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  1. Harry Aldous re-signing now announced
  2. Newcastle Thunder have got 6 of their reserve games forming double headers with the first team, and at the start of March even have a tripple header scheduled with the Academy and Reserves both playing Hull KR before the first team play Workington. The best piece of planning though is that the night before magic weekend, as well as the Thunder playing Doncaster, the reserves will also be playing against Leeds. With the Rhinos playing on the Saturday that should hopefull help to add to a bumper night at Kingston Park on the Friday. https://www.thunderrugby.co.uk/on-field/reserve-grade-opens-away-to-wolves/
  3. The re-signing of Tyler Craig announced now
  4. Jed Charlton resigning announced on twitter with a promise of a 'veritable flurry of re-signings' to finish off the week.
  5. I work at Newcastle University and know that we do Sports Scholarships where the Student receives up to £10k funding a year (pay your fees with a little left over). To get it you need to have achieved senior or age group representative honours at national and/or regional level within the previous 12 months. On top of the funding they get things like strength and conditioning sessions, access to medical services like physios and sports massage, performance video analysis and a bunch of other stuff. One of the sports that they list this as being available for is Rugby League. https://www.ncl.ac.uk/sport/performance/scholarships/
  6. We're still loooking pretty light on players since we're supposed to running a reserve team this season. Doesn't look like Nick Newman is coming back either based on the following twitter exchange:
  7. Ok then, instead of Whitley Bay we could plump for Wallsend Eagles and we would have the makings of an Eagles conference, would just need to get the other 5 teams to change their names, although that could get confusing in Hull.
  8. He should definitly have plumped for Gateshead Storm which would have insured we got a Thunder Storm derby
  9. The most random thing of all in that piece must be the inclusion of Whitley Bay Barbarians in the Eastern Conference. Whitley Bay don't even run mens open age team at the moment!
  10. From my experience, there is a lot of crossover with rugby union players at youth level in the NE, both my sons started off playing league but currently play both. My eldest son was playing u14s this past season and off the top of my head I can only think of one of his team mates who is not playing union over the winter. Then there is a team like Yarm who essential all play union for the same team as well so play together year round and it really shows.
  11. Indeed, Edinburgh Eagles won the NERL Grand Final.
  12. Reading Newcastle Thunders 'Super League Champions by 2030' thread was interested to see the following statement: 'With the Dacia Magic Weekend returning to the city for two years from May 2020, and a total of five games in the men’s Rugby League World Cup taking place in the North East in 2021, the hosting of major events will form a talismanic cornerstone for the strategy.' I'd never seen it said anywhere before that we've got the next 2 Magics, can't wait.
  13. My sons have had that one, definitly needs to be molded by sticking in boiling water then in there gobs after a quick rinse in cool water. I believe you need to put it in the boiling water for a minute but couldn't swear to that 100%. You then need them to bite down gently on it and suck to mold before running it under cold water to set. Process can be repeated if required.
  14. They reduced them ahead of the last home game against Doncaster so it has been a couple weeks
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