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  1. Hi usually when joining it gives you the option to select which club you support .... but its not a problem. Sign in then click on the person icon in the top right hand corner. then click on account ....then click on preferences. You should then be able to choose your team preferences. I only selected Dewsbury and not a SL team or international team ... just to make sure! I hope this helps.
  2. I see this slightly differently ..... If I was M.S. and even if I intended to invest any of the Bradford money in the team ... the last thing I would do would be to announce an increase in playing budget!! ... We see it so many times in sports wages ... when a club has more money wage expectations increase! ... At the AR party night LG said that he wanted a certain type of player... one who was more motivated by development and loyalty than doubling his wages! The best recruitment is done quietly and discreetly .... we may find out more on Tuesday!
  3. I did hear someone ask Dale if he was staying ..... he shrugged his shoulders as if to imply he didn't know!
  4. Hat trick for Donny today!! .... have we missed out here? .. considering we had no wingers in Toulouse!!
  5. Hmm .. no Sheriffe and no Speakman!
  6. So here's a starter for 10 Martin / Iggy / Sykes / Ryder / Trout / Speakman / Finn / Garrett / Day / Nelmes / Johnson / Morris / Reilly Bench .. Waite Pullen/ Sheriffe / Flynn /Whiteley Water ... Thomas / Ray
  7. So anyone got any idea just how we will line up with that squad? I can see Sykes at centre and Iggy on the wing!
  8. We appear to be very short on wingers for Toulouse!! No Morton, No Gabriel, No Worrincy!! Thomas ,Whiteley and Rae in the squad!! Cant see us getting anything from this match ..... looking forward to the Widnes game!
  9. I thought it was a much better game than the main event!! The Ex dews lads did really well Thacks ran the show ... what a player he is ... Aaron Brown took his tries really well ....Guzzy played well at centre and Faz was Faz!! .... Patch's radar was a bit off!! .. pity there were less than 10k left in the stadium to watch it ... and they closed the bars at the usual time so those of us that did stay couldn't get a beer at half time .... even though we had been told the bars would be open until 10 mins into the second half! As a game though it was an excellent advert for the Championship!!
  10. its showing on the rl match centre.. Robbie Ward and Liam Johnson in the 19 ..... No Dom though!
  11. I suspect brinkmanship .... but if it does come to fruition..... the devil is in the detail and is M.S. close enough to the detail?? One of my concerns being that the working party do most of our ongoing maintenance at a pittance of what it might cost in the open market ..... are they going to want to volunteer for the Bulls .. I doubt it! Consequentially maintenance costs could rocket!! Hopefully M.S. has agreed an attendance based contribution to ongoing maintenance. Who will pay for the match day security .... who will staff the bars .. we don't have enough trained staff ... what about the catering deal ... will that need to be renegotiated? The Bulls have massive match day hospitality .... are our catering facilities fit for purpose and again will they bring their own staff? Has M.S. factored in depreciation of assets which will be more that it has been previously, and is that being factored into the accounts? Is the ground going to be able to cope with the increased usage ... and again do we have the resources to cope .. or will the Bulls be providing ground staff assistance?? And much much more ..... my guess is it needs to be more than 2K a week if we are going to be responsible for the upkeep of the stadium .... but I have no visibility of the deal!! Plus ... just for a reality check say the Bulls attract 3000 average attendance then their gate receipts could be around 40k ( at top price of £20..and factoring concessions but not season tickets.. as they will have already received that income ) ... My main hope is that those who have agreed this deal on behalf of the Rams have given full consideration to all the costly minor and legal details that if not considered could see us actually losing on the deal. Although as I wrote earlier I suspect brinkmanship .. and probably expect a deal to be done in the Bradford postcode ... but!!!
  12. Thanks .... I saw him at the Batley v Dewsbury game on Sunday and wondered if he was touting for a job!.. the previous time I saw him was when he was buying the beer in the maverick bar!!
