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  1. Delighted he's staying.. Dewsbury tried very hard to sign him, but he has demonstrated great loyalty, and his commitment to Oldham is hopefully a sign that he is confident of a big season ahead for the club
  2. Yet another defeat in a close game. Yet another outstanding defensive display. Yet another less than average display in the halves. Yet another poor kicking display,especially first half. Yet another game when we generally looked clueless within 10 metres of their line. Yet another poor refereeing performance. Another game we certainly could,and probably should, have won. First half was a fairly even arm wrestle,where we didn't really threaten their line. Second half, with Crook off,we dominated possession and field position.Looked far more dangerous with Wilko at dummy-half,and we played with more freedom,especially after Holmes' try off a great Hooley pass.Last few minutes they were hanging on for dear life,but,to be fair,their tackling was first class.They were also helped by a diabolical refereeing decision,which robbed us of a set of six on their line. Overall,we were desperately unlucky to come away with nothing.Magnificent effort and commitment-not enough quality with ball in hand when it mattered.A repeat performance will see us run the Bulls very close.
  3. Bitterly disappointed that we didn't strengthen the squad before Friday's deadline.Most of our rivals managed to secure some good deals, notably Tyler Dickinson to Workington, yet, for whatever reason we drew a big fat blank. Our small squad cannot afford many more injuries(Luke Hooley out for a month) or we will struggle to field 17 players. With the deadline having passed, does anyone know if we are totally on our own now to the end of the season? If the worst came to the worst, and we had only 16 fit players, would we just have to suck it up? Personally, I'm resigned to another season in League 1, even if we make the play-offs. The season has turned progressively more sour for us; the Salford DR non-event, Adam Neal's injury, Leigh's fire sale, the Danny Bridge affair and finally, the lack of signings before the deadline. Who knows what next season will bring? Whatever happens I will be there, home and away, because watching Oldham RLFC is like a drug that I can't give up.
  4. Another painful experience watching us labour yet again against play-off rivals. For 75 turgid minutes we relied on one-man drives and a kick on the last tackle,and all we had to show was 3 Crook penalties. Midway through the first half, we should have scored in the corner,but somehow we contrived to bomb a clear overlap as Eccleston juggled with a poor pass and then failed to ground the ball properly. That would have put us 8-0 up with the conversion to come.In their next set, Doncaster scored and we found ourselves 6-4 behind. Then, early in the second half,we force an error in their half and should have been looking to take advantage from the scrum. Instead,Langers gets involved in some argy-bargy and concedes a penalty from which they score their 2nd try. The 3rd try was also easily-avoidable,when Hooley tried to shepherd a kick dead,and allowed their winger to pounce.The 4th try was a 80 yard breakaway,after a poor Crook kick went straight to hand. After Langers scored one of his trademark tries,we started throwing the ball about with Owen having replace Crook,who had been subbed - far too late in my opinion.Reid and Eccleston tries followed in quick succession,but it was too little too late. We can't seem to handle pressure situations,especially when things start going against us. I'm sure they get frustrated when they can't turn good field position into points. The lack of creativity in the halves is there for all to see,with a kick often being the best option of scoring. His goal kicking apart,Crook is no better than Leatherbarrow, and Hewitt blows hot and cold. Thank God for our forwards who have rarely took a backward step all season. If we are to have any chance in the play-offs - and it must be touch and go making the top 5 - the problem in the halves needs to be addressed immediately.
  5. Shockingly poor tonight.Out enthused in the forwards,absolutely nothing from the half-backs,countless unforced errors and too many penalties conceded.On current form,the Championship is a long way away.
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