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  1. if oldham are relegated this season they wont have a future end of enough is enough.
  2. brooksy on paper thats a descent side you have picked. but watching the second halve cave ins it now appears to me that the injuries oldham are getting is because they are no way fit enough so who is the fitness coach.
  3. diskin wont be going anywhere that i will guarantee if he was going he would have gone before now. any way what are you moaning about we are a very consistent team we have let in over 34 points again. i think you all know were whitebank is,if you dont know the way it will be very hard to find as there will be no crowds to follow.
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    our league

    i stand corrected bsj
  5. tandle

    our league

    according to the dewsbury forum teams wishing to show their home games on our league have to pay £1200.50 to have their home games televised. so dewsbury are not going to televise any of this seasons home games. so are oldham going to do the same thing and not televise any of their home games.
  6. it seems that newcastle v oldham is not being shown on our league. 2nd week of oldham matches not being shown,just about sums it up.
  7. hewitt/charnock/bent/owen/both abrams/are not champ. standard. and some of the backs we have signed are only academy players and have never played champ rugby. so i would say we have about 10 players who are not fit for purpose thats a lot of players. and just to add this we are leaking average points against per match 36.4
  8. correct me if iam wrong but assent diskin got a three year contract. i fear for oldham tomorrow diskin seems obsessed with playing hewitt/charnock/abram/they bring nothing to the team. i am hoping against hope that oldham win tomorrow,if we lose we are in a very critical position and in dire straits. we are in a deep hole and the problem is the hole is getting deeper.
  9. well said brooksy its that obvious whats wrong its staring you in the face, this as got to a critical time. the players you have picked must play if fit but we MUST SIGN A NEW STAND OFF.asap.
  10. the match against sheffield on saterday is not being shown on our league. but back to the nitty gritty we have a defensiye loose forword in bent/we have a defensive stand off in charnock/we have a defensive hooker in owen/we have a player who cant make a break in hewitt, gregary makes more yards forword in one match then hewitt makes in eight/then a full back in abram who is to small and cant tackle we dont have one play maker in any off those positions. none of these five players are champ. standard and these positions are the engine room of the team. mr. diskin this needs sorting out fast or there will be only one outcome.
  11. when i said in a erlier post even before the season started that abram/hewitt/and owen where not champ. standard roughyed 34 said and moorside/said i was unreal come lest have your comment now.
  12. if diskin cant sort this halve back problem out rapido i will doubt his ability to coach, perhaps what the batley supporters said about is ability as a coach was correct. so mr diskin THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT
  13. totally devoid of ideas on attack,passing of the ball way to slow abrams out of his depth/charnock gives nothing on attack/hewitt way to slow. these positions which are the main ones on the field need attending to right away,otherwise we will be relegated . if we cant sign any players then move gregory to scrum half langtree to standoff and brierley to full back at least they will make good yardage. but for gods do something before its to late.
  14. what the hell do we need a winger for give me strength.
  15. tandle


    good player when he played for oldham, do you know know how long his loan deal is for. could do with him back at oldham need a centre badly.
  16. tandle


    mon. 17th may swinton v dewsbury centre for dewsbury mccomb. sunday 23rd may newcastle v halifax no mccomb in the halifax side. does any body know anything.
  17. how many times did the ref give york another 6 tackles,i think he gave us 1. one instance when i think it was bridge stole the ball in a tackle the ref gave the play the ball to us then the linesman stated we stole it after the york player had been tackled. the ref then changed his mind and gave york a free kick. but we continue to give stupid penalties away when we had york pinned on their own line. it also looked like hewitt was carrying a leg leg injury all the match.
  18. bang on littleboro we need at least 3 experienced players. 1 stand off/i centre/1 scrum halve/ as a centre i would resign nathan chappell he never played for us due for a court case after freeing him he signed for hunslet and played 2 seasons for them,he now seems to be a free agent go and get him he is a very powerful and good player. the young players we played at fev. at this moment are out of their depth/play them at york and god help us
  19. all i go off is facts. last 2 games points scored 4/ points against 104 points scored in 6 games 82 lowest in the league points against 222 highest in the league. so what will you all say if we get battered by york. i pray to god that we wont but something drastic as to be done to stop this.
  20. to ch absolute garbage i hope you are pleased what you have dragged this once great club down to. that is me finished .
  21. according to featherstones own website ferres is out with a calf injury. all the 8 players i mentioned are not in your squad for to nights game.
  22. so tfh you have mentioned that these two are not first team material. so the other six must be thanks for the clarification.
  23. featherstone will be without 8 of their main players tonight. halton/harrison/summers/sweeting/blackmore/welham/ferres/ferguson/
  24. watched the highlights of whitehaven v featherstone and bradford. whitehaven faded badly in both second halves. according to the whitehaven newspaper they will have 4 of their main players out including greg mcnalley and they will be short on numbers.
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