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  1. Told you all it would be him!!! Some more news coming at the end of the week
  2. Don’t worry happy clappers will still be out
  3. The thing is we could see this happening last season before COVID happened the players wasn’t good enough but we didn’t change. All just average league 1 players. Hewitt bent charnock Abram will be lucky to get in waterheads team.
  4. Been a bit quiet on here recently busy with work and other stuff, but what has gone on in recent weeks is embarrassing. To get beat by that score line is not good enough and it starts with the man at the top mr Hamilton he needs to get rid of diskin but we all know he won’t because he’s under contract. Why did we employ diskin he did a shocking job at batley look how good they look now. The players are too blame as well just not good enough and giving up. How can you go from beating Halifax then getting hammered every week since then. But we will have the happy clappers saying they’ve done the best and they’ve tried but it’s not good enough and It’s going to be a miracle to stay up if we don’t win on Sunday. Changes need to happen ASAP or it’s back to west Wales we go
  5. I agree with the Owen part but I think we missed Hewitt for the last tackle option. Every time on the last we didn’t have a clue look at the tries what haven scored, most from smart kicks in the wet conditions. charnock didn’t control the game for me today it was a chance for him to step up with barran and Hewitt out but I’m sure he will be getting dropped next week.
  6. Embarrassed and shocked by that performance the tries we let in was our own mistakes the try before half time was a killer Whitehaven looked down when we was ahead. Never thought I would say this but missed Hewitt today no creativity or structure to our play, I don’t think we tested the haven wingers or full back with any high bombs which doesn’t make sense in the weather condition. Charnock and Abram not good enough for this level unfortunately
  7. What a win absolutely buzzing with that
  8. “I never felt more like singing the blues, when Batley win and Oldham loose ohhh Oldham you’ve got me singing the blue”. Thought it was a bit ammeter and embarrassing straight after a heavy defeat.
  9. Shocking performance looked really weak all over the pitch. Batley shouldn’t be putting that score on us with the team they’ve got. Just another point what’s the Twitter admin playing at with the tweet at the end of the game pretty embarrassing really.
  10. Makes a massive impact coming on from the bench like how wardy did back in the day, only negative is his discipline isn’t the best but don’t mind that with his aggression.
  11. Great second half performance. What a difference a week makes looked so much better in attack Hewitt and Abram looked dangerous every time they took on the line. Couldn’t be happier with that performance backed the lads even with the dodgy calls. I think the standard of refereeing is getting worse it feels like when they make a mistake they’ve got to even it up and that’s been majority of games I’ve seen this season. I know it’s impossible in league one but I like the challenge rule in NRL where the captain knows the referee makes a mistake. Gone a bit off topic but just happy with the win and not being negative for a change.
  12. This is a shocking referee performance. Waterworth never got the ball down, Lloyd was a double movement and the penalty try actually speechless
  13. Disappointed with that thought we was the better team, same old story really good strong forward pack then get stuck what to do on the line. Charnock isn’t good enough too slow and don’t rate Abram at fullback can’t tackle and doesn’t offer anything in the attacking line.
  14. Happy with the win never looked in trouble
  15. YoungYed

    FEV friendly

    Defence shocking as usual no chance we’re staying up with Hewitt and charnock as half backs.
  16. Got to say Hewitt was horrendous as always no clue in attack. I am joking by the way!!!!
  17. So just reading on Facebook that the club are calling out fans to get to games. Yes I agree get fans to games but the club needs to promote the games have signs around the town get someone who works in PR to get the word around. It’s embarrassing calling out the support when people struggle to get to stalybridge who may not drive get a local bus running. Drop the price down for a match to a £5. Your not going to get more fans in when there is no advertisement or much more to the point we’re not winning!!!
  18. Half backs are dreadful and Offer Nothing at all. Can Hewitt please move on!!!
  19. YoungYed

    our league

    Time to bin Owen off really struggled defensively yesterday Also he doesn’t offer anything with the ball it’s no good getting Wilkinson on when we’re 24-0 down and the game is gone.
  20. Great win made hard work but well needed
  21. How are we not winning this more than 8 should of gone over then in the last minute
  22. YoungYed


    Looking at last week and the highlights this week nearly every try is down hewitts side he needs to sort out his defence... running at the side of them or running over him is not good enough and it reminds me of when we last played in the championship he got targeted in defence. He might be able to get away with it If he’s creating tries but he’s adding nothing to the team.
  23. Personally first game of the season against one of the biggest teams in the league Widnes... you want people from oldham there “stay aways” to come I’m sure more people with an oldham postcode would come rather than a Tameside.
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