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  1. Thanks for that, great resource! Actually 2007 according to the link you sent. https://www.rugbyleagueproject.org/matches/dates/19-october-2007/tonga-vs-fiji.html Still, 15 years is a helluva long time!!
  2. I noticed thst too. They were actually posting decent (and regular) content right up until then. Does anyone know what has happened? Has their social media guy had a fallout with the club, and does not want to surrender login details or something? It all seems too sudden to just be simple "mismanagement".
  3. Correct. Early indeed, but let's not forget, there are far more nations involved now. Plus, for RLWC2021, all teams had qualified by the end of 2019. Something I personally do not like, I believe the team we see at WC should be as close as possible to the one that got them there. Whereas a lot of teams can change significantly in 2-4 years. However, given what happened with covid in 2020, it worked out well in the end.
  4. Yes, it is literally the first thing mentioned in the article.
  5. Regarding automatic qualifying, I am a bit torn. Part of me wishes all nations were forced to qualify. I would love to see NRL's top players rolling into town in places like PNG, Fiji and Tonga. It actually really irritates me that Tonga have not played a game in Tonga for 25-30 years (I have been searching high and low and cannot find an exact date). Similarly in Europe, if the full England team played in Belgrade and brought a few hundred fans and some media attention with them, it can only be a good thing for the game in Serbia. But then of course, we run the risk of the tier one nations sending their U18 team and not taking the games seriously at all. I also don't like it because a team can change so much in 4 years. For example, I can see Lebanon and Italy being considerably weaker this year than they were in 2017. That being said, probably leave it as is for now, but I hope in the future they can slowly reduce the number of automatically qualified teams.
  6. Turkey, Malta and the Czechs are already officially eliminated as Euro Group D was the start of the European qualifiers. Netherlands won, so they go onto the next round, which I am guessing they will join Norway and Germany in Group C, with only the winner proceeding to the next round.
  7. In the men’s competition, Asia Pacific will have between 5 and 7 berths, Europe will have 6 to 8, Americas will have 2 and Middle East Africa will have 1 or 2. This paragraph suggests we will be seeing quite a few repechage matches across continents, which I look forward to seeing! https://www.intrl.sport/news/international-rugby-league-announces-qualification-places-for-france-2025/
  8. Does anyone know how many were at the Shay last night?
  9. That also struck me as odd / impressive. How they managed to get all those kids to come up from Bristol on a Friday night.
  10. Exactly. Hopefully they all enjoyed the win and will soon be coming back for more. "Giving away free tickets" might sound like an easy task, but mobilising 2300 kids and getting them to a game would have been a huge task in itself.
  11. Perhaps you have confused them with France?
  12. Sadly, so many Aussies, especially those under the age of 25, are now referring to the sport of Rugby League as "NRL".
  13. Thanks for the details. To be honest, with every "interruption", it is inevitable that you lose players. For example, every off-season, I am resigned to losing 10-15% of players, as people change their routine and simply "move on" to other things. But I always find ways to replenish the ranks, so there is always a bit of a player turnover every season. Covid was no doubt, even harder as it was a much longer break(s) and there was a lot of stop-starting. However, I am a firm believer, you have to work with you've got and keep the show going. For example, there have been countless times, where I was unsure if either team could field 13 players, yet both teams agreed to the match(es), and had a "gentlemen's agreement" that if need be, the match can be adjusted accordingly if numbers are low (11 vs 11, 10 vs 10, etc.) just as long as the match happens. These have been critical momentum builders that have led to player numbers being rebuilt. The Dutch, I understand their reasons, but in my opinion, should have been a bit more daring with their approach. The field issue, I understand to an extent, but would it really kill them to play a few games on soccer fields? Like they do in pretty much all the rest of Europe, exc. France and Britain? Anyway, it is better than nothing, go the Dutch! I will be keenly following their progress.
  14. That is what I was struggling to understand. As I remember it, Rotterdam 9s would always be in April, then the season would usually kick off in May. Their "explanation" strikes me as a bit odd. If they are not reliant on union players, like you say, then why only play for 5 out of the 52 weeks of the year? And how do the players feel about that?
  15. Same question I wanted to ask. Monday night crowds have been holding strong so far. Hopefully last night was no exception.
  16. And by far their best performance if the season!
  17. If this is the away stand seen in this video, then you are being unfair: But if it is the one seen at the start of this video, then I think you are right.
  18. How was it mate? Did many turn up to watch?
  19. 5 week season it seems. https://europeanrugbyleague.com/articles/2106/netherlands-domestic-season-details-anno
  20. The Dutch have been going steady with 5 teams for the last few years and their national team has been steadily improving too. My only slight concern here is the shrinking season, as the graphic shows: June - July. This to me would suggest an increasing reliance on rugby union players.
  21. I am not saying that at all. Either formula is fine,.as long as we get there. But in the meantime, clubs getting stronger, wealthier etc, we may get to a point where it becomes like the Championship and some clubs start going full time (or a large portion of their squad does). It will not be an overnight thing, as I say, but could bw a gradual process that takes 40 years to complete. People need to stop this "all or nothing" way of thinking.
  22. Well, how far back are you going when you refer to the ship sailing? It could take 20, 30, 40 years I really don't know. But I can see the first seeds of a brighter future being planted, ever since Luc Lacoste came onto the scene. Also, I find it baffling/hilarious when people tell me NARL and Euro XIII can work, then call a professional French League "impossible".
  23. Never say never. I am not saying it is going to happen tomorrow either. But it should be their long-term goal.
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