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  1. Too often groundshares create an Us vs. Them situation (Hello, Wigan!) so a bit of enlightened self-interest through collaboration bodes well.
  2. More on this from the Broncos, including a 'tour' of the ground for fans https://londonbroncosrl.com/2021/11/12/broncos-and-dons-best-brains-to-face-off-for-annual-challenge/
  3. Just in case any posters were getting paranoid that the Plough Lane groundshare isn't happening: https://www.afcwimbledon.co.uk/news/2021/november/sporting-quiz-challenge/
  4. Hard to tell how good he is, really, as biding your time being understudy to Daly Cherry-Evans is a long wait. Very likely a cheapish signing but not necessarily a bad one.
  5. https://twitter.com/England_RL/status/1459109584656809984?s=20 England Rugby League @England_RL #EnglandRL and @FFRXIII will pay tribute to two of the key figures in the instigation and development of Wheelchair Rugby League when they contest the Fassolette-Kielty Trophy in Saturday’s second Test at Medway... Read https://bit.ly/3kvm5qt
  6. Indeed and I like that. It’s like touch - very inclusive, open to all pretty much regardless of gender and age.
  7. So local kids/RL comps can be played/watched at 'the Etihad'? If they are building an education centre - which, I imagine, will bring in revenue - attaching a few hundred seats in front of it won't be all that costly.
  8. Aside from the intense, good quality rugby played, I thought the presentation was very good. Felt like an event IYSWIM. Looking forward to going along on Saturday.
  9. Call me an old f@rt but I’m not really liking the ‘22 kits so far. Warrington’s are quite good but the others I’ve seen don’t say ‘this is a rugby league top’ enough for my taste.
  10. I don’t see many other English twentysomething former NRL second rows of the year knocking around, chief.
  11. Good to see England have picked a woman in their squad
  12. Humongous side but still lacking international class halves for my tuppence.
  13. I hear that but he’s such a handful that I’ll take a too-soon Young over never-will-be-ready for this level players like Lyne, Hardaker et al.
  14. Young is the 2m tall, 107kg, third fastest player in the NRL chap who plays for Newcastle. Farnworth plays for Brisbane.
  15. The usual off-season stuff. Here goes. FB Tomkins W Johnstone C Young C Farnworth W Makinson SO Lomax SH Williams P Walmsley H Clark P Thompson SR Whitehead SR Bateman LF Knowles Interchange Burgess Oledzki Sutton Welsby Decent side that could probably beat anyone bar Australia. Lack true world class in the backs compared to the likes of Trbojevic, Tedesco, Cleary et al.
  16. Le Grand Papi could be great signing as he’s an Origin prop coming into his prime. Or not.
  17. Can’t promise but if you spot a dad wearing an old school Catalans shirt next to a girl wearing a Hummel England shirt, that’s us
  18. Got our tickets for next Saturday. Hopefully we’ll see England clinch the series ️
  19. Interesting that we have had two regional team announcements in League 1. North Wales, West Wales, Cornwall & Midlands. Where next? West Country/Bristol?
  20. Maybe Cornwall RLFC could be sponsored by an airline? Are Cornish Trans-Continental still going?
  21. Yep, stadium plan is obvious. What’s the hold-up on that…funding I assume?
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