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  1. I'm not sure about the cost of running a reserve grade but I can't imagine picking up an additional 10-15 will be particularly cheap, perhaps on a pay as you play basis for the bare minimum. Hopefully it doesn't have too much of an affect on the NCL or the wider amateur game as a whole, I do on the whole see the return of the Reserve grade as a positive.
  2. https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/913/reserve-grade-to-return-in-2020 Will be interesting to see the SL clubs raid all the top young players from the NCL. Perhaps i'll be wrong, and it could open the conversation again surrounding dual-reg in the NCL. Interesting times...
  3. Just came across this on Twitter that took place last year at a game between Dewsbury moor & Newsome Panthers U14s? Poster of the video is suggesting that it's been sweeped under the rug! Take a look...
  4. Premier - Hunslet Parkside, they won't go unbeaten this year and I have a feeling other teams will be closer but should have enough to go back to back Division One - Normanton Division Two - West Bowling Division Three - An absolute lottery, no idea what the new teams will look like and it's often the case new teams perform well in this division but i'll take a punt on Drighlington
  5. It's massively shortsighted, puts greater onus on amateur sides to self fund by reaching out to potential sponsors...
  6. I believe this was mentioned at the last NCL meeting but I'm not 100% sure on the full detail, my understanding is that the RFL have pulled funding that they have previously provided to the NCL for the purpose of travel allowance, I'm not sure on the amount. Perhaps someone who attended the meeting could elaborate.
  7. You don't have to put the sponsors on every post, just the ones that gain the most traction e.g; the game day posts with time of kick off and who you're facing etc. I'm not sure what the NCL can do to motivate those who aren't involved in the kit deal as they have a deal with a supplier elsewhere, I know previously they held the travel allowance as hostage but I don't believe that's an option anymore.
  8. Out of interest, after another Email highlighting that the teams within the NCL aren't supporting the social outreach for our sponsors, what's stopping clubs from doing so? Do all clubs use their social media channels? Character limitation? Personally I find it hard to fit it all in the tweet by the time you've put in your own sponsors that you've managed to get on board to support your club for the season...
  9. Haydock got to the 4th round of the Challenge Cup only a couple of years ago, it is surprising to see a lack of applicants from Lancashire especially teams like Blackbrook that have recently left the NCL.
  10. It's great to see another three strong clubs coming into the NCL, I imagine the applications will continue to grow year on year as regional leagues become prevalent for 2nd teams and clubs without a sound junior section or facilities. I've always felt 3 up 3 down was excessive, and would prefer a 2 up 2 down model, however, the 3rd division now has 14 teams and I'd expect at least two new teams to be accepted to the NCL for the next couple of years, I wonder when there'll be a rejig of the league structures.
  11. A shame, making a mockery of the Challenge Cup, no doubt had they included West Bowling who on merit by winning Div3 of the NCL last year would that game have gone ahead, won't be good for HCP either who would I assume have been using this game as a friendly of sorts.
  12. Can anybody highlight what was said at last nights meeting? Main points etc.
  13. West Bowling vs Toll Bar final to be played at the Big Fellas Stadium Saturday 24th K.O @3pm Before that Batley Boys vs Bentley K.O @1pm
  14. YML Premier - Play-off Semi Finals this weekend; West Bowling vs Beverley Doncaster Toll Bar vs Sharlston Rovers Again, good luck to all involved in making it to the final.
  15. Yorkshire Mens League comes down to the final day with three teams battling for the top spot heading into the play offs. West Bowling Donny Toll Bar Sharlston Rovers Good luck to all involved.
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