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  1. its very simple for oldham. play like they did against halifax. they did it once there is no reason for them not to do it again.
  2. , he as been out of the game to long, its a diverent game now. there is a new bread of coaches. yesterdays wine.
  3. brooksy why omit gregary far better player than owen
  4. oldham v bradford is definatley on our league.
  5. four players they had on loan have gone back to their parent clubs including ashton golding. they are not invincable they have had to heavy defetes against sheffield and featherstone. we can only live in hope, if this great coach cant motivate our players nobody can we will find out on sunday fingers crossed.
  6. should not realy be saying this it sounds sick. but more good news for oldham bradfords danny brough and jordan lilley their main halve back pairing are both out injured.
  7. if we are relegated and still play at bower fold you would be lucky if you averaged 250. relegation would be the straw that broke the camels back, a lot the the hold supporters have lost faith plus it is sad to say the rise of rochdale who are now wooing our youth.
  8. this address is stated as the head office of oldham rlfc at companies house for all to see whats your problem
  9. hi clifford totally agree with your comments. but can you tell me and others what as gone on with whitebank because no ground means no oldham rlfc.
  10. rowan you talk garbage a winning team in the championship is better than a winning team in champ. 1 the amount of supporters the opposition brings can be one and a halve thousand or two no contest. but the problem oldham have if they are relegated is in attracting the floating fans is the resurgence of rochdale.
  11. we need a coach urgently for 10 games that are left not for 2022. so what would a reasonable wage be for a coach for 10 games. so ch must insist that it is 10 games only and if he saves us further talks could take place.
  12. yes type in oldham rlfc 1997 ltd. it will say oldham rugby league club press that and scroll down to filing history. press filing history and scroll down to the accounts box, press that and all the latest accounts for oldham rlfc are there.
  13. john duffy as no club at the moment does he have a job outsiide of rugby. if he as no employment as such ch should offer him 11 weeks employment for a descent wage. its all about this season b--ls to next season.
  14. explain to me amigo how are you going to wipe over £360.000 thousand off.
  15. i just wish one of you would type in oldham rlfc { 1977} ltd companies house. then you will see the true state of of oldham rlfc why nothing can be done. then you will see why nothing will be done your posts are a complete waste of time.
  16. moorside in reply to when was that, go to squad for 2021 page 4, scroll down see what i said. what roughyed 34 said. and what you said its all there.
  17. even if you could replace diskin which wont happen you will still need at least 5 more good players which wont happen sad but true its back to whitebank iam afraid its ch/s comfort zone /
  18. its not a good squad even on paper there is about 10 players who are not championship quality. and to you moorside roughyed what roughyed 34 said about me you agreed with him 100% squad 2021 page 4
  19. this is what roughyed 34 said about me when i said some of the squad we were signing were not champ. standard i quote.. cant please every one building the best squad for many a year, and you get this negativity before a ball is past unreal. i would like to know your opinion now.
  20. happyyed i suggest you go to oldham rlfc [ 1997 ] ltd and go to creditors due in one year.
  21. there is not a cat in hells chance of any body in their right mind putting money into oldham. just go to oldhams accounts and you will see why
  22. if oldham are relegated this season they wont have a future end of enough is enough.
  23. brooksy on paper thats a descent side you have picked. but watching the second halve cave ins it now appears to me that the injuries oldham are getting is because they are no way fit enough so who is the fitness coach.
  24. diskin wont be going anywhere that i will guarantee if he was going he would have gone before now. any way what are you moaning about we are a very consistent team we have let in over 34 points again. i think you all know were whitebank is,if you dont know the way it will be very hard to find as there will be no crowds to follow.
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    i stand corrected bsj
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