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  1. Delighted he's staying.. Dewsbury tried very hard to sign him, but he has demonstrated great loyalty, and his commitment to Oldham is hopefully a sign that he is confident of a big season ahead for the club
  2. Yet another defeat in a close game. Yet another outstanding defensive display. Yet another less than average display in the halves. Yet another poor kicking display,especially first half. Yet another game when we generally looked clueless within 10 metres of their line. Yet another poor refereeing performance. Another game we certainly could,and probably should, have won. First half was a fairly even arm wrestle,where we didn't really threaten their line. Second half, with Crook off,we dominated possession and field position.Looked far more dangerous with Wilko at dummy-half,and we played with more freedom,especially after Holmes' try off a great Hooley pass.Last few minutes they were hanging on for dear life,but,to be fair,their tackling was first class.They were also helped by a diabolical refereeing decision,which robbed us of a set of six on their line. Overall,we were desperately unlucky to come away with nothing.Magnificent effort and commitment-not enough quality with ball in hand when it mattered.A repeat performance will see us run the Bulls very close.
  3. Bitterly disappointed that we didn't strengthen the squad before Friday's deadline.Most of our rivals managed to secure some good deals, notably Tyler Dickinson to Workington, yet, for whatever reason we drew a big fat blank. Our small squad cannot afford many more injuries(Luke Hooley out for a month) or we will struggle to field 17 players. With the deadline having passed, does anyone know if we are totally on our own now to the end of the season? If the worst came to the worst, and we had only 16 fit players, would we just have to suck it up? Personally, I'm resigned to another season in League 1, even if we make the play-offs. The season has turned progressively more sour for us; the Salford DR non-event, Adam Neal's injury, Leigh's fire sale, the Danny Bridge affair and finally, the lack of signings before the deadline. Who knows what next season will bring? Whatever happens I will be there, home and away, because watching Oldham RLFC is like a drug that I can't give up.
  4. Another painful experience watching us labour yet again against play-off rivals. For 75 turgid minutes we relied on one-man drives and a kick on the last tackle,and all we had to show was 3 Crook penalties. Midway through the first half, we should have scored in the corner,but somehow we contrived to bomb a clear overlap as Eccleston juggled with a poor pass and then failed to ground the ball properly. That would have put us 8-0 up with the conversion to come.In their next set, Doncaster scored and we found ourselves 6-4 behind. Then, early in the second half,we force an error in their half and should have been looking to take advantage from the scrum. Instead,Langers gets involved in some argy-bargy and concedes a penalty from which they score their 2nd try. The 3rd try was also easily-avoidable,when Hooley tried to shepherd a kick dead,and allowed their winger to pounce.The 4th try was a 80 yard breakaway,after a poor Crook kick went straight to hand. After Langers scored one of his trademark tries,we started throwing the ball about with Owen having replace Crook,who had been subbed - far too late in my opinion.Reid and Eccleston tries followed in quick succession,but it was too little too late. We can't seem to handle pressure situations,especially when things start going against us. I'm sure they get frustrated when they can't turn good field position into points. The lack of creativity in the halves is there for all to see,with a kick often being the best option of scoring. His goal kicking apart,Crook is no better than Leatherbarrow, and Hewitt blows hot and cold. Thank God for our forwards who have rarely took a backward step all season. If we are to have any chance in the play-offs - and it must be touch and go making the top 5 - the problem in the halves needs to be addressed immediately.
  5. Shockingly poor tonight.Out enthused in the forwards,absolutely nothing from the half-backs,countless unforced errors and too many penalties conceded.On current form,the Championship is a long way away.
  6. Left Odsal with mixed emotions last night. As always, the effort and commitment couldn't be faulted,but the first half display was disappointing. We struggled to complete our sets,and poor discipline made a difficult task almost impossible. In the first 20 minutes of the second half,there was only one team in it,and at 18-12 we looked as if another score would set up a grandstand finish. After the disallowed try,on the intervention of the touch judge, we looked a little deflated. Yet,it was only 20-12 (two tries each) with 9 minutes to go. The two late tries definitely gave the final scoreline a misleading look. Langers and Kyran were excellent throughout and all the forwards stood up in the second half. The referee was abysmal.No consistency,easily influenced by the crowd and too many arbitrary decisions. The play the ball is a major area of concern these days,with too many penalties spoiling the flow of the game.The referee for the Fev-Wolfpack game was even worse - blowing up almost 30 times! Is it just me,or is the standard of refereeing as low as it's ever been? Got to agree with JR about the cost of entry. £20 to stand on an uncovered terrace,under floodlights with two-thirds of the bulbs out is a disgrace.
  7. Went to the ex-players' annual sportsmen's night instead with Malcolm Lord as Master of Ceremonies and Eorl Crabtree as guest speaker. Over 180 there - brilliant night, sat between Hugh Waddell and Ian Birkby.
  8. Scott Leatherbarrow was very poor for us last season.Don't expect him to take games by the scruff of the neck,or take the line on.Defensively average and a reasonable place kicker.His does have deceptive pace - he is actually slower than he looks! Hope you manage to get more out of him than we could.Along with Dave Hewitt at scrum half,we had the worst half-back pairing in league one by a country mile.
