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  1. doncaster v north wales 3-00 pm the sportsman sheffield v bradford 6-30pm viaplay 1
  2. i agree happy taking a chance on greenwood injury prone like ellis. not worth the risk
  3. thats what a big pack can do for you oldham sign that big no/ 4 reid. we have nothing like him in our pack
  4. totally agree sheddings like the signing of jorden turner as assistant coach weird
  5. a new era as started today no more excuses. but the next signing they must do is a coach. its no good signing a load of new players then try to sign a coach wont work.
  6. HEAVY RAIN AND THUNDER STORMS f heavy rain and thunder storms forecast for oldham all afternoon. advice do not sit in the front rows of the stand you will get soaked.
  7. get scott naylor back he coached us very well with no monies. see what he can do with some monies.
  8. i think the players we are signing, due their age will ask for 2 year contracts then retire.
  9. simple doncaster signed 2 0r 3 players who where not in the country . doncaster then said they where waiting for visas to clear them to play. so the question is did they get their visas ?
  10. dont call the ref a disgrace thats paying him a compliment. the worst ref i have.seen in years
  11. tandle

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  12. whitehaven v barrow on viaplay one 7-45 pm
  13. just got up the oldham community radio schedule. it says on sunday 2pm till 5pm it is covering the oldham match.
  14. the postponed match is to be played at our super stadium boundary park. on wed.23rd aug. kick of 7-30 pm. for all travelling its all motorway to the door.
  15. t thought spotland was a rest home for players that did not quite make it. you should register as a charity.
  16. doncaster have to play dewsbury at home. if they loose that,and oldham win there last 3 games oldham will finish third.
  17. tandle


    i agree rr i would think the oldham/s letter box will be quite full with applicants. better to make them come to you than you approach them. keeps the price down
  18. tandle


    enough of this she said he said back to rugby. jrs question of a coach, first of all daryl powell and plus his assistant coach who as always been with him every were he as coached imo would cost to much. and the monies he would want to sign the players of his choice. matt diskin ex oldham coach, he as coached 3 clubs in his career. matches coached 65 wins 25 enough said
  19. york acorn v mayfield free at 3-00 on ourleague
  20. i think with a wining team and how the access to the ground is all motorway. 4 thousand 5 hundred.
  21. if we do sign these players is it for this season, or next season
  22. happyed results dont lie get real this seasons over. if workington win their game in hand and beat us we will finish 5th.
  23. thank you 1064 just not enough good players. forget this season a clear out is needed and then see what team the board can sign next season. but i say this it wont be cheap
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