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  1. Yes that seemed obvious from the outside. Until the last 5 minutes when Hull started to offload and keep the ball alive in an effort to snatch it. Just one of those things I suppose. Not pretty for the paying spectator though
  2. Funnily enough, the highlights on Sky don’t make it look that bad. It’s a bit like watching highlights of your average RU game - a few decent runs and tense moments from a dour ping-pong spectacle which can be edited to look exciting.
  3. I’m just waiting for the Wests Tigers mural featuring the John Hopoate incident.
  4. I agree it’s not anti-Wigan to question anything you disagree with. It just seems that some people are getting a little too offended at something that won’t really affect them or anyone else who isn’t a Wigan fan, since they won’t have to look at it of course. As I said earlier, if enough Wigan fans are offended then it will no doubt come down and we can all stop spitting out our coffee.
  5. But it’s not for you, and it hardly inspires anything untoward such as racial hatred etc. Why be offended if you won’t see it?
  6. I was being a bit facetious of course There seems to be a lot of ‘it must be done my way’ in society at the moment, even if it’s not the majority view. If enough people don’t like it, I’m sure it will come down. However, if enough people interpret it differently, I hope it will stay.
  7. I’m trying to listen to the other side of the argument here, but it’s starting to sound more and more like an anti-Wigan rant than a morality issue. It was a moment of sporting madness, that will be remembered by Wigan fans and is referred to on a mural which will be seen by Wigan fans. I’m sure if enough Wigan fans are offended it will be taken down. Opposition fans shouldn’t get so touchy about it, but that’s just my opinion. RL isn’t about being friends and having cream tea on the pitch with everyone getting a medal for taking part. It’s a fast and rough contact sport with the occasional controversial bad boy moments.
  8. Out of interest, if there was a poll of Wigan fans at the next big game asking whether they accept the inclusion of said incident, and the majority of fans wanted it included, would the minority accept the result of the poll?
  9. This is true, but he wasn’t working with the current squad so wouldn’t be aware of the sort of character traits they have. He wasn’t joining a club with a track record of success and just continuing the good work, he was brought in to change things. I have no doubt he had this honest conversation with the board when he was interviewed. Powell wants to build a squad from the bottom up with his sort of players and characters. Will it work? Who knows? But I know that almost every Warrington fan and probably the board who have invested heavily, want more than a team who finishes 3rd-6th and limps out of the playoffs at the first hurdle. That’s sport. I’m backing Powell simply because no one else has been able to fix the trophy success issue by tweaking things a little. Raze it down and build it back differently for me, but that’s just my opinion.
  10. Yeah. I’ll be interested to find out why Wardle is out of favour with Watson.
  11. But it’s a Wigan mural by a Wigan artist, for Wigan fans. It’s not a taxpayer-funded artwork where we can all feel aggrieved about our dollars being wasted. I can’t believe I’m defending anything Wigan-related. What has the world come to?
  12. That’s the way I took it. It’s a bit of art, representing things that have happened. It’s not really celebratory, but I think some non-Wigan fans have taken it that way. It happened, so it’s represented. No one is condoning violence on here, and I don’t think any young Wigan fans are about to go on a bloodthirsty Tarantino style rampage because of a cartoon.
  13. I’d put Wardle ahead on pace and attacking ability. King is brilliant under the high ball with a great offload, but seems to have gone right off the ball since signing a big money contract. Wane rates Wardle highly which is good enough for me. King allegedly threw his toys out of the pram after the recent Wakefield loss, leaving the team coach at a stop on the motorway services. This sort of ties in with recent comments from Powell about the way some players take criticism well, others don’t.
  14. Yes, he’s from Meltham nearby. Not sure why Wardle has fallen out with Watson, but I’m quite happy with this deal. Just hope it’s permanent.
  15. At least until the end of the season, but Powell’s quote suggests it’s about to be permanent as he talks about Wardle fitting into what he’s trying to build with the backs. People on here have been saying for years that there needs to be a clear out at Warrington. What a clear out this is. King signed a big money deal last season for four years.
  16. EDIT: Sorry, have just seen the other thread…. https://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/20235614.jake-wardle-joins-warrington-toby-king-joins-huddersfield/
  17. To be fair you can see what it means to the Warrington players. It’s not that they can’t be bothered, they’re just not clicking and low on confidence. Maybe this can be a catalyst. I doubt it, but maybe.
  18. Wow. Just wow. Amazing defensive effort by both sides to keep out some amazing attacking threats. I think?
  19. Thewlis has been the brief highlight of a right sour show. Glad he’s committed til 2026.
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