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  1. My sons have had that one, definitly needs to be molded by sticking in boiling water then in there gobs after a quick rinse in cool water. I believe you need to put it in the boiling water for a minute but couldn't swear to that 100%. You then need them to bite down gently on it and suck to mold before running it under cold water to set. Process can be repeated if required.
  2. They reduced them ahead of the last home game against Doncaster so it has been a couple weeks
  3. Some absolute bargains at Newcastle Thunder, with the impending change from ISL to Macron they seem to be wanting to get rid of the old stock as soon as possible. Adult team tops are only £15 and childrens £10! Just got my son an adult size coaches jacket, was origionaly £69.99, only paid £22.50!!
  4. Premier Inn North Shields (Ferry Terminal) and Newcastle (Holystone) are only £89 for 2 nights and there both only 10 minute walks from Metro stations (Meadowell and Palmersville respectively) and both close to A19 and Tyne Tunnel ... also with the added benefit of not being in Sunderland
  5. Obviously they're if onlys as you say, my point was more to do with it only being a 20 game season so 2 games can make a hell of a difference, so although it was harsh to sack Payne after 2 games, if there were doubts about him things had to be addressed quickly
  6. It was harsh getting rid of Payne after 2 games, but with just 20 games this season those two games we lost at the start of the season made quite a difference. If we had beaten Coventry away we would have finished 2nd and had home advantage today. If we'd beaten Coventry and Doncaster we'd have won the league.
  7. That's something new learnt today. As you say, would still expect it to be the second one once the football seasons finished.
  8. Newcastle play Tottenham at home on May 2nd so it won't be the first bank holiday weekend.
  9. 2 lads in from the Thunder academy after the academy's best season so far results wise, everything just seems to be progressing nicely up here in the North East right now and long may in continue ... just need that win on Sunday to cap it all off. Hope Alex and Isaac both make the match day 17, they were both there helping out on the Thunder residential training camp my eldest went on this summer and he says they were both really helpfull. Alex was also the best ref I saw this season watching u14s rugby in the North East.
  10. I thought the team was based in the UK and only went out to Toronto for the games or have they been staying out there for the playoffs?
  11. Across the whole of the 1895 Cup competition this year there were only 7 games played mid week , 3 in round 2 and all 4 quarter finals. 2 of the 3 games in round 2 were because Bradford and Halifax had reach the quarter finals of the Challenge cup. And of the 7 games only 1 involved a League 1 side. So for most teams to get all the way to the final in the 1895 cup they would only need to field a team mid week once and that's not till the quarter finals.
  12. Another fantastic example of forward thinking from the Thunder, sign up to the OurLeague app and support the Thunder and you can help save the planet . Don't know how many new trees this will actually account for but still a brilliant idea. Maybe Oldham, Toronto, Fev, St Helens, Wigan and Salford can jump on the band wagon to make it truly #ECOFRIENDLYFINALS.
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