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  1. Chuffer you beat me to it! Plus, what about the thread on crowd trouble at the GF? Where's the help for those alcohol-addicted, negative mental-health sufferers who throw bottles on the pitch? Or is it different because they aren't on a marquee salary?
  2. I think it's unfair to look badly upon Wigan if they sack him. I don't remember anyone on here being so quick to defend Joel Tomkins harassing a bar maid, and his subsequent 'moving on'...?
  3. That's convenient. You drink everything in your bottle, thereby needing a pee. Someone throws an empty bottle on to the pitch and while they're looking for the culprit you are suddenly in the concourse out of sight ?
  4. ... hate to be the one to tell you this Ted, but Wigan isn't all that different to the Cas/Wakey/Pontefract area... ? You're just swapping liquorice cakes for mint balls... and I'm not sure either of those two are the type of confectionary that is troubling Mr H.
  5. Funny, but I wonder if shipping Hardaker off to the military under a tough drill sergeant might actually do some good. And I'll bet if he spent even just a day under fire on the real front line he'd have a whole new outlook on life. I don't wish to see him in uniform carrying Morgan Escare off to the tune of Joe Cocker's 'Up where we belong', though ? At the very least a bit of aid work in somewhere like The Yemen might make him realise how lucky he is.
  6. I agree but how far are we going to go with the mental health thing? Anyone who commits crime has a mental health problem really don't they? Do we keep letting it go, or incentivise them to change their ways? I'm not saying I've got all the answers but doing nothing doesn't really seem to have helped so far.
  7. Make sure you stock up on support material to get you through a couple of winters. Where do you draw the line though? It's human nature to take the easiest option in life, therefore the more you let people get away with something the less they'll learn from it. Somehow I don't see Hardaker suddenly having a moment of clarity and thinking 'Phew, if I hadn't been given a 17th chance in life I'd be doing something naughty now'. Maybe a custodial sentence for endangering public lives could have been the kick up the ass he needed, rather than a hug and a big pay packet? I'd certainly feel safer if serial offenders were forced to endure a bit of hardship - just my opinion of course. Will a 20-month driving ban ensure he doesn't do something like this again? Knowing he was way over the limit and not insured didn't seem to stop him last time so where's the incentive to make him do so next time? A longer ban?
  8. Is that some scary prophecy? Written on a stone tablet you found when running away from damn dirty apes? (no Wane jokes please)...
  9. Gildart rarely seems to have a bad game. He’s got the whole package, and whilst he doesn’t have any so-called ‘x-factor’, he seems consistent and the most promising centre we’ve had since Watkins came through, even taking into account Percival’s footwork.
  10. I think that defines the difference between the game of today and the game of 10 years ago. Smith inherited an amazing attacking squad that wasn't firing and turned them into serial cup-winners. Once the availability of quality players became thin (and also some very dubious signings) we didn't have the grit to fall back on. Now we have that steel but lack a little x-factor. Put Austin in that team with a decent foil alongside him and we can go very well in today's game. I don't think that any GF winning team of the last few years has been anything special in attack. Just a sign of the times.
  11. I don't think the GF can be compared easily to most sporting events - I've never seen trouble at ANY international sporting event. The nearest thing I can think of is a league decider in soccer. I don't agree with the stuff that sometimes happens in the crowd but the inescapable human trait of tribalism when mixed with with alcohol is always going to end up with trouble, irrespective of how much of a family game we are. Drinking removes the self-control that would normally prevent an idiot becoming a thug. Of course it's a bit of a paradox - you can't prevent drinking before a game even if it was banned during a game... and of course the second biggest revenue source of a game is drink and food. Oh, before I'm accused of trying to spoil people's fun I will point out that I too like a few beers with a game of RL. Just pointing out the reasons for the trouble.
  12. We were in the west stand. We were watching the band on the big screen not far from us, trying to work out where they were located as we couldn't really hear them that well... then we realised they were actually there in front of us below directly below the big screen ?... says it all really! And no, I hadn't been drinking...
  13. To look at the match from a different perspective: Warrington's half-back problems have been known from early in the season, and only the most hopeful of us thought that they would come good in the final and most important game of the season. More interestingly though, is George Williams. Marquee player, alongside a former NZ international and still was bang-average, despite the love-in all season from the SKY commentary team. Maybe Lam and Edwards can inspire him to better things, but it doesn't fill me with confidence for the national team's prospects. He should have shone against a very lacklustre performance by Brown and Roberts, but I've only ever seen him boss the smaller games. Time for Williams to step up and justify his pay packet.
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