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  1. shocking, hopefully he is fit enough to play Sunday (if on)
  2. I have been wondering this for years....yes it was CC but 323 for a champ team is shocking, they only get 600 or so for league games, the lack of a ground wont help, but it puzzles me! Probably only afloat due to a rich owner and generous sponsorship
  3. The tackle on Hanley, how did that occur? surely their player must be sighted...?
  4. Id like to see a new coach for 2020/21 - Powell/Wane for me
  5. If that's the case then that is totally the wrong way to go about it, Bennett should not be using GB as a 'experiement' for England, players should be picked on merit, although he seems to forget that with a few inclusions and the omissions of Percival, Watts etc So what if Grace is Welsh...its GB! Coote isn't eligible for England but still in squad! Im not shooting the messenger btw
  6. Unlucky Town, the 14 were excellent. Can't see thunder getting promotion, they are class in phases but can't see them beating Oldham. Hopefully in 12 months time we either already promoted, or at least have 17 fit men, UTT
  7. Good luck today town... On the topic of having less than 17...i think we need to sack DR off, it does us no favours in the long run, does not allow for forward planning and denies a lad a place also we have to look at a reserve/academy, thunder have 1, and alot of lads from it are now in 1st team squad! They are also taking the top young players from West cumbria.... Don't blame either the lads or thunder, I know it costs money but have to see it as a long term investment, hopefully CT will try Implement, we could have filled a bench today with academy/reserves
  8. I wonder if the Barrow relegation/haven promotion will have a bearing on recruitment? I would like to see us attract and keep some top amateurs, WBH, Kells and Egremont are all playing at the highest levels - all must have some excellent players, suppose its the usual argument of whether they want to step up and make the commitment - however every other week they are travelling away to Lancs/Yorks and by all accounts all 3 clubs are ran like pro clubs.
  9. Oldham were smarter, we needed to play simple, grind them down, and not force it. Thought Mellor and Singleton were our best, moi moi done OK n all, at the end he seemed to land a few punches but the Oldham lad did start it, no DR available or thorman not keen?
  10. Limmertime


    Having a small squad is causing problems, short term fix is a couple of loans or why not sign some amateurs who if not selected can play for there own club? Make it clear to them before signing them, it's almost a season long trial, if good enough the amateur gets a contrat, if not... Thanks.... Could have 3/4 'reserves' if done right who still get regular rugby
  11. I think some are picking out a lot of negatives.... We would have took any win at all before KO, yes we were poor at times but the spirit and the fight to get back in it from 0-18 was immense, thought Hopkins and FFMM changed the game, Doran was great 2nd half! Newcastle will be up there, they have some quality...and at times they couldn't handle us in attack once we got momentum... Won't be many better than young n Aston in this league either...I do feel we need a Hooker and another back, injuries and we will struggle... Great win tho ?
  12. He could come and play hooker, imagine him and penky!
  13. Only concern with pre season is we could do with another game b4 oldham, any game time is good (including hudds)
  14. Personally I hope the stadium gets built, I do agree the costs are high but this includes 2 sports facilities, landscaping and riverside regeneration - so the stadium itself is not costing 15million, think people forget its not just a 'stadium' project. The concern for Allerdale will be how to justify the cost, and the plans suggest community area, office space and bar/function facilities as well as the training pitch - all can generate income, but will it be enough? In terms of sport, yes crowds are low but the new stadium brings both teams into the future, wonder how many fans (home and away) are deterred by BP or DP due to it being a substandard venue? Reducing running costs will allow both clubs to invest in the teams - improving standards and hopefully results - attracting more fans. The stadium will complete what seems like a 2 part process to make cloffocks area a sport village - we need more sport facilities and I think the stadium with the 2nd 'training pitch' will become a valuable community asset.
  15. Don't quote me on this but as well as the 2 sports facilities (new stadium and training pitch) the whole riverbank area will be regenerated. https://www.allerdale.gov.uk/en/stadium/ is the latest link showing development of the riverside.
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