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  1. I think so, you can select country when checking out. Don't know what the cost would be though. If you do order I would suggest buying a size up as Macron tend to be small fit.
  2. I believe one of the reasons why Liam McAvoy has resigned with Newcastle Thunder for 2021 is that he has just gone back to Northumbria University to do a Masters in Engineering. There is also a bunch of other Thunder players who have either studied at or are studying at Northumbria, although I couldn't tell you if their doing soft degrees.
  3. Jay and Ted Chapelhow from Widnes via Ottawa
  4. Back row Cole oakley from warrington
  5. Another half back in from Wigan
  6. New signings being announced this week, so far Samy Kibula on a season loan from Warrington and Josh Woods on a 2 year deal from Wigan.
  7. Half back josh woods from Wigan on 2 year deal
  8. New loan signing from Warrington
  9. Including friendlies I think it was a grand total of 7 games
  10. Looks like the Thunder are keeping this year strips as they're now referring to them being the 20/21 home and away strips
  11. They weren't omitted, they were the games that actually fell within the range you were claiming. The point of the post was to highlight that the attendance for 2/3rds of the games were either over or well over the figures you were claiming.
  12. The 1,817 in 2019 was the first game of season against Doncaster that was a double header with the second game being Toronto vs Widnes. As for the rest of the season being 500-800 a game, you seem to be going number blind as 4 out of the 9 other games were 1,000+ and another 2 were nearly 900, those being: Keighley - 1,423 London - 1,098 Whitehaven - 1,079 Workington - 1,077 Oldham - 889 North Wales Crusaders - 883 Why the constant need to try and put down what the Thunder are doing?
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