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  1. Just to change the subject, How did the girls do at Newcastle?
  2. In Matty's absence they've played Mallinson and Hanley at 9. Why did they sign Blaine if they're not starting with him?
  3. As Jonty Gorley said 'You get what it says on the tin'
  4. Poor. This accident happened early this morning at Jc31, they should have rerouted
  5. I think it's been postponed, according to the BBC site. But don't quote me on this
  6. I'd have liked to see Bickerdike in the centre for Mossop
  7. Couldn't they have moved it to another ground nearby?
  8. They need to start with the big props
  9. Any sign of Glenn Riley?
  10. Been released from his contract at Haven
  11. Mossop might be decent defensively but doesn't pass the ball
  12. Is Aaron Burns going to get a run out?
  13. Sabutey needs a good talking to for that
  14. Scored a try for Hensingham last weekend
  15. Border News highlights showed one try, and it was an Oldham one
  16. Well done girls
  17. Think we need to try Ethan and Max in the centre, and give Aaron a try out
  18. This is from last season, surely. When there was a cocktail up with registration
  19. He was, hard as nails but an absolute gentleman
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