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  1. Another advantage for this type of event is that you can move around the ground fairly easily and there are choices of views. Seated behind the sticks, standing ends, standing side, seats next to the standing side to allow moving between the two easily. Padded seats too! How many usually turn up for the summer bash anyway?
  2. True, though presumably Liverpool did too in the first place which is why they were getting the wheelchair and women's games as well. I hope if it is as you describe it is enough money to offset the loss in income from ticket sales. Like you say, same pond. Its asking the same people to come to 3 group games at Leigh, England v France at Bolton, and another Quarter final at Bolton too. That's roughly 120k tickets between Wigan, Leigh and Bolton with nearly 100k more between nearby St Helens and Warrington and of course the final at Old Trafford. Only 1 real event city and stadium in there is a big concern. I thought selling the 3rd group games at some venues was going to be tough. Its only going to be tougher now as the expectation seems to be that these will be relatively easy sells. Anything less than 90% ticket sales will be poor for these areas however and the games are at risk of cannibalising eachother. I was hoping this world cup would be a progression from 2013. Disappointingly it seems like more of a sideways step to me.
  3. Qatar, Jeddah and Abu Dhabi are going to be scary for Red Bull
  4. You'll get to experience Headingley on a Saturday with Otley runs on, which is... interesting
  5. The strikes again. What a weekend from Lewis
  6. Headingley favourite according to reports. Obviously I think its a good venue and works for multiple matches on one day. Whether it is good for the Summer Bash is another point though.
  7. Salford moving to Moor Lane, RLWC from Anfield to the DW...
  8. So you're thinking they have revised their estimations by 25k plus? England V Fiji (on seeding) in a home world cup quarter final with the Women's game too would be comfortably able to push most of Anfield's capacity - certainly the lower bowl.
  9. Its own target was 50k plus for England's quarter final. Now its impossible to get more than 28k.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWQrj52AtiJ/?utm_medium=share_sheet Home games in summer seems to be the mantra!
  11. You and "The Daddy" are the same person with split personalities and I claim my £5.
  12. I agree to an extent, but aren't those people already being served with 4 group games, including England v France, and a Quarter final and the Final in Greater Manchester? Plus the 3 group games each in St Helens and Warrington? How many of those that go to Wigan, rather than Anfield or the Etihad, will be part of the group you are talking about? And in any case, is that valid enough to guarantee 30k less attendees?
  13. Absolutely, and that's before the 6 games at Warrington and St Helens are factored in too.
  14. Anfield isn't available because of stadium renovation work planned to coincide with the winter world cup, I don't think every possible stadium will be doing similar. I think Wigan is the "safe" option. In that they have 30k less tickets to shift and only 25k to sell to an already captive local audience. Its not "safe" of course because its 30k less potential attendees in a venue in throwing distance from another quarter final venue, and 3 group games, and the final (I haven't included St Helens and Warrington's games in there either). Its asking a lot of 1 area imo - on top of the downgrade.
  15. Or the London Stadium for England's QF I think if were targeting 30k less quarter final attendees, that has to be justified somehow.
  16. Of course, have it in my back garden then! Make loads of savings! Wigan would have to cost significantly less than half of what Anfield was to make sure this move isn't costing the RLWC 2021. And that's if the stadium is being operated as a cost to the tournament. Neither of us as far as I am aware know what the host venue arrangements are and whether local councils, stadiums or the tournament are footing the bills. I'd suspect 1 or a mixture of of the former 2 options with the stadium retaining matchday revenue from food and drink will be the So attendance does help profit, a lot, for spectator events.
  17. Where wouldn't be available? I think you don't need much imagination to see there are numerous possibilities - Anfield is only unavailable due to a renovation apparently. London screams massive missed opportunity.
  18. The club self interest in the two competitions is slightly different though. In the NRL it feels more corporate concern; TV money, playing in venues that are worth the most to have clubs there rather than "better" local venues for fans. They act in their commercial interest for relatively big numbers. In England some clubs don't like "no away fans" (despite that being proven to be nonsense) and some clubs would rather have loop fixtures than rep games because they can't afford just H/A fixture lists. This is literally a few thousand pounds at times, if at all (see no away fans). They are both united by zealously guarding their share of TV monies - though I would argue that the pandemic has exposed what we already knew of the Super League clubs self-interest even more in this regard.
  19. I don't disagree. We are well within the Northern Powerhouse funding percentage so there is the room to be flexible now. I personally cannot understand the logic of only having 1 game in London.
  20. What, Coventry and London? Seriously though, that is all well and good Harry, but you also have the final within 15 miles and 3 group games and an additional quarter final too. I think that is oversaturation and asking too much of locals who will of course prioritise the England games. Of those games, only the Final is in a marquee venue large numbers will travel across the country to to support more local attendees.
  21. They stipulated 80%, as per this https://www.gov.uk/government/news/northern-powerhouse-at-the-heart-of-rugby-league-world-cup-2021 We have gone well above and beyond that.
  22. I totally agree, its far from ideal as a venue for RL. That doesn't make swapping it for the DW an equivalent swap.
  23. Tbf, its not like Sale is anywhere near Swinton either so you can't blame people for that.
  24. They don't have internet in Purston Jaglin???
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