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  1. We're not a super league club and in our hearts we know we never will be. Won't stop us trying though. If we could just get rid of the blasted DR arrangement with Leeds, all would be good.
  2. I don't think the retail park will ever be built. They're advertising it as a "Regional Shopping Centre" a la White Rose. They've got four companies to sign letters of intent. Of the four, one is Boots. Not exactly a big draw, every high street has one. One is M&S, who are rapidly closing stores, one is Next who already have a shop 500 yards away and the other is Primark, that well known destination of the well heeled fashionistas. This is not a "Regional Shopping Centre" It's a smoke screen for a future housing development (of course IMHO). As for Wakey, they'll never share with Fev. That lets the council off far too easily, if they stay within the district there's no incentive to ever get them back in the city medium sized town.
  3. All sorts of political reasons why that was never going to happen. A stadium at the race track in Pontefract would be ideal for Fev and Cas to share, but as Fev have a decent stadium we've no need to move. Anyway, Cas think they've finally scrounged one by the motorway. I'll happily run naked along the M62 if a brick is ever laid.
  4. Yes indeed. They most certainly could have been renovated. Instead, the two clubs in question spent their Sky millions on the playing squad, even during the six years of relegation free licensing or "franchising". The most laughable thing about that period is that stadia were one of the criteria for obtaining a license. Both teams managed to retain their licenses by producing shiny drawings of fantasy new build stadiums. Not a brick was ever laid though. During that time, the other WF club managed to erect two stands at their stadium, without having the benefit of the Sky funding.
  5. Agreed, nothing worse than a soulless empty ground. Especially if there's an echoing cow bell a la Fartown. However, as a paying spectator you'd never want to actually visit Cas or Wakey's stadium. Not unless you'd topped up your life insurance anyway.
  6. I'm sure they'd all go for splitting the pie 11 ways rather than 12. I think that it's massively short sighted to do so. They'll be kicking themselves when/if Toronto then go and get a TV deal that they can keep to themselves and is worth more than £2M a year.
  7. I really hope you do get promoted. But never underestimate the inability of the incumbent SL clubs (and their ventriloquist's dummy) to see beyond the end of their collective noses.
  8. That'd be great. Can't see Leeds being troubled though. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that 3 will swap places though. (Sorry 'fax fans, I just don't see it happening for you. You've had your cup final?).
  9. Hopefully Rovers have just given Toronto the kick up the backside they need. It's all well and good rolling in a cricket score against depleted part time teams, but that doesn't prepare you for a team getting right in your face and stopping you playing. The SL teams will have spent ages studying exactly how to close Toronto down, maybe our overlords at Headingley shared their information. My fear is that Rowley can only coach "flat track bullies" and that when this style of play is closed down, he's got no plan B. McCrone and especially Brierley are the type of halfback that can only flourish behind a very dominant pack. Neither is especially good at moving a team around the park. We saw on Sunday that when the pack is out muscled, both half backs became very anonymous. All that said, I'll be cheering Toronto on. Their promotion to Super League would bring nothing but positives for our game.
  10. The bash in itself is not why we didn't make it. Phantom Horseman describes exactly why we didn't make it. Re the bash, I love the concept but hate the venue. I've been twice and that's enough. The place is vile and bleeding expensive for the awful accommodation on offer. The venue needs a serious re-think. If it's to remain as a stand alone competition, then lets have a look at Headingley or York. Both great cities, with good pubs (OK York's a bit out of town). Christ knows what our french and canadian brothers thought when they arrived in the seventh level of hell Blackpool. Personally, I'd prefer to merge it with the magic weekend. Over a three day weekend, we could have two games from each competition per day and turn it into a festival of Rugby League.
  11. We'll just have to do what we always do in times of need: Raid our feeder clubs, Batley and Dewsbury for players.?
  12. Seriously? Everyone South of Bawtry says landan progressing to lahhhhhndahhhhn the further South you go. Lundun couldn't be more northern if it was wearing a cloth cap and was jiggling a ferret around in its trousers.
  13. We were probably doing your forwards a favour. They were knackered after 10 mins. Sims, Bussey and Emmit in particular look like they've been super sizing it a bit too often. It's actually a classic Rowley tactic to break up the flow of a game, he's been doing it for years. You must have seen it before
  14. You could hardly tell that Brierley was playing. He's the type of player that can only operate behind a dominant pack. TWPs forwards were totally steam rollered. Some of them looked a little porky and they were all blowing after 10 mins. I think they're a bit too used to the easy life against the weaker teams. Super League teams take note: They don't like it up them.
  15. Just need Barrow to beat London, or Rochdale to beat The Dingles and Fev's season will be looking dramatically different.
  16. Not sure it was that they weren't trying. They looked knackered to me. Blowing out of their backsides early in the first half.
  17. I'll bare my backside in Ponte market place if either of those results happen.
  18. Don't forget that Fev were missing both starting half backs, a star second rower and Gaz Hock. Not to mention only having 3 interchanges. A weakened full time outfit should be beating a weakened part time team.
  19. Yep, all Paul Rowleys fault. Nothing to do with the bad signings, poor coach and meddling owner then?
  20. You can only beat what's in front of you. Foolish to rest so many IMHO big danger of losing momentum.
  21. What a game that was. Are the crowd always that quiet? ??????
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