much more money out of the Rams coffers ....... It came across quite clearly that some players aren't up to the rigours of Championship rugby -- so where does that leave the Conditioning coach ?? I've asked before why / how we get so many injuries, perhaps now we are finding out ?? It may not happen this season, but better times ARE ahead ..........
  7. If you went for a job but weren't successful, would you really want other people knowing ?? Would you want your rejection all over the news ?? Would you want your current employer to know you'd been chasing another job ?? There are considerations above & beyond that influence what information can and cannot be made public.
  8. ...... I don't understand the "anti" attitude towards Sykes and Knowles -- those guys have done so much to help keep us up in seasons past and could well do again this season -- especially if Knowles is allowed to play a more expressive game and use the little defence-breaking tricks he's done in the past. Sykes has put his body on the line so many times and I'm sure at the start of this season the intention was NOT to play him in every game -- but circumstances have changed that and he also has never given less than 100%. I don't see either of them carrying on next year whether we're relegated or not and that means a massive recruitment job whichever division we're in ...... IF Ferguson, Walton & Annakin remain 'unavailable' then we really need some experience in to help the promising youngsters develop .........and there ARE a number of them !! I've no doubt Finny has his ideas & thoughts already -- he's taken on a hell of a job when he could have played safe and stayed at Fax so let's give the guy 100% in every way we can...... The decision to make changes has been made and the process started -- but it's NOT an overnight fix. Good luck Liam !!
  9. ............it's either the worst kept secret or the biggest red herring Pretty sure I saw Stu Dickens there yesterday as well ...... do you think his hat might be in the ring ???? Reckon we'll know by end of play today
  10. One of the problems is that we need Paul Sykes out on the park at the minute ...... so it then needs someone else with experience to make "game time" decisions while Sykes leads the team on the field...... I don't know where Francis Cummins or Barry Eaton are involved currently, but someone (like them) with their coaching experience would surely be a welcome addition in the current situation..... The first half on Sunday was the best of the season - let's not lose sight of that either, but to ask Sykes to Coach a relegation-threatened team AND take on on-field responsibilities as well is asking a hell of a lot from the guy ........... Full credit to him for saying he'd take it on. Who would I like to see in charge ?? ........... Richard Marshall but sadly I don't think we could (financially) prise him away from Warrington Academy ........ and that's a sad indictment of the game as a whole.
  11. I don't see relegation as inevitable just yet .... As for "give me some hope" I would have thought that first 40 minutes would give everyone hope .... Yes, it fell apart in the 2nd half and the rub of the green wasn't ours so the result wasn't what we needed .... But the IMPROVEMENT was there and we can build on that .... If Sykes can achieve that first 40 minutes after just 2 or 3 training sessions then we must have hope .... Thought Gabriel was excellent today along with the lad on loan from Halifax.
  12. After the upheaval this week, let's hope the lads pull together and find a winning performance for Sykesy and the faithful supporters .... Take it to 'em Rams !!!
  13. Hope to see good numbers of you 'Haven fans at Dewsbury on Sunday ........ There's a special price of just £10 for standing OR seating for the game and a warm welcome in our bars before the game and in the Royal Suite after ........ It'd be good to see as many of you there as possible on Sunday ..... P.S. Barrow fans stayed after the game in good numbers -- do you think you could do better ???? Could be a belting game......epecially if we have a positive reaction to our Head Coach moving on
  14. So. from the comments on this topic we have a bunch of players who have repeatedly thrown away winning money just to eventually get rid of a coach ????? They may have their grievances but I don't believe any of them are that well off they can afford to deliberately lose money ......... Also, before we start blaming referees maybe the team could try the following: Keep our thoughts to ourselves and our gobs shut .......... Blackmore, Sykes etc Stay onside Get away from the PTB quickly when defending Pass backwards Don't lose good field position by getting taken in to touch on the first tackle Get the forwards to do their job and NOT have wingers driving in first and second tackles Those basics alone would see penalties cut down against us AND mean we have more time in possession ..... And here's another question to ponder ........ How come we suffer so many injuries season after season ..... That CANNOT be blamed on either the Coach or the Referee ........maybe our conditioning needs looking at ?? or are just continually the most unlucky team in that respect in the Championship ??? Finally........we have our part to play by turning up on the next two Sundays and getting 100% behind the team in those crucial games....... To coin a phrase "We're all Dewsbury aren't we ?"
