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  1. Will be looking to get to more Eagles games this year at Sheffield, especially given Leeds don't have a home game for 2 months after Friday!
  2. Do you know how much the deal prior to 2015 was worth? I think one thing Nigel Wood (and perhaps Blake Solly too) was good at building coalitions to support ideas. A good number of Super League clubs were brought on side by the a new deal "covering" the salary cap and on the other side Sky must have seen that as a way to increase competitiveness. Several SL relegation threatened clubs and the Championship will have also been massively in favour of the massive sums that would be pouring into the Championship as a result too and Sky bought that to make the 8s competitive they needed to up funding to the Championship. League 1 having over a million a season seems almost like a frivolity now! Those coalitions however were fragile, indeed brittle, and fell apart very quickly. As too it seems did Sky's belief in the concept they had been sold by Mr Wood (gone are the red button games etc.), as apparently no pressure came from Sky to keep the 8s either. Sky took a punt, RL "benefited" for several years, it didn't pay off for them and they've now reduced the offer on the table. I agree the logic behind 2 years would be interesting to see. Given the previous 2 deals were based on "big ideas" (Licensing and 8s), I find the argument that RL is being given 2 years to sort something out quite compelling. £25 million in and of itself is fairly in line for a regional league with a solid if not spectacular level of interest (Scottish Premiership being the obvious comparison), but 2 years seems rather short.
  3. Another major factor in the 2015 onwards TV deal was that it was the first to theoretically guarantee a payment to all SL clubs of what was then the full Salary Cap of £1.8million. That bought a lot of support from some Super League clubs.
  4. The TV rights point has been done to death I feel. As others have said there are a myriad of factors at play. With regards to how the offering from the game itself affects the TV deal, the central debate seems to be whether a deal is offered primarily on what is being proposed or what has gone before. It is a bit of both imo. New systems and structures are obviously important for a broadcaster when deciding whether to back something. The original Super League and arguably the Super 8s concept were proposals backed financially by Sky. These aren't then necessarily "normal" TV deals, in that the broadcaster is backing a change from what has been there before. Logic would suggest then that if a new concept succeeds they will continue to back it. If not they will either drop back to previous levels or walk away. Obviously all of this is relative to the general TV rights market too. We have been told repeatedly that the current 2 year TV deal is the game being "put on notice" after stagnation and the 8s (and their demise) not delivering enough to warrant the previous TV deal. I'm of the view that the work on the next TV deal starts as soon as the ink is dry on the one just signed. From £40 million there should have been massive impetus to develop a product that would at worst retain that relative value.
  5. A lot of the animosity is based around "our games harder etc than your game" or "your fans are all yobs". 90% of fans will either like both RL and football (if not the other team specifically) or are indifferent to the other club.
  6. I hope he is doing what you say mate, though I can see how it can be read multiple ways.
  7. I suppose it does it more than the existing director structure did, though I don't know who the "Super League" representatives will be. I assume the RFL will be represented by Ralph Rimmer and Simon Johnson, but Super League? Chairmen on a rolling basis? Ken Davy + A N Other?
  8. Just saw the first advertisement of the game in central Huddersfield yesterday (the train station digital display boards to be precise). Not much else otherwise and obviously now Huddersfield Town are going to Wembley...
  9. 5 member board, IMG and 2x RFL and 2x Super League. Presumably the Super League clubs collectivel only "control" 2 of those votes.
  10. And saying problems only apply or get groans when they apply to Super League players isn't? Deal with the facts H. Nobody here will advocate any professional players playing twice over a few days. Nobody has mentioned it regarding the Championship specifically because nobody, including Championship fans, has thought it specifically discussion worthy till now.
  11. Thats false chip on the shoulder stuff and you know it. The reason it hasn't been widely discussed is because mast fans haven't noticed because there isn't as much interest. Simple as.
  12. Exactly, you're just Man United with a more likeable face!
  13. We are a regional oddity even in the North though. Of the 5 big cities that culturally dominate the Region (Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle), we have a strong presence in 1. So even in the places in the north that have broken down barriers and stereotypes, we barely make a mark. Big fishes in small ponds. How many Shinty players have been knighted?
  14. What are your thoughts on Powell? From the outside several commentators and fans have been saying that he must be close to being sacked, given the results. That said, having listened to him and thinking in a broader context of Warrington Wolves over the past 5 or so years, do you think a bigger overhaul is needed and Powell as a fresh pair of eyes has seen that? Warrington strike me as a club that has become too comfortable, almost overnight, both on the pitch and off it; or at least that they have taken their eye off the ball to some extent. My own club has been and is going through something similar. A fresh set of eyes are often what triggers radical change.
  15. I wouldn't put it past EPS to bring out another kit for Magic tbh, but yes it is better than the grey blandness.
  16. I totally understand. I'm basically at the stage where it is my own club I'll go watch but little else interests me in the game too much. So given where the game is now in London with Broncos cannibalising the Skolars I don't blame you losing faith in that too. Hopefully it gets better soon.
  17. Quite the opposite, the regional (and Northern regional at that) nature of the sport is a hinderance with these things.
  18. Can any Leeds fans help? It seems our pink 3rd shirt is now being used exclusively by the reserves. Is that the case? I actually quite like it and obviously we have a 100% record in it which is nice but would be a shame if it was brought out for 1 game against Wakefield and then permanently "reserved".
  19. The RFL aren't going to organise a game at a ground without actually liaising with the owners of that ground are they?
  20. Tbf, its not too bad actually, but its barely a month since the black and cyan range released...
  21. For some clubs like City and Chelsea, who even their most one eyed fans can see have been bankrolled to multiple League titles, the Champions League certainly feels like the elite of the elite whereas the League almost is taken as a given; good to win, but you aren't proving anything to anyone. The CL still has that elusive rarity, and ultimately it means coming up against some similarly resourced clubs in the latter stages too.
  22. If Liverpool win nothing more this year, coming second in the League and losing the FA Cup and Champions League finals, is this year a failure?
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