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  1. Thats because bass wasn't his only instrument!! .... but most bass players are blues fans.. not miserable ... but sometimes misunderstood!! RIP Steve!!
  2. I hope 5 is being saved for Will Oakes .... hopefully he can finish his loan season with us!! ... gave us a more solid defence down that side .. and runs very strong!
  3. It would be good if someone would do it .... but who has a bit of spare time in their life and is motivated to compile it?
  4. Not true ..... as I said I will pin it and protect it ... if someone will volunteer to create it and maintain it!
  5. Regarding a squad list I am happy to pin it if someone has the time and motivation to maintain it .... I will also be happy to protect it from the usual culprits!!!
  6. I see Flemming has re- signed ... squad shaping up nicely!
  7. Bayley Liu.... prefers to play centre!!
  8. Does this mean Flemming is not re signing?
  9. well he was 3 years above me at school ... so I guess he is around 70 now .. which makes him 33 in 1983!!
  10. Well if true that's both of the Rampage team gone!! ... What is it about the Rampage ... Trout left last year!! Please don't let Tom Garrett and Adam Ryder anywhere near it!!
  11. Thanks for that ....So 1 Harry Beverley ...... by a distance! 2 Trevor ( Dick ) Lowe 3 Jim Naylor.. Special mention to Tom Garrett ..... I do hope he comes back .. could be a legend in the making! ... and Walker and Taylor were a good pairing!
  12. Yes he was from Hudds .. and Yes we loaned Fifita ....... he didn't turn up metaphorically ..... he was absolutely useless and we got stuffed by Rochdale .... Keegan Hirst was on loan that day as well .... neither will get my vote! Personally I can't see past Beverley and Lowe ... plus one ...maybe Anthony England maybe Tom Garrett.... I'll have to think about my 3rd
  13. If your looking at loan players .... that Shannon Wakeman was pretty good too!
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