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  1. The Thunder have got it in hand with a new Community Development Officer for the Tees Valley on board back in November.
  2. Kingston Park is a big wide pitch and I believe that it is the same width as St. James' so I don't think they're giving up any advantage on that front, if there is an advantage being given up it's the change from the artificial to real grass.
  3. After that draw I'm now desperate to see what games are going to to take place where and in particular what games are going to be at Kingston Park. Been thinking that they might base Scotland out of Kingston Park, although I recon that their game against Australia will probably be the game at the Riverside.
  4. Also how Prince Harry took it upon himself to turn his back and mix them up after seeing exactly where Lebanon's ball had gone.
  5. Don't like to read to much into pre season friendlies but I was happy with that today
  6. Just seen this on twitter Trying to give back to all those supporting him but when you read the replys on the post most people saying if they won them they would raffle or auction them off and donate the proceeds back.
  7. Fantastic to hear that Doddie Weir has reached out to him already
  8. Signing of Sam Blake announced
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