  9. Quietly confident. No Shaun Robinson today for them - he always causes a problem. Keep Anthony Nicholson and Jack Murphy quiet and we have a great chance. Let's get behind the boys - it's do or die!
  10. Three games to go and everyone is,understandably,looking at the remaining fixtures and trying to work out which computation of results would suit us best.As yesterday's result at Dewsbury shows,this is a difficult,and ultimately futile,exercise. All we can do is concentrate on our own performance,and forget about the things that we can't control. After our last two results,which have lifted the spirits of the fans and changed the atmosphere around the club completely,we are facing the biggest 3 games in the club's short history. What would I like to see in these games? I would like to see the same valiant,aggressive defence displayed against Batley and the Hornets,typified by the first 20 minutes of the second half yesterday. I would like to see the same hard-running from all the forwards,exemplified by Wardy,Joe Burke,Sid and my personal man-of-the-match yesterday,Luke Adamson. I would like to see more sniping runs from dummy half from Sammy,Matty and Kenny Hughes,who was back to his best yesterday. I would like to see Chewy build on his increasing confidence in taking on the line,creating chances for support players,as with Luke Hooley yesterday. I would like to see less indiscipline.All teams concede penalties,but yesterday,we gave away a further 10 metres on two occasions for backchat. Most of all,though,I would like to see,and hear,all those magnificent fans who made the trip yesterday,supplemented by "fringe" Yeds,at those last 3 games,cheering them to safety. If it comes down to needing a win against Dewsbury in our last game,I would encourage CH to reduce admission prices,or even consider free entrance.This would not only hopefully boost the attendance,but serve as a massive "thank-you" to the loyal Yeds,who have stuck with the team throughout this difficult season..............yes,I know I'm dreaming!
  11. Does anyone have a definitive explanation of the dual reg situation. Am I correct in thinking that if a player has 8 or more appearances for a club,he can play for both them and his host club in the Shield games? If that is the case,we might get Sam Wood,Tyler Dickinson and Nathan Mason for some games - or is that just wishful thinking?
  12. Started badly,and went downhill fast. From 22-0 down,we scored two short-range tries to put us back in it at half-time. They scored in first five minutes of second half and we capitulated,scoring another short-range effort near the end. We were out-enthused,out-muscled and outplayed all across the park,conceding too many penalties(Ben Davies sin -binned) and made too many unforced errors. Hard to pass judgement on Luke Hooley and Ben Morris,as we were constantly on the back-foot.However,they do lack size.Alongside Kameron Pearce-Paul and Connor Williams,they formed a back division that was conceding size,power and experience to Sheffield's backs,and they were always going to struggle. Fozzard and Minchella were outstanding and they provided plenty of quality early ball for their wide players. Grimshaw and Hewitt were largely anonymous -not surprising playing behind a beaten pack-and our completion rate was very poor.On the positive side,Adam Clay again put in a shift and Sammy Gee provided some much-needed aggression when introduced early in the second half. We are unlikely to face opposition that play at such a high tempo,with such a high level of skill in our remaining 6 games.We badly need George and Adam Neal back,and,hopefully a bit of help from the Giants,although I'm not sure about the regulations regarding DR players in the Shield.Anybody know if any might be available to us? With confidence low,and new, inexperienced players thrust into an injury-ravaged team,it is hard to feel confident about beating the drop. Looking at some of the body language today,I'm not sure that the players believe they can do it.We badly need a boost from somewhere,and quickly,if our Championship status is to be preserved.
  13. J McMullen on Sunday J Roberts on Wednesday
  14. Out for the season with a serious knee injury. Blow for us,but an even bigger blow for Kieran. Get well soon and looking forward to seeing you cheering on the lads when you're able.
  15. It might be stating the obvious,but one thing is for certain - on current form,we WILL be relegated. For much of the first half there was nothing between the two teams.Our tackling was an improvement on recent games,but yet again,with ball in hand,we were absolutely clueless. Once they scored their first try off a Lippy error,the writing was on the wall. Although we came out for the second half with a bit more fire in our bellies,we still didn't look like scoring,until Lippy scooted in late on.We still shipped two more tries to a side,that,despite being inconvenienced with injuries during the game,still had the desire and skill to take the points. Yet again our halves were woeful.Owen had another shocker (why was Sammy not playing instead of carrying the water on?!) The new lad from Batley looked unfit and is no better than what we've got. Davies not selected yet again,and no sign of Chisolm. Things are not right,on and off the pitch. Confidence must surely be very low,but where is the team spirit? As usual,Adam Clay,Lippy,George,Wardy and Adam Neal put in a shift,but we need that same commitment from 1-17. Something radical needs to be done,and quickly. If Grimmer is out injured,that limits our options in the halves - but even if fit,Scott seems reluctant to even try him at 6. If our halves and hooker are not functioning,we will not score enough points to win games. 5 drives and a kick is not only boring,but it hasn't produced any results lately. We need to find some new blood,either on loan(preferably) or on DR,or we are going down. Coming away from the ground,I have never seen so many despondent Roughyeds. I hate to say it,but if we don't halt the slide and go down,I think it will be the end of the club. Can anyone give me something to cheer me ? Can anyone see a light at the end of the tunnel?
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