  13. I am confused by the statement which says Brian Noble will head up UK operations especially given the lates update at companies house which says he has resigned! ... se below! Brian David NOBLE Company status Active Correspondence address 62-66, Deansgate, Manchester, England, M3 2EN Role RESIGNED Director Appointed on 16 January 2017 Resigned on 9 August 2019 Nationality British Country of residence United Kingdom Occupation Director
  14. Do you think the Wolfpack will put the full team out for this one ... sort of to lay a marker.... or will they continue with the resting rotation of the last couple of weeks?? Also who do you think will get the kicking duties .. O'Brien or Maloudi?
  15. Not at all....it was just an omission from the original post... and the award is for player of the year .... meaning this year! However if our members wish to change the criteria for next year all that is needed is to make a recommendation and the committee would be more than happy to consider it! It was felt that the award in its previous guise was, in the main , just duplicating the club award so this year it was decided to consider alternative criteria ..... hence asking members state a reason for their nomination.... this way there is an opportunity to recognise alternative contributions other than just being the best player! I do hope members do vote on this and give us the opportunity to recognise .... maybe an unsung hero!
  16. I think my vote might go to Kyle Trout not just for his efforts on the pitch but also the community work he is doing for the club with Martin Reilly ..... perhaps they should share the award!! I say the in the spirit of the Amber Ribbon award which is as it says not necessarilly an POY award in the conventional sense!
  17. Of course a strong Bradford is good for the game ... but a deluded Bradford .. and any other club living above their means .. is very bad for the game!!! So many clubs chase the pot of gold ....its not there!!.... lets all be realistic and develop within a realistic business model..... lets ditch the train set mentality...... then we might just have a chance to be watching RL in market towns in years to come ....if not ... well as they say .. you reap what you sow!
  18. Maybe its time to start a 2020 Squad details! ... if someone wants to start it and update it I will pin it!
  19. Isaac Farrell had a great game today ... might he be a potential signing for next year ..... would work well with Finn and if Sykes is still with us I would play him at centre ... his defence is still amazing!!
  20. Well I for one am glad at least one Yorkshire team made it to Wembley this year! and I also think that Thacks has earned his day at Wembley!! ... what a player from a championship perspective!! I was gutted yesterday when Saints and Warry Warry got to the final .. i have had my tickets booked for ages and hoped that Hull would win .. but hey ho!! .... Warry Warry will lose again!! Incidentally ... I would have been happy if the dogs had been at Wembley as well ... even more so now that we won at Rochdale ( As will you)
  21. I think we got the rub of the green from James Child today .... its the best I've seen him ref for us ever!! .. he usually overcompensates his Dewsbury connections so as to be seen unbiased !! ... Has Sykes's knee gone again .. I hope not ... rest him against Fev and wheel him out against the dogs! .. Speakman and Finn will be OK in the halves .... be good to see Dom and Sam Day on the pitch at the same time! Tom Garratt was awesome today ... and agree Knowles wasn't far behind ....Walshaw's no nonsense tackling was key as was that tackle by Martin in the first half in terms of keeping it tight when they were in the ascendancy! .... love him or hate him Worrincy is exciting to watch and I for one am glad he plays for us!! ... just loved that try!! Overall a great win and one that puts pressure on the chasers
  22. Squad has been on the our league ( match centre) site for a couple of days!
  23. I expected us to win this one .. but with the weather conditions I am now not so sure ..... remember Halifax away this year .. our lads just didn't fancy it at all and we know what happened there!! Hoping the boys can get up for this and play the conditions better than the hornets .... I guess its going to be littered with mistakes! ... could be very low scoring! .. Still I'll be there cheering the team on!
  24. Forecast not looking good ..... was really looking forward to this game but in my opinion .... I would rather have it postponed than be played on a water splash pitch ..... more chance of a freak result in bad conditions.
  25. You are probably right but the Swinton game was the final straw!! ..... did you hear what LG said to him as he hauled him off the field? .... I think it was pretty obvious after that his days at the Rams were over! .... Still as I said earlier I wish him well at Hunslet .. in my opinion there is a decent player there ...
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