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  1. Two stadia that are more right-size for England games if we ever get to tour in Oz again!
  2. Maybe the RFL could consider selling it out for the Challenge Cup or England?
  3. Please read ‘their new stadium’. On the site of the old greyhound stadium, a stones throw from the old Plough Lane. Well done AFC
  4. If it’s all about Tv negotiations it has to be Toronto and the 1st transatlantic sports team in SL (with a big rumoured Canadian TV deal). Catalan already bring a French flavour. Would be great for French RL, but in post Brexit UK it’s going to be stringing deals with North America that makes headlines. By the new TV deal would love to see a bigger SL with Toronto, Toulouse, London, New York, Ottawa and Bradford. I could lose a Huddersfield or Salford for that, but as others have suggested 15 teams could work to give teams a week off after a North American tour of away games
  5. Wimbledon is, just given their current Kingston home. If it’s ever decided that Ealing is not going to work long term, I do think their new stadium could be worth exploring. 10k capacity not too big, much better transport links, a footy club not awash with money and a fan base who might relate to their intinerant history and Crazy gang approach, plenty of antipodeans in the area, and close enough to the Broncos west London roots.
  6. A game at Griffin Oark before Brentford might be an idea. Won’t set the London sporting scene alight but might reconnect with some nostalgic lapsed Broncos and Brentford fans and remind them what the best code of rugby is before Irish arrive, and close enough to Ealing to make them more relevant to West London. Doubt Brentford would charge the earth for their aging facility. Current Broncos fans would probably enjoy a last hurrah at Griffin Park
  7. Nothing wrong with a draw, but excitement for the fans and additional interest on Sky Sports News is even better. The more we fill air time the better bargaining position we are in for a new TV deal, and I reckon there will be a few more general sports fans with tune into SL if they think there is a chance of a golden point
  8. All the more reason to have a few Celts in the team for me then, otherwise not a new concept justba new shirt
  9. Maybe this time out is a proof of concept and we can see an extended tour next time. That can have scope for far more Celts and thus better incentive for better turn out for their Nations
  10. I think McIllorum would be an excellent bench alternative to Roby against any opposition although the mins he plays you could argue no point in a hooker. I don’t think Grace, Knowles or Flower would let us down. I do agree that more tour games would strengthen the quota idea, but we have been typically low key. However, not the RFLs mandate to strengthen the Celtic Nations. They should have lobbied harder but they have no finances to offer or negotiating stance as it’s not like they are involved in any regular competition with England. Im looking forward to the tour, it seems to appeal to a lot of ex-players who played for GB and older fans and I don’t think it damages England. I can understand the RFL wanting to push another brand but seems to have little significant lbenefit and a bit contradictory if no Celtic players are playing. Including them would legitimize the tour and would still leave the squad strong enough given Oz aren’t involved
  11. Kevin Sinfield suggested at the tour launch that he thought that the best scheduling for GB going forward would be the year after World Cups. In terms of these sort of quotes from Flower, such scheduling works for me. I’d make the rule that you are only eligible for the GB tour if you played for your nation at the World Cup. Big incentive to ensure players turn out, and if Stevie Ward or Mark Sneyd not going to get picked for England, then play for Wales or Ireland. You get the strongest possible Celtic Nations, and the players get a big chance of a GB tour. GB should allocate say 5 squad places for Celts. They might not be needed but if they did play, they would be of a high enough standard versus PNG for example
  12. So if Wakey own the stadium and surrounding land, then the surrounding land can be developed to fund the stadium? Yorkcourt wanted to develop the surrounding land, so hopefully a more principled one might be willing to stump up? My reading of this is it’s good for Wakefield. Instead of being a tenant and hoping to get the tenancy they wanted from the Council following the development from a developer they couldn’t trust, they can own a stadium built by a developer they can negotiate with directly?
  13. Novelty is a key word here. We have seen much lower crowds for recent returns to the Olympic Stadium and Anfield when the game (v Oz and with England playing respectively) should have resulted in better crowds. Therefore I’d leave our powder dry on the Emirates. To get people traveling to London, I’d suggest Tottenhams new stadium would be a good bet for novelty. Not that much novelty to be had in the North but it’s been some time since we have been to the Eitihad, and Elland Road is dependable. Maybe Hillsbourgh to wet the appetite in Sheffield, so we keep our powder dry on Brammal Lane, but as suggested by others Elland Rd always good for a potential dead rubber.
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