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  1. Apparently. RIP. Did a lot for Wigan’s supremacy in the 90s by taking them full time.
  2. Well, yeah, as an opposition fan of course you’ll enjoy watching him. As a Warrington fan, I enjoyed every minute of David Vaealiki’s rather expensive and deflating stint at Wigan. I assume that’s how you meant it?
  3. Maybe he ‘suites’ super league in the same way Tyrone Roberts, Sezer, Austin and Merrin do. Sat on a three-piece one doing eff all, with cushions filled with marquee cash.
  4. As a Warrington fan, I hope you’re not nearly as far off the mark as the SAGE were with their crazy COVID predictions before Christmas. I can see the media headlines now… “6000 trys a season predicted for Dufty!”… promptly followed by the cancelling of all future Warrington daily press conferences as the damp squib is fully exposed
  5. Deary me, this is depressing. Signing a ‘never was’ from the NRL. Anyone talking Thewlis down needs a good head wobble. He’s developing wonderfully despite being in a team currently playing without confidence. He was only kept out the team last year by a international fullback. Ask anyone actually involved in the SL academy structure and they’ll tell you how good he is. People would do well to look at Welsby. He was far more up and down in his first 20 games, despite playing in a better team. Hasn’t worked out too badly in the end though has it? I can only hope Dufty is there to provide a bit of utility value. If this was Powell’s call, his stock has dropped for me. This deserves to be merged the laughing stock thread. Put it this way: If Widdop couldn’t solve Warrington’s problems, do we really think Dufty can? Deary, deary me.
  6. I think the Watson situation is the perfect example. Awful first season, then a few players left (including their so called marquee half back) and suddenly they’re a well coached team in a cup final and in the mix for the GF playoffs. Hopefully a clean sheet squad can start the next pre-season and buy into Powell’s methods. We’ve got a ton of decent young players who will be glad to get a regular chance to shine. We could certainly do with a couple of big south sea island style forwards though. Maybe Hull can point us in the right direction.
  7. If the Warrington board sack Powell, they’ve completely misunderstood the problem. A lopsided salary structure and reliance on signing ‘stars’ that quickly get comfortable hasn’t worked. The youth system in place is currently as fruitful as it’s been for years, and Powell is absolutely the right man to take advantage of this. We’re hearing lots of whispers of resistance to the change in systems from some of the senior players, that’s created a bit of a rift. We’ll that’s just tough; Powell has a history of improving clubs and players, especially when he has some decent untapped raw talent rather than a bunch of ageing ‘stars’. Going forward there will be a greater reliance on clubs developing their own SL talent as there won’t be any rich pickings from the NRL. Our two sugar daddies should be smart enough to realise that. Or maybe we could just sign Wayne Bennett and offer Greg Inglis another chance at a comeback. Would make a good Twitter feed for a day or two.
  8. Since Williams and Dean are likely to be the future half-back pairing at Warrington, I wouldn’t be in a rush to force Widdop back into the side. Dean has the full skill set and seems to have embraced Powell’s challenge to express himself so far. I’d say let it play for a few weeks and see how they go together. I’d rather them form a partnership this season so they’re up to speed for the start of 2023.
  9. I’m about to watch it. What’s the corruption I’m looking for? Is Tanya stood there with a large brown envelope full of cash, reporting everything from a pro-Kremlin angle?
  10. This. Poor game management minutes from the end cost us. These things tend to even themselves out anyway. Hopefully Warrington will get a lucky game-changing 50/50 call later in the season.
  11. If I turn up the saturation setting on my TV I can actually discern the difference between Farrell and Marshall. Marshall is slightly less a shade of brilliant white.
  12. So many mistakes from both sides but it’s actually making for good drama. Someone needs to drop a goal.
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