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  1. Need to have another look at Ethan Kelly
  2. He was a good finisher, but defence was suspect
  3. Surprised at no Tansey, he was doing well
  4. He is a hooker. Marwood takes over when the opposition arw tiring Also plays loise forward
  5. I wondered how it would be before the mudslinging began
  6. A half back would be better
  7. Won't he miss the first 3 games due to suspension? As for his disciplinary record, he got sent off for a fair tackle. Still good for this league
  8. No probs. I use my bus pass now, so it takes ages
  9. I travel from Kendal most home games. Just couldn't remember his name.
  10. And you can name everybody who has played for town?
  11. Signed on fir another year
  12. Just seen this on Barrow forum
  13. Another from Barrow, can't think who though
  14. Why wait until Wednesday?
  15. You're obviously in a confrontational mood. So the second word is off
  16. Didn't the New Zealander also have a medical? Can't remember his name, but he never played a game and nearly cost the club dearly.
  17. If Litherland is fit he'll be ok. Just hope his back is ok. Which was my concern
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