  15. .......IF we were to let LG go (and I'm NOT advocating that we should) who do you realistically think that we could get to take the job AND do a better job than the current set-up is doing ??? The playing budget must have been drastically reduced with the TV monies dropping like they have AND we must have lost thousands with no car boot sales for so long and the cancellation of the Boxing day fixture ..... LG has got players to join the Club and then suffered with a massive injury list, and that injury jinx has extended to the loan players with Aidan McGowan yesterday -- not to mention experienced players costing us the game like Blackmore did yesterday.... personally, I think we have to stick with Lee and hope that the promise we keep showing eventually comes to the surface and we do enough to avoid relegation. the next two home games are CRUCIAL .......and getting behind the team is the best thing we can do right now. Over to you for the suggestions ...............
  16. I looked on the Dewsbury Reporter website prior to the Barrow game and the only mention I could find of the Rams was about the Halifax game being rearranged.... I'm sure I read somewhere that the position reporting on the Rams was made redundant, so is that the reason there's nothing to read ?? If that's the case, couldn't we, as a club, submit some information or even a column to go in the paper every week ...... If nothing else, to at least highlight upcoming games etc --especially when we're at home. I may be off-beam as I don't buy the actual paper, and apologies if that's the case...........
  17. ........and a mention to the large number of Barrow fans who frequented the Royal Suite after the game.... Great crowd -- sadly more Blue shirts in there than Red, Amber & Black Hopefully, we'll see you next year
  18. ..... I'm pretty sure I saw one of the "water carriers" trying to get on with a kicking tee , only for the players to take the tap ...... Is that really the coach's fault ?? ...... As for the return to play protocol -- I don't know, but it sounds more of an admin issue than a coaching issue ?? ..... But I'm sure he will have told Blackmore to back chat the ref ....
  19. ....... And I bet I'm not the only one who wishes he hadn't been
  20. ........... and without Stevo going to Penrith, I wonder what we could have gone on to achieve ?? Wembley in '74 would have been a real possibility (we got close as it was) but instead we got the crying shame of a rapid decline and break up a great team .......... Players going on to win honours elsewhere only rubbing salt in the wounds and the debacle of the £20k being squandered ........... Oh dear, oh dear If supporters think there's a lack of information nowadays, they clearly missed the experience of the 70's .....
  21. 19th May 1973 ...... Dewsbury RLFC ...... Rugby League Champions ..... "Best days of our lives ...... "
  22. .......... I'm sure our Media & Marketing manager will have something out there to try and drum up interest
  23. We need to push on from a positive performance last week and not go back in to our shells like we did against Workington. IF we play as well as last week, this could be a belter of a game ...... With hopefully a few more RAMS fans in attendance ........ the South Stand was sparse in Red, Amber & Black colours last week (But still made themselves heard !!)
  24. Could be a belter of a game, this one !! Be good to see as many of your supporters (or more) in the Royal Suite after the game as we did when Workington visited recently .......Always a warm and friendly welcome
  25. I remember that one..... If memory serves me right, it was a midweek game and you guys had a Yorkshire Cup semi a few days later ........... A guy called Trevor Rhodes played for us that night and scored a try by reaching out above his head and touching down whilst on his back ..... Don't know if he played 1st team again....... Strange what we remember sometimes, eh ?? Would love to think we could get anywhere near you on Sunday but somehow can't see it ...... sadly
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