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  1. I remember his one game for us against Sheffield. They were terrified of him
  2. But does he want to come back to Town?
  3. The reason that Barrow won is because Newcastle took all there big guns off when leading 22-12
  4. Conor got binned for getting the first cuddle in, absolutely ridiculous
  5. I heard about them on Boxing Day, but it was three. Also said JJParker was trying to sign
  6. I was thinking the same thing
  7. He's been playing union for Penrith
  8. Barrow have signed Ethan Kelly from Millom on a one year deal
  9. Some don't even bother paying at the nodding gate
  10. Obviously CT doesn't think so
  11. If there are no scrums why would you need a prop?
  12. Mark Mulligan's incredible try stands out
  13. Peter Dover had a hotly disputed try ruled out for Haven
  14. I was at the Kendal v Reds football match a couple of weeks ago, met a lad from Seaton, he'd had a few beers. He told me that they'd signed Jesse Joe Parker and 3 Aussies, but keep it quiet.
  15. I bow to your superior knowledge
  16. Must have mixed Bolton and Hill up
  17. Dave Bolton scored the try at town end
  18. March 1965 cup v Wigan 4-10, 17,000 plus
  19. They've always been secretive. Worse than the Kremlin
  20. Is it compulsory that players have to buy a ticket?
  21. If ire that, forgot the Ikw game
  22. If that's the only friendly we're going to be under prepared
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